Friday, May 2, 2014

Five Senses Friday

Since Nancy from A Rural Journal decided to take a break from blogging, which I think we all tend to do on occasion, and her meme, Random Five On Friday is no longer I decided I would return to a personal meme of mine, Five Senses Friday.  I am trying to be more mindful of my days, myself, my friends, my spirituality, and what better way to become more mindful than to stop and appreciate our senses.

So today I am.....

Smelling -

Seeing - OK, I am not seeing this today but Sunday is a comin' and some of my fav TV shows are on in a single night.  I tape as many as my cable company allows, then have to watch the rest "On Demand".

 - Call the Midwife - charming characters that bring the miracle of life into the world, already into it's 3rd season.
 -  Mr. Selfridge - did not watch this last year but now in the midst of this wonderful story of the Mr. Selfridge that built a magnificent department store in the midst of London prior to World War I.  Again, have fallen in love with all the characters and the richness of the time and place.
 -  The Good Wife - now who doesn't watch this?  Been there from the first moment and along with a bazillion others was totally shocked when Will departed...rather suddenly.
 -  Game of Thrones - oh I know, blood, nudes, lots of fighting, but always a surprise or two awaits, and sorry I did not grieve when that evil king was poisoned.  What a little snot he was.
 -  Revenge - I am afraid I might give up on Emily and her vengeful ways.  It is almost predictable.  So maybe this is one I won't have to jockey with in the future.
 -  Resurrection - Interesting concept, not sure where they are going to go with this one, but it's only one more episode before this season's wrap-up, wonder if it will be renewed??  Almost like The Walking Dead but they look better.
 - Believe - another one that is questionable, another week another chase.  But I do like the little miracles that she drops along the way.
 -  Crisis - Now what happens when they get all those high school kids back home??  I have a feeling this one is going to bite the dust.
 -  The Bletchley Circle - a group of 4 women who worked together during World War II in London deciphering the enemies (Germans) codes and now after the war end up solving crimes together, sometimes landing right in the perilous middle of them.

Touching - Clothing, toiletries, my Bible, suitcase - I am off for a weekend Women's Retreat entitled "Finding Your Inner Joy"....I am in great need of this right now.  I get glimpses of joy, but I want the whole package...but sometimes I wonder if we place too much emphasis on "joy", sometimes I think being satisfied or having a feeling of contentment is just as important as joy.  There are days where there isn't a lot of joy in my life, especially this last week with it being cloudy, rainy and downright chilly and feeling more like March than the end of April and the beginning of May.  But I did fill my days with the contentment of reading, cuddled on the couch with my two kids next to me.  

Hearing - Not much.  My house tends to be quiet except when the kids are barking at whatever or whoever walks by the front sidewalk.  I am not one that turns the TV on during the day, I should probably just for the news.  I did not renew my morning newspaper subscription, which has totally disrupted my morning ritual of coffee and the newspaper, but the cost was getting ridiculous, over $375. a year.  But I may relent and cough up the money, I have felt out of sorts without my morning newspaper.  And don't say I can get the news on-line, just not the same.

Tasting - Chicken Enchilada Soup...oh yum.  I made this yesterday and it tastes even better the second day...sprinkle on some cheddar cheese and tortilla strips that adds to the yuminess.  Just a perfect accompaniment to this chilly, overcast day.

"We all live under the same sky, but we all don't have the same horizon."  ~ Konrad Adenauer 

Until next time.....


  1. my house remains quiet all day - except for in/out dogs and myself. i don't turn on the tv until the 5:30 news or, if i skip the news (since i read from sometimes until 7 at night.

    i love game of thrones and have been watching crisis. :)

  2. I adore Call the Midwife! I haven't gotten into Mr. Selfridge but hear it's great!

  3. Our house is quiet during the day, too, with th TV usually off and the kitty snoozing. I worked from home Monday afternoon and got sleepy from the quiet. lol Love those pink tulips.

  4. Love, Mr. Selfridge, but I don't remember to watch it regularly. :-(
    I have heard that Call the Midwife is really, really good.

    You have a wonderful weekend, and a wonderful time on your retreat, Deanna!

  5. I enjoy a quiet house, it feels restful. I agree that sometimes contentment is as important as joy. Snuggling up with a good book sounds like a very comfortable way to be stuck indoors. Enjoy your retreat!

  6. I'm so sad Nancy's not blogging anymore. I wish I knew her longer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Call the Midwife...and I enjoy Mr Selfridge when I get a chance to watch it. Beautiful that you take the time to fill your senses.

