Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Life Continues, Seasons Come...

Haven't checked in for a few days, honestly not much is new in my life. Still in self-quarantine, still haven't accomplished much around the house altho what a perfect time, right?? I can't seem to stay focused on any one thing. I begin a task, then I get sidetracked onto something else. If I come out of this pandemic without accomplishing anything at home I'm gonna be mighty angry with myself. Perfect time to read, there have been some great deals on Kindle books lately, but honestly I read only a few pages and I either fall asleep or my mind begins to wander.

I read an email today from Susannah Conway, a Brit that's written books, photographer, Tarot Card devotee (which I have absolutely no interest in) but in the email I found something that kinda explains what's going on in peoples hearts and minds during this time of exile. When it comes to stressful situations there are loosely two kinds of humans, dealers and feelers. The dealers deal with uncertainty by action, they are productive, they make plans and get shit done.  The feelers on the other hand move through this time with uncertainty and chaos in a feeling state. They find it difficult to focus and can't get their shit together. Guess where I fall.  Obviously there are those that are in-between but I'm pretty sure most of us fall in one category or another.

Today, our govenor announced no school for the rest of this school year. No surprise. With the cases still mounting, our hospitals still struggling, people still dying, who would feel safe going back to school or to a movie, or to church, or anywhere there is a cluster of people. We are living in a Stephen King novel. Damn!

Thank God for the advances in technology that we can stay in touch via ZOOM, texts, messaging, facetime etc. You don't have to be totally isolated with these high tech advances. Altho a surprise Facetime that catches me offguard with no makeup, hair not combed, and still in my PJ's, not a good look.

I don't lack for entertainment via TV....I stream Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Acorn, Sundance, Apple TV and PBS. None of them are expensive, except Prime and it's a yearly fee with other perks as well as Prime Video, and it gives you a world of entertainment, takes your mind to a different place and time. You may think this is a little overboard, but I'm alone, have been for 8 years and I enjoy a good story. The networks have been really lacking lately in decent TV. I think the only regular TV show that I continue to watch is "How to Get Away With Murder" It is down to the last 3 episodes so then that will be gone. Oops forgot about Killing Eve....I really like both characters. I do watch PBS quite a bit. World On Fire started a couple of weeks ago on Sunday nights is a good one. If you didn't catch Windermere Children a movie about the surviving children of the Nazi consentration camps, a true story and is quite compelling, I recommend a watch.  I know we don't want to hear, see or read about the horrors of war, but this was truly inspiring.

I'm considering one of those home delivery meals, there are quite a few choices of companies but when looking over their selections I am a little overwhelmed with their meal descriptions.... Roasted togarashi salmon with miso-glazed eggplant, Korean glass noodle japchae with cabbage and carrots, then this one Cauliflower-Shell Bolognese with ground beef and Italian Cheeses. If I went into a restaurant and these were on the menu, there would be no way I would order any of these. Can you understand my dilemma? Anybody else tried one of these companies?? Would you recommend any particular one??

Hmm, I started this post probably a week ago and never finished it...again proving that I am in the "feelers" group. Since then I have made my first entry into civilization by making a trip to Walgreens, mask on. Glad to say everyone in the store had masks on, excluding a vendor taking inventory in the liquor department. Walgreen's had my favorite ice cream on sale, Haagan Dazs Swiss Vanilla with Chocolate Covered Almonds, buy one, get one 1/2 off. I bought two, came home and immediately devoured one without stopping. Ice cream is a comfort food for me and I've been without that comfort for a few weeks. Don't judge.

I read and see on the news that many want everything to open back up and resume life. I get it, I know people are suffering without income, lacking social lives, without a place to go daily, feeling totaly helpless and without hope. But....I honestly think it's too early. The virus is still attacking. Here in Illinois there were 2,253 new cases today along with 92 deaths TODAY.  If we open up now, how many more cases and how many more deaths will there be???  I don't get those religious fanatics that want to open their churches and claim that Jesus will protect them....yes, but Jesus also gave us brains and rational thinking. Sorry...I'm ranting. They also may be secretly sipping Lysol too.  I miss my church and my church family alot, but I'm willing to wait until I am convinced it's safe. I have daily conversations with my Lord, I don't need to go to a building to have a relationship with Christ. We have ZOOM Bible Study every Wednesday, I love seeing all their faces and hearing their voices. I know it's not the same, but it's better than risking my life and theirs as well.

OK, enough. It is really looking like Spring around here. Lily and I walk almost everyday, not today because we are having our April showers, all day long. The grass is so green, the flowering trees are beginning to blossom, the tulips are up with their brilliant colored blooms, ahhh. Life continues, seasons come, babies are born, and one day our lives will resume.

Until next time, stay safe and well,


  1. Always love to see your blog posts. Your writing Deanna is just as good as your photography. this is a hard time for all of us, but I totally agree that this is never going to go away if we just open up the country, although, here, so many people still running around like nothing going on. My pulmonologist said you can't quarantine stupid. So grateful for all that technology offers, but not the same quality as "real life' which I am not sure is really ever going to come back. Stopped by my daughters house briefly today, and my grandson came up and hugged me, of course getting in trouble from his mother.... So sad not to be able to hug the people you love. Keep on writing your posts, so fun to read

  2. Reading your post feels like being in a face to face with you and having a conversation.
    You write something and I am responding in my mind.
    Can’t hear me, can you!

    I have accomplished a few things during this lock down/stay home
    but not sure what they are now. Oh, I remember what kept me busy,
    day after day of yard/garden clean up. I would work a day, rest/read the next.
    This went on for weeks except for a big pile of leaves we have to move
    back into the woods. Not doing it though until the four, blue Robin eggs hatch.
    The leaf pile is way to close to the bird nest.

    Love your yummy photos . . . can I still order more?

    Everything has been fine here until 8:00 tonight
    when a neighbor called asking if we had water in our basement.
    I said we were fine, but I’d go check.
    My laundry room, family room is downstairs and I was down there around 4:00.
    I walked downstairs, and squish. Water everywhere. Thirty years here and this is a first.
    Rained here all day. We did what we could tonight,
    plus have a call in to someone to come tomorrow morning.
    Call insurance.

    Guess what I/we will be doing in the next few days!
    When it rains it pours . . . literally!

  3. Fun to read your post, Deanna. I don't think Bob and I feel the need to be extremely productive during this time. We have a few daily chores we get done, and exercise is always on the agenda. We decide in the morning what's for dinner - always something simple, but sometimes I need to get it out of the freezer. I don't think I'd be interested in any of the takeout you mentioned. I'd have to have a translator to even order! We're staying as isolated as possible. This morning, Bob had to go to Labcorp for blood work so that required some planning - mask, gloves, wipes, leave early so there wasn't a crowd, etc. Then, there is the stripping of clothes when he came home and the laundering in hot water. Everything seems to require preplanning and multiple added steps. However, we expect to continue with isolation even as communities open up. We take responsibility for keeping ourselves well to the best of our ability. Your photos make me happy. New blooms and new babies offer hope. Stay well.


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