Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Little of This n That....

My youngest grand, Brie, is headed off for her senior year of college.  OMG where in the world does the time go??  It wasn't but a couple three years ago I was enjoying her kindergarten picture. Now 21 years old, old enough to drink and vote both done responsibly I am hopin'.  

Spent her last day at home with her on Monday, seeing a movie (Lucy, interesting concept and definitely her choice) and enjoying dinner together before she headed to Iowa State on Tuesday morning. It will probably be October or maybe even November before I see her again. Insert sad face....  

On Monday, along with the movie we drove onto Northern Illinois University campus where both my daughter and son-in-law coach.  Lisa wanted me to see the statue that their dog MAC posed for, well MAC didn't exactly pose, the artist took pictures and then created the piece from the photos.  Quite impressive.  Just fyi, statue on left, real MAC on right.  

We also found out on Monday that Hilary is ready to deliver that new bundle of joy, my great granddaughter....notice I said my, at any hour any day.  Her body is in preparation mode.

On Sunday my friend Marti, along with her family went to a French Market event at one of our local parks.  There were......

Jugglers on stilts....

Musicians playing folk songs....

A lady that made just about anything out of balloons.......

Unfortunately, the balloon popped shortly after I took this pic, but not to worry, we found the face painter and that wiped away all the tears....

And Saturday I shot a wedding.....OMG was I nervous.  A great responsibility shooting a wedding, it's not like you can ask them to re-do those vows or re-do the rings.  But as I reviewed the almost 1,000 pics, I think they will be pleased.  This was the 2nd marriage for both so the bride decided to go bold and wear red.  Bet you don't see that too much.  She looked beautiful and you could see in her eyes, her smile, her giggles that she was estatic and look at that smile on the groom!!  My granddaughter, Bailey was with me the whole time... hauling my gear, holding the diffuser, giving me confidence, a blessing!!

Oops, almost forgot, need to add a pic of a fence for Good Fence Thursday over at TexWiseGirl's blog, The Run*around*Ranch .  Another goodie from my trip to Michigan.  My goodness those colors are vivid.  Does the sun shine differently there??

Tonight I am headed to bookclub where we will be discussing "The Girls from Atomic City".  Good non-fiction book, relating the story of the building of Oak Ridge, TN where the first atom bomb was built.  Fascinating....and I am not a fan of non-fiction but this did hold my interest.  Except ofcourse when the author would write about all the science stuff, I do believe my eyes would glaze over.  No physics classes for me, biology was the most advanced I managed.

OK that's it. I have rambled far too long.

Until next time....


  1. wow, brilliant barn and fence shot! lovely! GREAT shot of the newly wed couple. i have no doubt they'll be pleased as punch with your shots. good luck to your youngest grand in her last year of college!

  2. LOVE that barn - and yes, the sun shines brighter in Michigan! Didn't you know that? LOL!
    The bride & groom shot is adorable, can't wait to see more!
    And you did NOT ramble on too much - I've missed you, I was glad to hear your updates!

  3. I hope Brie has a great last year of school. Time does go much too quickly. I am sure you did amazing at the wedding since you take great portrait shots!

  4. wow, what a busy post .... so much going on in your life. i love the barn shot. wishing Brie well on her senior year. Bailey is too cute. those blue eyes are precious!! ( :

  5. gorgeous red barn.

    best of luck to Brie.

  6. Is the baby here yet?????? OMGosh! I cannot believe Brie is a senior! I remember when you sent her away to college. Lovely photo of her, by the way. She always has such sparkle. Yes, indeedy ... shooting a wedding causes one to sweat bullets. I did it once and the photos were lovely but that was more due to the great light at the time of evening. No, never again. I really did sweat bullets. It was about 95 degrees out and humid! Whew. But I know your wedding shots will be perfectly lovely and the happy couple will love them. It is a lot of work though, isn't it? So glad to see you here!

  7. Always glad to see you post. I am sure the wedding pictures you took are terrific. Best wishes to Brie -- what a lovely young woman -- and welcome to your great granddaughter. Aren't babies the best!

  8. Such an exciting time - hope the baby watch is going well!

  9. Rambling - hardly. I so enjoy my visits with you and catching up on you and yours. I hear you on "where did the time go" - next week we take our baby to college to start his Freshman year and the following week, our daughter back to New England to complete her Senior year. This is going to be a tough one for both me and my husband. sniff sniff!
    You absolutely could make postcards or advertisements with your beautiful barn shots and brilliant work on the wedding (you are a brave soul).
    Deanna - thanks for sharing.

  10. It truly is a wonderful barn photo.

  11. What a great barn .....
    And what a great wedding shot .... show us more!!!!!
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  12. You're having a busy summer, Deanna. I would have been a wreck to be responsible for wedding photos. However, you do such great work. You make people look their very best. Good Luck to Brie in her final year. (And to the parents of the newest addition.)

  13. Hello Deanna, I am so happy to meet you . . .
    Who am I ?
    I'm your newest follower.
    Because, I can not get enough of your photography.
    I have been going through your posts and I am amazed at everything about your photos.
    The clarity, the lighting and the composition . . . perfection.
    I am inspired to do half as good as you . . . beautiful:)
    Thank you for not hiding your light under a bushel.
    Connie :)

  14. Such lovely photos! Brie always looks so full of life and joy. I hope she has a wonderful year at college. And I hope everything goes well for the new baby!

    You take such wonderful photos--you have a gift, Deanna.

  15. I enjoyed your post and the wonderful photo's. Great fence shot - the colours are so brilliant.


  16. Love your photos . . . and you can ramble on and on for me!
    Happy senior year for your granddaughter at Iowa State . . . (not far from where I grew up)
    Just maybe Michigan colors are brighter . . . especially on brilliant blue sky days . . .

  17. Well done you on the wedding photos! Such a happy couple. I love the fair you went to, my sort of thing that I enjoy so much with a host of variety to enjoy! Have a wonderful week x

  18. All great shots. Beautiful family!

  19. The bride looks happy...such a huge responsibility...glad you are happy with your photos!

  20. That's a great photo of the happy newlyweds!

  21. I love the red barn and fence shot, just beautiful. Your wedding shot is lovely.. Your granddaughters are beautiful. MAC is a gorgeous dog! Wonderful series of photos, happy weekend

  22. Sounds like you are doing well, Deanna. Keep spending time with those you love, enjoying life and taking beautiful pictures!


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