  7. I'm really missing Nancy already! I loved her blog.
    We have been watching Revenge and I have to agree, it's becoming rather predictable now. I'd just love to see it end. We were also watching Resurrection but we gave it away this week as it's so slow moving and rather boring. I haven't watched any of the others. We tend to go with shows like CSI, NCIS, Blue Bloods, etc.
    Those flowers are gorgeous!!
    Have a wonderful time at the retreat. Since my car accident, I have learned that joy is something we find when our hearts are at peace with life, even when it is full of pain and sadness. My accident with the resulting permanent injuries and loss of the lifestyle I had, has taught me to look for gratitude in the everyday, in the small things. That's my thoughts anyway... I have written a few posts on that over the last few years. :)

  8. "Call The Midwife" is one of my favorites, too. Those are such pretty pink tulips.

  9. "What a little snot." LOL! I love your humor! Sometimes I wish we had cable so I could watch these shows! Thanks for sharing everything!

  10. I miss Nancy and her wisdom . . .
    The Good Wife is a will not miss for me . . .
    Contentment contains my joy . . .
    Enjoy the weekend retreat . . .
    Would love the Chicken Enchilada Soup recipe . . . if you share . . .
    Would love to share a cup with you too . . .

  11. Gratuitous nudity aside - I rather like Game of Thrones and actually cheered when the little bugger went down. I too didn't see last season of Mr. Selfridge and gave this season a go only to conclude that season one needed to be on demand so I had a complete grasp of the situation. (it did hold promise, but I watch several on demand or recorded and honestly needed to weed the list down).
    Your tulips are lovely and the weekend retreat sounds like the ticket.

  12. One of my favorite scenes ever in any show or movie was in Mr Selfridge when the wife of one of the workers came to the store and said "is shopping supposed to feel this good? Because I love it." I only go clothes shopping a few times a year and I feel exactly like her in that show. Otherwise I wasn't a huge fan of the show. I can't wait for America's Got Talent to come back on.It is the one show my whole family loves to watch together.

  13. Nice to hear about your week, the good and and not so good, Love Selfridge, Midwife and Bletchley Circle and The Good Wife others not so much. But Sunday night DVR gets a workout for sure. Have a good week my friend and I miss you.

  14. The Good Wife...look forward to it every week. Was watching episodes from Believe but am about 5 behind now so may move on from it. Hope you find joy!

  15. Nice blog, I love your pictures!
    I'm going to follow you.

    Have a nice weekend!

    Warm wishes, Helena

  16. I love Call the Midwife and Mr Selfridge! Call the Midwife is set in Poplar where my Grandad lived and there is a photo in the writer's book that we are pretty sure is my Grandma during a pre-natal check! Mr Selfridge, amazing programme and really well acted, I can't wait for series 3!! Have a wonderful weekend full of all the senses. xx

  17. Oh, my! Those pink tulips are pretty! A really pretty color. And I'm tickled pink that you're here with your thoughts about 'five senses'. You do this so well.

  18. Gorgeous pink tulips!
    I love Call the Midwife and just finished reading all three books. The British do period programs so well. I'm like you in not turning on the TV during the day, and gave up the paper several years ago.
    Hope your retreat was just what you needed.

  19. I used to love to watch Call the Midwife. But due to lack of TV on the road, I watch what ever is on the local channels and not DVR.. That took a bit to get used to but funny how after awhile you don't miss it.. I do hope you had an awesome weekend getaway.. Your photo is so pretty.


  20. I haven't been by for a while and wondered what you were up to! I hope you have a wonderful retreat! Oh, and your tulips are gorgeousness!

  21. My house is quiet when the dh is at work. But when he is home there is always something rattling the boob tube..noisy noise. I tune it out, mostly! Your soup sounds delicious. I love taco soup- I'll bet the recipe is close. Dangggg! Cough! 375 bucks for a newspaper? wow.

  22. I love Call the Midwife too. Excellent. I miss the newspaper, but I try to watch the news a bit...I can really be out of touch. The birds have been my morning wakeup call lately. I forgot how much I missed their voices. Enjoy the retreat! We have a quote that I like on our refrig..."my circumstances do not dictate my joy". I like that. While happiness can be fleeting, my joy comes from the Lord! Happy Weekend!

  23. Hope all is well, Deanna. Miss your musings.

  24. Hello Deanna, i can't wait 'til you share what you've learned about joy. I think it lives inside us to show itself randomly and unbidden. I hope your spring is holding steady. It's snowed on mine!

  25. You're AWOL-making sure u are ok. Xo

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