Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Love Day!!

May love fill your heart today and everyday.  Happy Valentine's Day!!

"The best portion of a good person's life is his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love."    ~ William Wordsworth

Until next time.....

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Little Things

OK, so on Tuesday evening I text my granddaughter Bailey, (you know that is the only way to communicate with the younger actual telephone is beyond their comprehension). She has been out of town on business for 4 weeks so haven't spent any girl time together and I knew she was on vacation this whole week.  Anyhoo my text said, "are you busy tomorrow? how about lunch and a drive in the country so Nana can shoot some countryside and barns in the snow? Sounds like fun...right??"  She text back.."yes,sounds like fun!".  Now I don't know if she really enjoys country drives, is humoring her Nana, or the sound of a free lunch was appealing.  I didn't care, I love spending time with her and I haven't been country driving at all since it snowed.

After we had our lunch, (Noodles) we were on our way.  It was cold, the wind was whipping, and the sky was totally without color, but I didn't care.  I was with my grand and on the road.  We ventured into territory neither one of us had ever been thru and along the way I found this....perfect for Theresa's Good Fences Thursday and Kim's Little Things Thursday.  After all it is those little things that truly count in our life.

And another one....

Added a texture to this one...

And then barns....probably a little bit breezy in this one.

And just about the time we were done for the day the sky began to brighten up a little..

It was a great day, well spent and now off to the movies with friends and bookclub this evening where we will be talking about "Orange Is The New Black".  Enjoy the rest of the week!!

"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything." ~ Aaron Siskind
Until next time.....

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Texture Tuesday - For the Love of Scissors

Yup I did it.  I got caught up in this scissor love that our lovely Kim introduced us to.  I guess I am just like a kid, if she has it then I gotta have it.  So I first went searching on Amazon, my go-to place for just about anything from books, bird-feeders and boots.  They seemed to be a might expensive for a "prop".  So my blogging buddy, Kelly  (you might want to hop over to her blog to see her heroic decision for Kids with Cancer campaign) guided me to ETSY.  Oh yes, there they were and for only $7.99 plus a little shipping.  I also found another one that is a little fancier but with lots of character...unfortunately I am still waiting for it to arrive.  Looks like it is coming from China, you know the saying "a slow boat to China".  Anyhoo....who knew you could have a love affair with a pair of scissors.

Joining Kim's Texture Tuesday today.  I used Kim's KK_99 on both images.

Kim Klassen dot com

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Going to the Birds

OK, after my more than usual serious post on Saturday, and I do appreciate all the encouraging and positive words of encouragement more than you know....I am back to my more light-hearted self.

Ask me what I have done today, just come on ask me.  I filled up the birdfeeder before our whoopin' snow storm a week ago Sunday. I know I am always a little behind in doing this, should have been hung and filled in early winter but I figure as long as there is bare ground and seeds on the trees the birds probably have enough to eat.  Now that the ground is covered in white, I'm thinkin' they would appreciate their local diner to open for the winter season.  I guess the birds thought the diner was closed for the season because it took them darn near a week to realize it was open for business.

So this AM I have been standing at the window, (which really needs a good cleanin') still in my PJ's and robe, snapping away.  You won't see any pics of sparrows in this group. Sparrows are the most populous bird in this area. Maybe they ought to pass a law like they did in China limiting a family to only 2 children per household nest, up 1 from when the law was passed in the 70's stating that each family could only have one child.  Somehow I don't think the bird world would adhere to that mandate.

I digress....

I know this is some kind of woodpecker, when I searched the internet I just got more confused. There is another one that has red on it's breast that I have seen but haven't been able to catch her/him in my lens.

Not sure what this is either, I think some kind of a wren.  Not crazy about the non-sharpness, but was excited to see this rarely seen bird in my yard.

And the Junco's so sweet, only see them in the winter-time here.

And then Mrs. Cardinal landing on the trellis.  She stayed for quite awhile, and just like a woman kept turning to make sure I had her best side.


And now a week later and after the snow has melted quite a bit, Cinder is much more willing to go outside.  She can maneuver through the banks and trails.

"You cannot be lonely if you like the person you're alone with"  -  Wayne Dyer

Until next time....

