Thursday, October 8, 2015

I Really, Really Do

Three blog posts in a row.  I do believe that I have set a record for this entire year. How sad is that?!

I took the "kids" to the beauty shop today.....don't they look shiny & clean.  Next week Cinder goes in for dental cleaning and surgery. She has needed this done since the day I brought her home (2 years) but I have been putting it off because of the cost. But her breath is soooo bad it's become much worse than "morning breath" and you know how bad that can be sometimes, well at least mine can.  Toby doesn't seem to change from year to year, but Cinder has been spouting more gray around her face. Hmm, wonder if she wants a dye job to cover up all that gray....just kidding.

On my way home from taking them to the beauty shop, I stopped at the horse farm to check on "fall color".  The horses were in the back 40, so no shots of them, but I did spot color galore. Oh I really do love this time of year, I really, really do.

I specifically stopped there to grab a snap of the fence that leads into the horse farm.  I have not participated in Theresa's (aka TexWisGirl) Good Fences on her blog in many a day.

I liked that all the wild-flowers of late summer were still blooming, adorning the old wood fencing.
I know you have probably seen this quote many, many times lately....but it is so true for me at this very moment, "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." L.M. Montgomery, the author of "Ann of Green Gables."  Thanks everyone for stopping by. I promise I will visit you all very soon!

Until next time.....


  1. really nice wildflowers (and fence, of course). glad your little pups are doing well. hope cinder goes thru her procedure without issue.

  2. Love the Pups and hope the dental work sorts ohe sorts out the bad breath. Love ethe blurred wildflowers. Good fence shot

  3. Hello Diana! so good to see you (3 times in a row!). Gorgeous photos as usual - I love the autumn colours as well.

  4. Thank you for sharing autumn in your area, Deanna. Your photos are still stunning! I, too, love the crisp air and colors of fall.

  5. Way to go on your post this week! - Toby & Cinder are so doggone cute!!!
    Loving all the gorgeous color you found. Your fence shot was great but my favorite of all on this post (besides the cute dogs) was the 3rd shot down. It's just dreamy.

  6. Oh, look at those sweet faces! Love their bright eyes! Lovely autumn leaves and flowers. I'm trying to savor each day. Love that weathered fence <3 x Karen

  7. Gotta love an old wooden fence . . .
    and . . . Deanna's Fall Photos . . . leaves a turning . . .

  8. Magical fall shots - those leaves are luminous! I can't believe you've had Cinder for 2 years - I remember when you adopted her.


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