Friday, August 19, 2016

The June July August Break

Oh dear, I did it again, Said I would and then I didn't. I am very unreliable. Blogging is akin to a habit, you must continually write and post so it becomes part of your daily habits. And I don't mean a bad habit, I mean a good habit, sorta like drinking a cup of coffee before the world begins to turn. Many bloggers are taking what is referred to as an August Break, where they either don't post at all or very minimally. I think I fell into that first category but my August break went back as far as the end of June, the 29th to be exact.

And I might be in real trouble when it comes to forming a habit.  I just checked Google (I love Google) and instead of the old adage of 21 days, apparently the University College London has done a more thorough study on habit forming and now it has been determined that no longer is it 21 days but 66, trumping the 3 weeks to now more than 6 weeks. Are you kidding me, OMG I'm done for.

Oh well, I will give a quick over-view of my adventures this summer. trying to catch up during my June-July-August break. The two photos above were taken in Chicago on a night photo-walk during the photography conference. I rarely, pretty much never, do long exposure night photography. You need a tripod and patience, both of which I tend to fail at.

The 4th of July I drove to Dayton, OH with my kids to spend a long weekend with my sweetie's family.  Only one good day of weather the whole weekend was a disappointment. I thought it was a rule that it doesn't rain on the 4th of July.  Seeing and being with family certainly makes the days brighter even if the skies are dark and rainy.

Later in July I flew to California to visit and stay with my son and daughter-in-law for a week. We visited the San Diego Zoo, along with a million others and walked the beaches with a million others, and yes, it was hot like a million other places have been this summer. Remind me not to visit California in July. Fall or spring seem to be the more pleasurable times. But again, seeing and being with my son and daughter-in-law removed the unpleasantness of the crowds and the heat.

  But one thing is for sure, roses love the hot southern California weather.

And along the way I found a red barn.....always a fav!

And a gorgeous butterfly....

Many happy moments were spent with family this summer....this being one of them.

Can you believe this little bundle of joy will be two next month.

I am heading to Michigan next week to visit old friends that have a cottage on Torch Lake. Expectations are high for many photo ops.  Hope you have had a lovely summer as we head into a new season soon. It's been too hot and too humid around these parts this summer. The windows and doors have been shut almost the entire month of July and into August with the air conditioner running. Love having the windows wide open, enjoying the soft breezes and the sounds of summer. Maybe in September it will cool down for that enjoyment.  Until then, I will continue to sit on the screen porch, overhead fan on high, ice cold drink by my side, with an occasional trickle of sweat dripping on the pages of my latest read.

Until next time.....


  1. Beautiful shots of your summer, Deanna. The first two are taken at wonderful angles! It sounds as if you have been busy and enjoying your blog break. Such a nice shot of you with Matilda Mae in your arms and look at that little cutie in the last shot. So well framed!
    We have had it hot and humid here too for the past two months, but NO air-conditioning!

  2. Such a pleasure to visit your blog, Deanna! Just want to thank you for sharing your thoughts on life and photography and your amazing photos! Keep smiling, keep shooting and keep posting!

  3. Oh my, I have missed you . . .
    A treat indeed to see your exceptional photography
    and read your "snippets" too . . .
    Enjoy Torch Lake . . .
    I'll be waving as you drive by . . .

  4. Hello there! I've been having trouble lately keeping my blogging "habit" going strong too. But sometimes...ya just gotta live life :)

  5. I have missed you and have noticed your absence. Have a great time at Torch Lake. You have had a busy summer with some fun, if hot, traveling.

  6. All the shots are photographed beautifully

  7. It looks like you've had a grand summer so far! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Your portrait of Matilda Mae is a stunner! That rose is awesome. I think it's really hard to blog in the summer. I wrote some posts but then turned comments off because I just didn't have time to peruse many blogs in return. However, it seems my followers don't like when I turn comments off! When we went to the beach in Del Mar, it was perfect weather - in 70's and with a breeze during the day. We kept the rental houses open to the outside all week. Here in the mts of CO, temps are inching into the 30's overnight- my gardens are lovely but frost will hit soon. I'm wearing layers and light fires to keep warm. Have fun at the lake.

  9. A red barn? In CALIFORNIA? Lucky you! And San Diego is a dream city. Have a fun time in Michigan Deanna.

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of the meerkats!!

  11. It sounds like a wonderful summer, and your photos are beautiful! I used to live in San Diego and there was no need for air conditioning. But that was also true when I first came to Maine 16 years ago. This summer seems to have been unusually hot and humid everywhere! But maybe that is the new "usual."

  12. Deanna - you are not alone. I have felt so guilty for not being more present on my blog and visiting my blogging friends. Categorizing it as a vacation or break makes it sound so much better. These pictures are wonderful and represent a summer well spent. Gorgeous work.

  13. Oh, Deanna, it looks like you've had a wonderful summer, in spite of the heat.
    I think almost everyone got a hefty dose of that this summer.
    I try very hard to enjoy it, because winters are VERY long and cold here in NY. Unfortunately, many of my plants suffered due to the heat and the lack of rain, but I will try again next year. :-)
    It was so nice to see you pop up in my reader.
    Have a wonderful week, my friend.

  14. Deanna,
    Yea for fun summer adventures and family time. Glad you are enjoying both.
    I am going on a photo adventure in September. A good friend and I are headed into Wyoming for a weekend of girl time, hiking and photography. Big girl cameras required!

    Yesterday the Hubs reminded me that this is his favorite time of year. Bulls are home and isolated from cows and pairs are easy to check. We need to move a hay home and continue a few fencing projects, but the rush and hurry of summer is behind us. Brisk cool mornings and warm, but not too hot, afternoons make for nice days.

    Enjoy the transition into fall!

  15. It is always such a pleasure when you post. Your photos are amazing. - Loved the shot of the Meer Kats, The Rose, The Butterfly and your sweet little Matilda Mae


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