Sunday, June 5, 2016

Keeping My Fingers Crossed

On the drive to church this morning I made a few observations....1) there seems to be an influx of houses for sale. My guess is homeowners were waiting until the housing market regained an uptick before downsizing or upsizing, or moving to a retirement area.  There are 3 houses on our street that are "for sale", one of them happens to be right next door. Since I have lived in our home for 38 years, we have had several different families living next door. Some with small children, some without, some with dogs, some without. It remains to be seen who will choose next door as their new dwelling. Keeping my fingers crossed they will be "neighborly".

The 2nd observation is how quickly nature changes.  Three weeks ago the crab apples still had blossoms, 2 weeks ago the tulips were fading, last week the iris's were in bloom, today the rose bushes are enveloped with blossoms. Time passes way too quickly for me. And it is evidenced in the very nature around me.

I hope your weekend was wonderful. Today was delicious beginning with church this morning, breakfast with a couple of girlfriends, and worked in the garden all afternoon. Dug up a large hosta and transplanted it, planted 7 new perennials in the garden left empty by the bee balm that did not return this year....still a mystery to me.  Dug up and replanted all the "tiny" bee balm in one spot, and dug up the black-eyed susans that had meandered to different parts of the garden and planted them in one spot. Wow, I wonder if those muscles that I don't use very often are going to shout at me tomorrow.  Now I need to shower to wash away the bug spray on my body and the dirt under my fingernails.  

Tomorrow a whole group of girls from my 2nd Wednesday of the month bookclub are meeting at the movie theater to see "Me Before You".  I just hope somebody brings a box of kleenex because I think this may be a make-up remover kinda movie.  I'll let you know.

"If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, you're right."  ~  Mary Kay Ash

Until next time....


  1. Deanna,
    You had a busy day in the flower garden. I love the vibrant colors you captured of your flowers.

    Is your "Me Before You" movie based on the Jojo Moyes book? I read the book and didn't realize there was a movie.

    I'm reading the Poldark series by Winston Graham. Have you read it or seen the Masterpiece Theater on PBS series? I hear the show follows the book almost to the letter. I really like it.

    I hope you don't have sore muscles in the morning. :)

  2. You did do a lot of work. I did 3 solid longdays work in arow the other day and neaarly collaspsd with exhaustion. Had to take a complete day off and do nothing!! This would not have happened 5 or 10 years ago but we get older! I am goingto see that film on Thursday, handy at the ready! Tiyir flower photographs are gorgeous.

  3. What vivid colors. I so agree - some days as I go about my day I am in awe of how much the greenery or flowers have changed!

  4. Daily changes it seems now in the colorful landscape . . .
    I asked I girlfriend if she wanted to go to see Me Before You and she said she wasn't up to it . . .
    I might try that movie for a "me day!"
    I just read After You . . . It might make a good movie too!

  5. Curious how your muscles are today. I know mine have screamed at me a few times this spring, and still more to do yet, as always.

  6. It's always a bit nerve wracking getting new neighbors.

  7. I know about different neighbors. We've had 5 different neighbors on the one side of us in 24 years. Some we liked a few we wish would have moved sooner. - Your photos here are just so delightful. I agree about time passing so quickly to and the older we get the faster it goes.


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