Monday, June 1, 2015


I did it again, didn't I?  I am so neglectful of this sweet blog and I think I just missed my 4th year blogging anniversary.  Yep, just checked, I passed the 4 year mark on May 10th.  A lot has happened in these last 4 years. And no, I am not going to do a "what I have done in these last 4 years"....really, who cares.

- I could write about learning to live alone, but I'm not.
- I could write about changing my faith from Presbyterian to Catholic and back to Presbyterian, but      I'm not.
- I could write about my 2 "kids" (dogs) whom I adore and couldn't live without, but I'm not.
- I could write about finally making the decision to hire a landscaper to clean up my yard and gardens and to do weekly yard maintenance, but I'm not.
- I could write about how lazy and forgetful I have become, but I certainly am not writing about that.
- I could write about my family, youngest granddaughter just graduated from college and my "great-grandchild" is the absolutely cutest and brightest child in the history of ever, but I'm not.

Anyhoo, we did have a beautiful Spring, albeit a might cool at times, but plenty of rain (not as much as my friends in Texas, altho I think their forecast is finally back to sunny and hot).  And we are beginning June with quite a the high 40's this AM. and no, I have not turned my heat off yet. Thinking positive I did take the electric blanket off the bed last week, but the last couple of nights it would have felt mighty good.

OK, about a few pics to show you our Spring....

I never get tired of taking pictures of beautiful flowers and walks in the woods.  And it's like 6 weeks until I leave for Paris, so pardon my giddiness.  Hope all has been well in your corner of the world.

And PS, I haven't been a total slug when it comes to blogging.  I did post on our collaborative blog, Focusing On Life.  Click here to read my summer reading recommendations and click here to get some tips on zoo photography.

"The most memorable people in life will be the friends who loved you when you weren't very lovable."  Author Unknown

Until next time......


  1. Love that sweet quote, Deanna! Always love your photos - they are so soft and dreamy. The woodland path is wonderful. Did I hear you say that you are going to Paris? I am so happy for you - Do Not Forget Your Camera!!!! You had better not forget to blog that trip or I will track you down! Hope you get some sunshine this week, and send some my way, would ya? Hugs xo Karen

  2. Your floral photography is just stunning my friend.

  3. You photograph flowers so beautifully!!

  4. I miss you when you aren't there but everything is smiles when I read what you have to say . . . and the things you are "not going to talk about!"
    And the there are your stunning, pretty, lovely, very nice photos . . .
    All is well!
    I look forward to seeing what "you'll see" in Paris . . .
    How many cameras will you take??

  5. Love your beautiful flower photos and can't wait to see what treasures you find in Paris.

  6. Paris? How exciting! Congratulations on four years of blogging. These flower shots are lovely and I'd like to walk on that woodsy trail.

  7. This was worth the wait. Your flower shots are just amazing and so breathtakingly beautiful. - I can' wait to see what you take while in Paris.

  8. I agree with Ida, these shots were worth the wait. They are exquisitly captured on camera. You are a very talented photographer.

  9. Your flowers and photos are simply amazing... and wow! 4 years of blogging. I think that is just about the same amount of time that I have had my blog. Lots of fun things shared here, and new friends made. I definitely want to plan something fun with you, and am glad to see you back a bit more. Both of us are getting a bit lax in our posts. old age???? Couldn't be could it. Best to you and love to see you three days in a row.


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