Monday, January 4, 2016

The Live In

My granddaughter, Bailey has been living with me since late August, I won't go into any detail about the whys because she wouldn't want me to, but needless to say it has been a journey for her. She has had her ups and downs but I see her getting herself back on track both physically and mentally. In the past year or so Bailey had gained too much weight but now she is being diligent in watching her calorie intake as well as going to the gym for cardio exercise every day. That's the physical part, and now the mental or emotional part which has been shall we say, a bumpy ride. Somedays good, somedays bad, somedays really bad. As much encouragement that I can offer, it has to be Bailey that makes her mind up to shake off the history and look to the future.

When I was in Phoenix in November with my Focusing On Life girls (we get together every year to have fun, take a ton of photos, talk and laugh) Bailey sent me a text with a picture of an adorable kitten.

She had been begging, yes, begging me to let her have a kitten. I kept saying no, I'll think about it, don't know how the dogs would do with a cat etc etc  Finally the girls (pictured above) convinced me that Bailey needed someone to love, someone to snuggle with, someone to grab her attention. So I relented

And now we have.....

His name is Boone with a middle name of Daniel, because everyone has to have a middle name.  He and the dogs sort of get along. Boone has these very sharp teeth and razor like claws (and yes, we have been talking about de-clawing, I know some people think it is in-humane but my furniture thinks otherwise) and sometimes he gets too rough and the dogs (kids) are not crazy about those teeth and claws. Telling a cat that he needs to lighten up on the claws and the biting is like talking to a wall. You cat owners must know what I am talking about.

He looks so innocent, but in reality he is ready to pounce.

But he has given Bailey that someone to love, someone to cuddle with and someone to look forward to coming home to.  And that is the reason we have "the live in."

"Dogs come when they're called. Cats take a message and get back to you."
- Mary Bly

Until next time....


  1. Aw, he's adorable! Hope Bailey enjoys him!

  2. I think it's great you changed your mind and allowed Bailey to have a kitten. Young cats can be tough to deal with...but they do grow up. So wonderful for Bailey!

  3. Good for you to allow Bailey to find that someone to love, we all need it.

  4. Well - who can resist? (My husband, for one...) Good Luck to Bailey and Boone.

  5. Just look at that adorable kitten - but what you say about cats is so true and I had to laugh! I've had and loved many cats in the past. I have a feeling that Bailey and Boone will be good for each other. Animals are very therapeutic, even cats who are so independent.

  6. He is adorable. But I am sure up to mischief. I am nearly home now from my trip to Malawi and Zambia, just waiting at Heathrow for my flight this afternoon but thanks for leaving me all the comments when I was away.

  7. You are being such a wonderful Grandmother. I bet Boone is just what Bailey needs. Cats have a way about them that spell 'LOVE'.

  8. Love the quote and your caring heart . . .
    I ache for Bailey . . .
    I had a four hour, wonderful lunch, visit . . . with a friend who is healing from emotional upheavals recently.
    She said . . . these helped her . . .
    1. No matter what, "things will get better" . . . even though it doesn't feel like it.
    2. It is ok to lean on friends . . . there may be a time when they need to lean on someone.
    3. Have something to look forward to in your back pocket, like a trip, play, concert, visit . . . really helps when a "bad day" appears.
    4. Find something to make yourself laugh.
    I wrote these four things down while we visited.
    And I asked her if I could share them . . .
    Her answer was yes . . . and this is my first . . .

  9. You are a good 'grandma'. Bailey is blessed to have you for a sanctuary and safe place while she is healing. Boone is adorable and what a gift for Bailey. Having had Simon for 11 years, I am well aware of cat's antics but age does tone that down quite a bit. I know lots of people are against having their cat declawed but I did have Simon's front ones removed because of the damage and knowing he was going to be an inside cat but let me tell you he can take care of himself with those back claws and his teeth. I have yet to see a dog win with Simon. He rules the roost with grand dogs and one weights 75 lbs.

  10. Welcome to the nest Boone! And grandma, good for you for loving your grand daughter so unconditionally to see that she needs Boone in her life right now. You are an amazing woman & Bailey is very blessed to be loved by you!

  11. What a stunner Boone is, and a very loving home to enter with you and your granddaughter. You take care, both of you xx

  12. I have to agree with the girls, Deanna.
    I am sorry for whatever Bailey is going through, but of one thing I am sure, and that is that she sure is fortunate to have you.
    I hope that her days become brighter. Sometimes, it's a long tough road.
    Been there, done that, sometimes still doing it with my daughter.
    I wish you all the very, very best, my friend. xo.

  13. Boone is so cute! You know I just can't resist a cute cat/kitten. Congrats to you & Bailey for allowing Boone into your lives. Can't wait to see more photos of him.

    Yes, I am now an advocate for NOT de-clawing cats, it traumatized one of our cats horribly and since then we've not declawed the newest ones. You can have their claws clipped at the Vets for a minimal charge, get scatching posts, or use nail caps to help save the furniture.
    Not trying to preach but it is hard on a kitty being declawed.

  14. Such a good grandmother you are - and how cute to try to tell a cat anything. Nope, not listening, gonna do what they're gonna do regardless and it takes years of practice to learn how to play nicely. Glad to hear Bailey is finding herself and she has her own special cuddle buddy (teeth and claws and all).

  15. You are a wonderful grandmother for sure! Boone is adorable and I have seen first hand a hardened young adult (by marriage niece) do a complete 180 and become a social member society because of a pet. It's amazing. Hopefully Boone will help Bailey through this challenge in her life. Silently throw some xo Bailey's way from me! xo

  16. Bailey is a lucky gal to have you in her life and help her through this rough patch. Not everyone has a safe place to fall :) So sweet that you took in Boone to give Bailey that little creature to love. It's been so long since I've had a kitten, but I know how rough cats are on the furniture! We just bought new couches to replace our clawed up old ones:) Now the kitties are only allowed in the living room under supervision. Best of luck to Bailey. I'm sure she will get her footing in no time with your loving support. xo Karen

  17. So lucky for you and Bailey to have each other in Baileys time of need. Don't we all have those times in our lives. my advice on the kitten is that if you do chose declawing, do it as soon as possible as the older a cat gets, the more pain is involved in this. He is a cutie though, and nothing better for emotional healing that a grandma who loves you and an animal to cuddle with. Hope that your new year will be a great one Deanna!

  18. Cats may or may not get back to you! LOL! I hope you and Bailey and the animals have a lovely weekend!

  19. Boone is cute and we have four that we rescued or they rescued us. They are entertaining and at times exasperating but they have taught me, much about myself. I hope for Boone's sake you will reconsider. If there came a time when not be under your care, Boone may need his claws. Yes, they tear up furniture but I have lightened up over the years.. So good of you to take him in...


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