Monday, May 4, 2020

Bloviating, A Message from God, and a Little Self Care...

A brand new Monday in a brand new month. May, one of the most beautiful months of the year. I debate with myself over which season I love more, Spring or Fall. Most Springs around here are "fairly iffy, usually not very nice weather. Many days are cool, cloudy, and rainy, lots of days are windy. Ever wonder why they call Chicago "the windy city"?  Well, actually it has nothing to do with the "wind" but a popular theory holds that it was coined in reference to Chicago’s bloviating residents and politicians, who were deemed to be “full of hot air.”  Don't you love that word, "bloviating" - the dictionary defines it "to speak pompously." Well, I do believe we have had our fair share of bloviating politicians and others in our history, recent history, very recent history, how about right now??!!  And I'm not speaking of our current leaders in Chicago, I commend our new mayor, Lori Lightfoot and our new govenor, Gov. J.B. Pritzker for being such strong leaders, making sound decisions and speaking honestly about our current way of life. 

I wish I could announce some good news or tell you about a great event I attended recently, but my events are limited to talking to neighbors as I walk with Lily. I've met a couple of new neighbors, seen some I haven't seen in months. Most people are friendly, they give a wave or say hello, others walk as if they are on a mission from God, like Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi in the Blues Brothers. Can you believe that movie was released in 1980? That's 40 years ago and I can still remember most of it, especially the music. My communication is limited to those short visits with neighbors, a hi or a wave to others and ZOOM. Thank goodness for ZOOM. Not the optimal way to communicate but it sure beats no communication at all. We've been ZOOMing our Bible Study on Wednesdays, I meet via ZOOM with my photography buddies on Fridays, and a couple of weeks ago I started a Saturday Night ZOOM party with some of my girlfriends. We usually are tipping a glass of wine or another elixer as we talk about our week, ponder our existence, and dream of the day we can rejoin the human race.

A couple of weeks ago my neighbor messaged me with a "self-care" list that she had received from a nurse friend of hers. I obviously erased it because now when I want/need it I can't retrieve it. But I did google "self care checklist" and bunches of them appeared. After reading a dozen or so I think this one is fairly like the original nurse list. I think we all need to think of "self-care" during this extremely stressful time in all of our lives and just maybe this might help you with some ideas. A couple of asides...I drink coffee, not tea in the mornings, and nowhere did I see "enjoy a glass of your favorite wine" so feel free to add, subtract or substitute wherever necessary. And FYI, if you have an Amazon Echo you can ask Alexa to play "meditation music" or play "classical meditation music" which has been a bonus in seeking peace. 

Until next time....stay safe, stay well,


  1. Today was my day to REACT to the flood event we are experiencing.
    I have been upbeat since Friday, saying, “everything will be ok, work out, be better.”
    Until today when I was feeling the loss, what with every thing dismantled,
    many things not salvageable, some saved treasures, lost.
    I feel such deep regard, empathy, respect for anyone having to endure , flooding or fire.
    I needed your “Self Care” reminders and so I am picking myself up, dusting myself off.
    Saying, I can do this.
    We took a ride to the big lake and to watch the wind surfers.
    Relaxed me completely.
    An early bedtime sounds divine!

    Lovely pictures Deanna . . .

  2. Wow you blooms are just gorgeous. I especially like the Red Bud blooms. - Life here is a different normal for me now after the passing of my mom a week ago. So much to do and yet so much extra time to do it in. - So now I'm enjoying revisiting favorite blogs that I haven't had time to visit over the past year due to be a 24 hour care giver. I miss my mom but not the time/energy it took in taking care of her. Anyway enough about me. I'm happy to see you blogging again and look forward to many more posts.

  3. Those blossoms lift my heart, Deanna. Snow is melting here at high altitude, but still cold in the mornings (20's) though it warms sometimes to 60 during the day. I called my irrigation guy this AM and asked him to put me on his start-up schedule for early June (I'm optimistic that my gardens might be showing by then). I'm also going to hire him for cleanup which I usually do myself. I just think I want to enjoy more and bend, pull, and dig less. We're still isolating at home and sticking to our neighborhood for exercise. Tomorrow is our big day out to pick up groceries and do some shopping at Whole Foods. Stay well, Deanna - smile.


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