My Photography Business

I am a natural light photographer taking everything from
 my garden to faraway landscapes, children, families and everything in-between.  
I prefer color and light in my images, 
I love the natural joy from children, the delights of nature
 and the everyday images that comprise my everyday life.

If you are interested in any of my photography, or want me to follow you,
 your little one, or your family around with my camera please contact me.

I spend my time in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL,
 but I am willing to travel short distances to accommodate you.

Contact me:


  1. Gorgeous photos!

  2. I TOTALLY want you to follow my family around with your camera. Anyone who lives close enough would be SO wise to ask you!

  3. these are jaw dropping good, exquisite!!!!

  4. LOVE! The clarity and light that bursts from your photos is so wonderful. The eyes, munchkins, love . . . I like you Deanna, you are gifted. I like the "We Do" piece in the final photograph.

  5. You are so talented Deanna and i love all your work including these brilliants portraits.


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