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A New Path

Hello February.  Here it is already the 7th of February and I'm still having trouble writing 2015. I think it is fitting that I begin the month with a whopping snow storm and end the month in sunny, balmy Arizona.  (God willin' and the creek don't rise)

Shortly after I return from Arizona in early March I will be taking a major step in my spiritual journey.  My Mother began my faith journey by sending us kids to West Shore Presbyterian Church in Dallas. She and my Dad never went, I don't remember my Dad ever going to church but I believe he was a God filled man.  I have such fond memories of that church, they had such a great teen organization with Sunday evening gatherings, camps, and retreats.  Some of the best memories of my childhood were the camping trips and times spent with a great group of kids and our leaders. As I remember I did have a major crush on a couple of really cute guys in that group.  Well, that's for another post.  I was introduced to Jesus Christ and my faith at this church which was the first step in my spiritual journey. Anyway as time went by I became a little restless with the church, I felt like I needed something more ritualistic, holier, quieter. It was in my early 20's that I began to "shop" around for churches.  I ventured into the Catholic church not far from my home, and found it to be what I was looking for.  It was shortly after that I began dating my sweetie and when we married it was in the Catholic Church.  He grew up Catholic, went to Catholic grade school, alter server, the whole shabang. So it was a perfect fit, I converted.

I remained Catholic, baptized our children Catholic, did not send them to Catholic schools, but made sure they were baptized and confirmed and attended weekly Mass. After moving here, and when my sweetie retired with a fabulous offer from AT&T when he was a mere 50 years old, he felt a calling to become a Deacon in the church. Four long years of study, side by side together because they strongly encouraged the wives to attend the classes too and then finally ordination in 2002. It was during this time of study that we realized that something was amiss with my sweetie and we began searching for answers. He had dedicated his life to the church for 15 years, working at the church along with becoming a Deacon and when he needed and I needed the support of the "men" of the church, only a couple stepped forward.  Not the Priest, not his fellow Deacons, altho there was always a "how's Gary doing, we are praying for him.".  I needed their physical presence, along with their spiritual presence.  I have carried these feelings of anger and distress for many years. When my sweetie needed his fellow brothers in Christ, they were not there for him. And for me, I must admit there were a couple of major issues with the Catholic beliefs that I always had trouble accepting even after 50 years.  Along with the fact that I have never appreciated how the church defines a woman's role in the church, now and through-out history.  I feel as tho women have been and continue to be subservient and suppressed within the church, never allowed to become deacons and definitely not priests.  I never lost faith in God, just in the church and some of it's people. It was during this time I stopped attending church. But I will say that the new Pope is making a huge difference in re-defining the church and some of its rigidity. I am sure there are many a bishop and priest that are squirming with some of his "suggestions".  Kudos to him!  Maybe he can bring back some of those who have strayed from the church.

And now after attending the Presbyterian church 8 years for Bible Study every Wednesday and attending church services, a women's retreat, and other events and meeting the Pastors, I have made the step to re-join the Presbyterian faith and become a member.  It took me 2 + years to come to this decision, I didn't make this choice hastily without deep thought and a considerable amount of prayer. I need a church family and I feel that comfort when I attend.

I know this is probably not a topic that is usually posted on a blog, but this is who I am.  Anybody that admits that they pee in the shower (a long time ago post, tmi) can certainly talk about their faith. My intentions in writing this was not to encourage anyone from leaving the Catholic faith.  I have many wonderful faith-filled memories and experiences, along with great friendships being a member. But sometimes a new path must be forged to build our relationship with God and and with Jesus Christ.

"Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me."  Psalm 51:10

Until next time......

Monday, February 2, 2015

It Snowed!!!

Oh boy did it snow here today. and it was that nice heavy "heart-attack" kinda snow that just sticks to everything.  Perfect for making a snow man.  It started before 11:00 PM last night and the last I checked it was still snowin' and a blowin'.  Needless to say I barely stepped out today except to shovel a pathway for my kids to do their thing.  Speaking of doing your "thing" I still remember my grandmother's outhouse.  Oh Yuck!!  We only visited in the warm months and it was bad enough then but can you imagine traipsing out with snow up to your knees with the wind howling. Oh glad I am a 21st century woman.  How did I get off on that train of thought!!??

These are my snow angels.  They are the family that live across the street and every time it snows they come over (all of them) with shovels in hand and shovel my driveway and walks.  You can see by the pic how heavy it was snowing.  God bless the good neighbors in this world!!

Toby loves the snow....he jumps and runs and buries his nose in the white stuff.

While Cinder, on the other hand, is just fine staying in the nice warm house with her new sweater to keep her extra warm.  She only goes out when it is absolutely necessary, if ya know what I mean.

OK now it is the morning after and Toby has managed to burrow his way through the can tell by the huge piles just how much snow actually fell yesterday.  I saw on facebook someone measured 16 inches on their back porch but I don't think it is quite that much.  It's still a pile whatever the actual measurement is.

And another shoveling angel stopped by this morning and snow-blowed my driveway and sidewalks. I am so grateful for my neighbors who do this for me.  I have enough trouble just keeping a walkway cleared for the kids.

And to remind us that Spring is on it's way....(altho today being Ground Hog's Day and the critter saw his shadow which means another 6 weeks of winter) we will think warm thoughts and enjoy flowers from TJ's until they begin their emergence in the warmth of April May June.

Stay warm, stay safe!!

Until next time.....