Monday, September 17, 2012

A Good Weekend

What a grand grand weekend I had, except for maybe too many trips to the bathroom Saturday night, but I won't go into that...too shitty (oh excuse me, did I just say that??)

Anywho...4 of us drove together to Michigan City, Indiana (I've always thought that was a strange name for a city, two states.  If you just said I am going to Michigan City, the assumption would be you are going to Michigan, but no, it is in Indiana but on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Have I totally confused you now?  Michigan City has always meant Outlet Mall shopping to me.  Every summer when my sweetie and I would head to Saugatuck, MI for a heavenly 4 day getaway, our first stop was Michigan City for breakfast at the Bob Evans where I would always order biscuits and gravy, the only restaurant in my opinion that has good sausage gravy.  And then on to the outlet mall for a couple of hours of shopping.

But this weekend it was all about a wedding.  One of our very good friend's daughter was getting married, their last of 3 to tie the knot.  The wedding was beautiful, held in a lovely church buried in the woods along with a fabulous reception at a country club with gorgeous views of the golf course.  Lots of food and drink...Good time.

Daughter number 1

Weepy Daughter number 2

Daughter number 3 with brand new husband...



More BFF's

On Sunday morning before the outlet mall opened, once you are here you just must make the trip to the mall, we decided we would head to the beach so I could wander and take a few pictures.  Oh Lord, was it an absolutely gorgeous day!!  In fact, the whole weekend was picture perfect weather.  In the 70's, bright blue skies, little breeze...God is good.

The beach was pretty deserted, but it would be at this time of the year.

Only a few were enjoying the stroll along the beach...

Then I came across these two charmers...asking their parents first (always do) I snapped a few the naturalness of children.  A little later we came upon the little one in the blue dress with her Mom further down the beach.  Sophia (her name) leaned over to me and whispered...."Thanks for taking my picture."  Now how sweet is that??

After a quick trip the mall...I found a really cute Vera Bradley Back Pack with a matching small phone/wallet that I plan on using to cart my camera and lenses when I go out to shoot...Vera Bradley's stuff is so sturdy and so padded and so full of pockets that I feel it will be perfect, we headed home.  A good weekend!!

"Cherish your human connections: your relationships with friends and family."  ~  Barbara Bush

Until next time.....


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend! And beautiful photos to document it. I love going to Bob Evans when we go to Ohio to visit my family. But my favorite thing on their menu is the fried mush. You just can't get fried mush like that anywhere else that I know of. And I had to laugh about Michigan we often do when driving by California and Indiana, Pennsylvania on our way to Ohio.

  2. Oh wow Deanna...absolute ADORE that feather photo! And a deserted beach, there ANYTHING better? Looks like a fun weekend you had :)

  3. Oh gosh I haven't been to a Bob Evens since my grandparents died, and that's been a long time!! What an absolute wonder of photos you have and although I always love a wedding, I think the beach photos trump that for me (but you probably knew that)!! That photo of the lighthouse and the one with the woman and the sailboat in the background....sigh!

  4. great views. i love them all. really love the lighthouse view. curious ... the very last shot ... what are those? my 1st thought was a pair of earrings or? so cool. neat idea. (:

  5. Congrats to them!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting! What great shots all around- you captured some really special memories.

  6. Ehe bride looks sooo happy. I hope she fells the same way in 25 years. (I do! Marriage is great when you've married the perfect person.) Sounds like a super four days!

  7. Looks like a special and fun trip, love the beach photos. Kindered sisters we are, love Vera Bradley.

  8. Wonderful wedding shots and absolutely amazing beach captures.

  9. Awwww, sounds like the perfect weekend! Loved the wedding photos, but once I got to the beach shots I was completely smitten. I have been looking for a sturdy carryall for my camera gear so I'll have to check out Vera Bradley. I just gave my son's girlfriend a black & green cell phone case by VB because she said it matched a purse she had. Someone had given it to me, so I don't know much about that designer.

  10. Well that sounds like a wonderful weekend. So many wonderful photos. That wedding couple looks so happy. And those beach shot have me missing the beach my friend. It truly look like the perfect day.


  11. Your comment about your S#*%%@ night crackly me up! Lol, I've had that happen... Your wedding shots, are lovely, what a beautiful time that must have been... and the beach shots, so peaceful. Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #49!

  12. I love the photos of the children in the sand.

  13. Beautiful shots!
    The candid shot of the sister crying will be a favorite I think.
    That beach scene with the empty lifeguard chair is gorgeous. Sure makes me
    want to be there in all that solitude.

  14. These are all beautiful photos, but I really love the feather in the sand.


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