Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Good News and The Bad News Next Door...

I have a good news - bad news tree in my next door neighbor's back yard.  Personally I always like to get the bad news over with first if someone approaches me with words like this, so based on my humble opinion, you are getting the bad news first.

The bad news is - my next door neighbor's back yard Ash tree is dead, I mean really dead, no leaves no green anywhere to be found.  It was a victim of the Ash Borer Beetle that hit our area hard a couple of years ago, along with gazillions of others in the suburbs.  The Ash is was a very popular tree for shopping centers, front yards, back yards and now after gracing us with their beauty for so many years, all that is left is either ground stumps after they are cut down, or the skeletons still standing.  I have a skeleton next door, a big, large skeleton with long arms that break off occasionally and come tumbling down.  And at times those skeletal limbs (aka branches) land right in my flower garden. Aackk!!!

Now that's the bad news, the good news is that there are no leaves, no greenery, thus I have been able to see perfectly clear any birds that might land on those bare limbs with no vision impairment whatsoever.  I have a bird feeder filled with sunflower seeds that all species of birds eat with gusto. They can easily go thru a full feeder in less than 24 hours in the height of the season. Their ritual is to land on a limb of the skeleton tree, swoop down to the feeder for a seed or two, drop by the bird bath for a drink and then repeat.  So eventho that tree is definitely an eye-sore, it has been the perfect stratagem for capturing some images of our neighboring birds. Some stay for the summer, some are only passing through, but if they land on those skeletal branches I can see each one in all their glory.

Birds like this....

or this....

and these.....

I know that tree is really ugly and an eyesore, but I will miss it when the neighbors finally decide it's time to take it down.  It has given me a couple of summers of unhindered wondrous bird watching.

It is difficult to realize how great a part of all that is cheerful and delightful in the recollections of our own life is associated with trees. ~Wilson Flagg

Until next time.....


  1. I guess you could call it a 'Silver Lining', Deanna! Your photos are detailed and beautiful. Lovely to have these special visitors. x Karen

  2. What gorgeous images, Deanna! You have access to so many beautiful birds!

  3. Wonderful bird shots on that dead tree. I have an almost dead tree in front of my apartment block. That's really bad news when you live in the city where every bit of greenery is so precious. I'm hoping that something big and lovely will be planted when it's cut down.

  4. Sounds like you arewell compensated for the odd branch landing on your flower beds by seeing and shooting these gorgeous birds.

  5. Such awesome bird shots, that tree is a gift in an unusual form.

  6. What a wonderful "bad news-good news" gift . . .
    Glorious shots of your feathered friends . . .
    What a GIFT YOU are . . .

  7. These are some of the most beautiful bird photos I have ever seen. And I love the branches in your last few have such an eye for composition. We just moved to a new house and we boarder a wetland. The dead tress provide great perches for all the birds. Just catching up...your dogs look very happy and I'm glad you have a movie buddy! I can see who your son takes after too! Hard to believe our babies are getting so old. My son turned 30 this year...still find that hard to believe. I'm going to see if you have an equipment list somewhere on your blog. I wish I had a good telephoto lens.your photos are so clear!

  8. What sweet little visitors and so beautifully captured! That fat little robin with her feathers all puffed up brought a big smile. Happy to have discovered your blog and a big thanks to Sherry Galey for "introducing" us.


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