Friday, April 21, 2017

It's Been Awhile....

Who is spreading that rumor that I have deserted my blog? I wouldn't call it deserting as much as taking extra long breaks. Yeah, that's it, long breaks.

I must admit that I didn't pick up my camera much during the months of January, February and into March because it was a totally boring winter. No beautiful snowfalls, no frozen icicles, no snowmen. Just brown, trashy road slop and bare limbs. Altho I did get some pretty good bird shots with the bare trees.

Well, now that's it's spring again in my part of the world, the camera has now returned strapped around my shoulder and ready to face the world.  I actually planned on a drive to the arboretum today because I know the magnolias have almost dropped all their pretty petals and the bluebells should be in full force, but the wind is also in full force which makes capturing those sweet spring flowers a little daunting.

My last three months haven't been a total camera loss.  I did go to Arizona in March and spent 10 lovely days in the sun and warmth visiting with my FOL buddy, Terri. We managed to get to the Desert Botanical Garden twice, the Butterfly Wonderland, and a nice lunch and walk in a local park. Always fun to get-away when you have had just a little too much winter.

After my return from the fun and sun, The Chicago Botanic Garden was having a huge display of orchids. Ofcourse this was a must-do for me and my camera. I did not realize there were so many types of orchids, both in size and color. Stunning doesn't even come close to describing the beauty.

OK, it's now taken me 3 days to write this one post. And you wonder why I don't post daily.  The wind seems to have calmed somewhat so I am going to try the Arboretum again today. I have over the past 12 months or so really lost my vim and vigor and have become extremely lazy. Thus probably the reason I haven't kept up with this blog. I don't know if it's age (you know I just had another birthday, 74 argh that sounds so old) and I still love to travel, take photos, be with friends, but sometimes naps in the afternoon become a priority. Hopefully with the new season upon us I will shed this feeling of laziness and get back on track with life. Have a good week, and hopefully see you again soon.

Until next time.....


  1. Feel free to come over and photograph our bluebells. They nearly fill the backyard.

    1. It's sue j., btw. Can't figure how to post with my name only, now that I've left my blog behind.

  2. Always so glad to see your gorgeous photos!

  3. Always happy to see you and your photos are just beautiful. The bird is just so sweet as if he's posing for you. And of course the butterflies ( big puffy heart!) glad to see you back!

  4. So nice to see a new blog entry, Deanna! I miss them when they space out - for all the reasons you mention! Beautiful images of all the flowers and the butterfly shot is gorgeous (I love the upside-down one). Sweet little bird sitting on a branch of snow-covered catkins!
    I will be the same age as you next month and I'm celebrating by challenging myself to walk the Quarter Marathon in my city tomorrow!! I've been practicing my power-walking for some weeks now! My daughter is doing it with me too! Have a lovely weekend!

  5. I just read Sandra's response and I'm ready for a nap!

    It is lovely to see you back here. No matter how sporadic, I always enjoy a visit with you. I was admiring your focus and exposure in these stunning photos. Spring is slowly awakening my camera and me, too. Albeit slowly, too slowly. Wind, as you say, and still too much grey some days. And rain. But - April showers, etc., etc., etc. (Said the King of Siam.)

  6. Nice to see you in your lovely space! Orchids are amazing aren't they! Can't wait for Oct!!

  7. A "cheer me up" to see your post. . .
    Oh my . . . that first stunning photo of the butterfly . . .
    And the orchids . . . glorious.
    I agree . . . strange, not lovely winter . . .
    Drab winter here again might cause me to winter elsewhere!
    Ultimate spring day here yesterday though . . .
    Things are bursting in color and bloom!
    After noon nap can't be bad for us . . . can it . . .
    Nodding off with book in hand happpens to this almost seventy eight gal too . . .
    Happy Springtime Deanna!

  8. Knoch Knolls bluebells are blooming in Naperville right now! Beautiful hike on the river with fields of flowers! Bring your camera!

  9. See, I'm lucky, I have teenagers' schedules to serve as my bad blogger excuse. I agree about this winter, it wasn't very picturesque. The snow has been skipping us for the past two or three years. Love your orchids especially!

  10. Deanna,
    Glad to hear you are doing fine and still kicking! You may have taken a break, but your talent to take beautiful pictures is still there. Yeah for fun adventures, colorful gardens and naps!

  11. Always a real treat when your post appears in my e-mail. So many beautiful photos to enjoy. I loved them all.

  12. What a wonderful surprise to see you pop up in my reader, Deanna.
    Oh, I do understand about the winter, except that ours was a typical (hard) winter this year, for the first time in about 3 years. I did more shoveling than I even want to think about! You flowers are absolutely gorgeous. So much wonderful spring color.
    Thank you for sharing!

  13. Your posts are always worth waiting for, and this was no exception. These photos are gorgeous. But I understand what you mean about feeling lazy (or tired, or whatever). Sometimes it seems like just too much effort to pick up the camera and look for something to photograph. Hopefully the arrival of spring and warmth will perk us all up!

  14. I love everything about this... i get the ups and downs.... love the botanical the photos. Blog when you feel like it! I did get to see the owls in Batavia when we visited my MIL

  15. Deanna, What beautiful photos! I have been remiss about blogging for quite awhile, but it is calling once again! As long as you post once-in-awhile with your wonderful ohitographs, I will be happy!


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