Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It's Been Awhile....

Hmm, thought I should write a blog post since (ho hum) again it has been awhile.  Let's see, what will my excuse be this time.  Nope, don't have one. Altho I do have a new room-mate. I think I mentioned in a blog post that my granddaughter, Bailey has moved in with me. Yes, she is still with me, settling in and trying to redefine her life after it took an unexpected turn of events. You know, life is like that. You have all these plans and then boom, something unexpected weaves it's way into your game plan and all that masterminding just goes down the proverbial toilet. We all fall, we all stumble, it's what we do after that stumble that reveals who we really are. Bailey will be just fine, she is a strong woman with a bright future. Her life will be defined by what she does going forward, not on what happened in the past.

OK, speaking of going forward, let's move on with some recent images from around here. We have had an up and down kinda Fall. One week it is absolutely gorgeous, the next very cool, and then a string of really cloudy, grey days and now we are inching back to the gorgeousness. We had a rather warm September which equals late Autumn color around here. There are small changes, but for the most part it's still pretty green around here altho very dry. We have a problem with equality when it comes to moisture. South Carolina has been deluged, 26 inches of rain in Charleston while we have had less than 1/2 inch of rain since before September. Like I said, moisture equality, not happening.

What I love about Fall is

 1) the berries that were beautiful flowers in the Spring are now weighing down branches in their glory (see above)

 2) the colors of reds, yellows, and oranges

3) Finding the last of the flowers of summer

4) And the light...oh the light and how it creates that special glow....

Read any good books lately? I am dying to download the new JoJo Moyes book, "After You" the sequel to "Me Before You" which I truly enjoyed. I have quite a few on my "must read" list. Right now I have started two books, "A Man Called Ove" and "The Winter Garden" by Kristin Hannah. And along with all the new TV shows, it's hard to have enough time in the day to keep up. Laundry and organizing closets are just gonna have to wait.

Hope you are having a lovely Fall. And just because she is so gosh darn stinkin' cute.....

Until next time......


  1. These are stunning!! Hope you're enjoying the time with your granddaughter (-:

  2. My oh my . . . your photos are just so wonderful, color and clarity exceptional . . .
    All the best to Bailey . . . and that little one with the tongue action is beyond precious . . .
    Wishing you some rain and some gorgeous fall days . . .

  3. It's wonderful that Bailey gets to spend this time with you no matter the reason. I am sure both of you will make some wonderful memories together as you find adventures to fill your time. Matilda Mae is so cute; it seems she always has that beautiful smile on her face and those eyes....WOW.....

  4. Nice to see one of your gorgeous posts, Deanna! It's wonderful that your granddaughter has a soft place to fall :) Not everyone has that. How precious is that little one? Thank you for sharing all the beauty :) xo

  5. You photographss always take my breath away. They are stunningly beautiful as it the little one in the lst shot.

  6. Absolutely stunning photos of your fall here today. Loved them all. I can see why you love that little cutie pie at the end, she's just adorable.

  7. Deanna, I'm blown away by the clarity of your photos...stunning. I hope things work out well for Bailey-she's lucky to have you. That little one certainly is a cutie.

  8. Your images are stunning, Deanna! Your use of light is lovely. I love the images in number 3 where you have used overlays... May I ask which ones you use and what program as I am wanting to try this myself?
    I hope you enjoy your time with Bailey and life settles well for her. That little one is divine!


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