Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Just Not Enough Time...

OK, if that entrance didn't stop you, thanks.  I got a new "do" a little while back and am having just a tad bit of a time getting used to the "new" look.  For years I was a curly top gal....couldn't live without a perm.  But I am kinda likin' the no curl look and it sure is much easier to take care of. So I ask myself...what took me so long?  But I promise you I have more wrinkles than what is showing up above.  In Lightroom I lowered the clarity thus giving me that kinda soft look.  Heh, when you get to my age, a little softness in Lightroom is sometimes just the right touch.

OK, definitely enough about me.  How is your summer?  Mine is moving too swiftly, in a blink of an eye the kids will be back in school and we will start hearing Christmas songs.  And if you are wondering why I am not blogging it's simple.  I am spending as much time as possible outside...soaking in the warmth, the sunshine, the breezes before Ole Man Winter makes his appearance again.  I have definitely not stopped my photography, so let me share some of what I have captured this summer.

I have found these winged beauties in my back yard.

I went to Milwaukee on the 4th of July where my grandson and his wife live (the one that is expecting my first great grandchild in about a month...oh be still my heart!).  First he took us to his new office where he spends his days being a creative graphic designer...

They only live about 2 1/2 blocks from Lake Michigan so we strolled down to the beach, along with about a trillion others to watch the fireworks.

About 2 weeks ago my granddaughter, Bailey and I took a drive through the country.  There was a threat of rain for most of the day but we still had a great time together.  We plan on doing some more "backroading" together soon.  I kinda freaked her out when I stopped in the middle of the road and jumped out to snap a shot, but I assured her I only do that on less traveled roads.  After about the 3rd time she settled down but was still nervous when we drove thru some questionable neighborhoods.

We have had so much rain this summer (beating records again) that the corn looks like it is on steroids.  The farmer's markets should be loaded with those delicious ears very shortly.  For the past 2 Saturdays I have wanted to check out our local markets but I was in Milwaukee a week ago and last Saturday it was pouring rain (again).  And because of the extreme wetness I missed another outdoor concert, but we decided to go to the movies instead and saw "Chef".  What a delight, highly recommend.

The daylilies are in full bloom now

As well as the cone flowers.....

I have had great fun in photographing children and families.....

So thus when I have been on the computer it has been editing and putting together these family packages with not so much blogging.  I have decided that there is definitely not enough time in my days to enjoy it all.

I do appreciate all that stop by and leave me some sweet comments and I hope that in the future I will be more responsive.  As I said, just not enough time in my days to do all that I want and "need" to do.

"Be/Accept/Value/Forgive/Bless/Express/Trust/Love/Empower....Yourself. " ~ unknown

Until next time.....


  1. Deanna - you look terrific - I could use a little of your Lightroom magic. (if only it lasted beyond the photo!) Your summer sounds glorious, and the photos prove it. It's storming and raining hard here in the mountains (after a bit of hail). I'm glad I'm inside looking out and not on a hike or bike ride. We're having threatening skies nearly every afternoon now - best to leave early and get home by mid-afternoon. I agree - there's just not enough time in the day. Glad you posted and brought us up to date.

  2. HI Deanna Great to hear all your news and you are looking great as are all the shots of your family. It is great that the weather is being kind to you and you are right to get out in it as much as possible. The butterflies, birds, flowers and fireworks are fantastic.

  3. do enjoy your summer with family and nature, too. blogging can wait. :)

  4. Deanna it's fun to experiment and it seems you're in a good place with your sweet new look too. A delightful post; you always wrap them up so nicely (like a gift), so much to see and interesting commentary to go along with them. Your photos are amazingly sharp - great camera - the fireworks is super shot - all are lovely to see.

  5. Look at you! A new 'do'! I'd love to give up the curly look but it's natural. I thought you were, too. You sure had me fooled! Oh, what gorgeous photos ... so happy to see you here. I have missed you but I agree with your priorities. Now that my 365 project is completed, I'm much more relaxed about blogging and it's a breath of fresh air. That fireworks shot was perfectly timed! Good to hear from you!

  6. a very attractive hair style! my own hair style has gone to short, short, short except for my bangs and I'm no longer having my hair colored. (my daughter-in-law who does my hair called my former color my 2nd natural color because those who'd not known me before that though it was my natural color.) your family is quite photogenic!
    thanks for sharing those lovely flower images.

  7. Love your new hairdo. These photos are gorgeous.

  8. Oh Deanna you are beautiful and so are all your images. love the barn and cornfield.

  9. You look fantastic!! Love the firework shot, too - stunning! Enjoy summer, it is slipping away.

  10. Love your hair style . . . very nice!
    And your photographs are sooo wonderful.
    The Monarch . . .
    The Hydrangeas . . .
    The cone flower . . .
    and the children . . .
    ll wonderful!

  11. Okay, listen, that hair is fabulous! No more perms. It's beautiful on you. Second, I am so happy to know you're out doing lots of FUN stuff. That makes me happier than a clam. And clams are happy here in the east. Keep on doing your stuff. It's so good to hear this post, Deanna. oxoxoxoxo Pam

  12. Great new hair-do, and lovely photos of your family and natural surroundings.

  13. I am SO overwhelmed with Lightroom. I recently purchased it, have opened it 2 or 3 times & close it because I.just.don't.get.it. Can't wait until August 12th when Kim Klaasen's free class starts!!

  14. You look wonderful, Deanna, and I love your new hairstyle!
    So glad to hear that you are enjoying your summer.
    It's a beautiful one here in NY, but yes, it is definitely going by all too fast.

    Enjoy every moment, my friend!!

  15. Love the new hair, so cute! After the winter we had I agree with being outside as much as possible. I am enjoying whatever I feel like without having to put on 5 layers of clothes to go outside.

  16. Great new hairdo, and glad that you are having a great summer soaking in that warmth and sunshine. All your shots are great as always!

  17. Hello Deanna i love your hair.. Enjoy the outside as much as you can love the images you have chosen...

  18. Wait - winter and Christmas carols? No, no, no, no, no - please - not yet! I love your new look! I'm so glad you're still taking photos even if you aren't blogging as much. I really understand the not enough time in the day thing! It looks as though your summer has been very full, but in a good way. If you ever figure out how to fit everything into a day, please share your tips!

  19. Deanna, I have to agree with you...there is just NOT enough time in the day to enjoy it all. Being feeling this lately in my life too. Your photos captured a lot of JOY my friend.

  20. The detail in your photos is amazing. I'm with you--summer is not the time to blog! :-)

  21. Oh your hair is so, so cute! And as always your other photos are amazing.

  22. Your new do is lovely! I remember going from years of perms to a short bob like yours when my children were young. It was so liberating and so much easier to look after! Thanks for the clarity tip in Lightroom. :)
    As always your images are gorgeous. You have a great talent with your camera! Beautiful butterflies, lovely birds and gorgeous portraits. Your blog is such a delight to visit... so sorry I have been a little absent.

  23. I really like your new "do" ..... it looks lovely.
    Your shots are absolutely gorgeous.....what lens are you using?
    Enjoy the rest of the summer ... diane @ thoughts and shots


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