Monday, August 25, 2014

The Glorious "Give"

Whoever introduced stretch into capris, jeans, and slacks should definitely be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  I rummaged thru my summer drawers this AM looking for what to wear and pulled out capris that I had not worn all summer.  Needless to say they did not have the glorious stretch and the peacefulness of my morning was gone in a flash....struggle struggle to zip and snap.  And after finally reaching my goal, they were so uncomfortable that off they came with more of a struggle.  Now some of you probably can't appreciate that "give" that I'm talking about, that's because you probably are of a decent weight, flat tummy and are perhaps thin enough to wear skinny jeans, which is not even in my vocabulary.  But those of us that are not of the perfect weight, that may have a little more around the waistline that is needed or wanted can appreciate that wonderful give to our bottoms, again Nobel for those responsible.  Just sayin....

And speaking of glorious there are a few things that stop me dead in my tracks and beckon me to grab my camera and snap.  Among these glorious finds are.....

Interesting ducks at the pond across the street.  These are Cormorants, I have seen them in other parts of this area but never in our neighborhood.

Hawks absolutely fascinate me....

Sunflowers, they take my breath away....

Interesting faces, especially if they let me take their portrait.....

I guess I probably don't have to mention barns, especially old red ones....

And the beauty of a butterfly in my back yard staying still long enough to take a snap just makes my heart happy....

And then there are always horses....especially ones that are nuzzling.

And speaking of nuzzling, today is my sweeties birthday.  I am heading off to the care facility to deliver his birthday cards, give him birthday kisses, and throw in a few nuzzles too.

Have a happy, blessed week!!

"But the struggles make you stronger and the changes make you wise...And happiness has its own way of taking its sweet time."  ~ Gary Allen

Until next time....


  1. i hope you have a good visit with your hubby. :) love the photos. the portrait of the gent is awesome!

  2. Deanna, you make me smile!!!
    And these photographs are beautiful. I especially love the portrait. So much character in that wonderful face.

  3. Such beautiful photos. That portrait is superb. Best wishes to your hubby on his birthday.

  4. Great photos! So glad you're out and about with your camera. Yay for stretch fabrics ... in everything!

  5. Gorgeous photos, but I must say my favorite is of the hawk--amazing!! I hope you had a good visit with your sweetie.

    And I am with you on the stretch. I have some capris with stretch and they are sooooo comfortable. Nowadays, if it's not comfortable, it doesn't get worn. :-)

  6. Hope you had some good birthday nuzzles, Deanna. The hawk photo take my breath away. What zoom did you use? I love stretch and being able to breath!

  7. oh, i am so there with you about that streeeeeetch! and skinny jeans get up and run when they see me coming at them at the stores. ; )
    hope your sweetie had a good day and that the two of you had some special time together.

  8. Hope the visit with you Sweetie was good, Deanna. This set of pictures really does emphasize the importance of noticing the little things around us. There is so much beauty and peace in the little things.

  9. Beautiful photo and I totally get the stretch in the capris! I hope you have a good visit with you sweetie on his birthday.

  10. Ah love the snuggling horses.. Hope you have a lovely visit with your sweetie...

  11. Happy birthday, to your Sweetie. Hope it's a good visit.
    Beautiful photos, as usual.

  12. Super post filled with wonderful things to love. The shot of the Hawk was totally awesome. A gorgeous Sunflower too. Of course your Red Barn looks fabulous as well. You always make my day with your delightful photos. Happy birthday to your Sweetie.

  13. The Hawk looks like a professional print Deanna! You did good girl!

  14. Hope your sweetie had a great birthday! I really can't imagine you having that much of a problem getting into those capris, they must be sized wrong.

  15. So glad you're "oot and aboot" with your camera, Deanna! I really LOVE every one of your fab photos! :)

  16. I appreciate that "give" in my recent non skinny jeans, capris too . . . love your words, thanks for the smiles . . .
    And I am enjoying the thought of your visit, kisses and cuddles . . .
    Catching up to posts and comments might be some of my rainy non labor weekend!

  17. And your photographs are so wonderful . . . Loved the horses Jose to nose . . .


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