Friday, June 17, 2016

Thank You for Letting Me Share....

Yesterday I felt like a celebrity with all the congrats and well wishes here on the blog as well as on Facebook. I so appreciate the kindness and it was fun to share with all of you. With Bailey gone (I know I keep saying that, but I truly miss her) and with neither son or daughter or my sweetie here, there was nobody to share that momentous moment when I opened that package with the magazine inside. Thank you again for letting me share that joy with you.

It was quiet around here yesterday afternoon. We really have no little children left in the neighborhood except at the other end of the street so the only sounds I usually hear are the birds chirping (which is mighty pleasant), or the squirrels of which we have at least 5 running up and down the tree limbs or along the back fences, a car or two, and motorcycles.  We have two households that have a motorcycle. One is an exceptionally loud rumble, rumble, the kind that likes to announce his comings and goings and the other is an older gentleman that takes his out for pleasure, ambling slowly down the street, as discreet as possible. Occasionally, depending on the way the wind blows I can hear the happy sounds from the kids at our communal pool.  And ofcourse, my kids (the dogs) bark at anyone or anything that dares to walk by our house. so protective of their kingdom. Now you know why I am keeping my fingers crossed that whoever buys the house for sale next door falls into that quiet category.

With all that quiet I grabbed my camera with the BIG lens and walked across the street where there is a large retention area with lots of tall grasses and wild-flowers. It's a good place to spot a bird or two which is the real reason I purchased that big lens.  As soon as I raised my lens to my eye, I saw this......

And then right next to her was obviously her mate.....

The lens performs like binoculars, bringing into sight objects that I might miss with just my eye. Altho, admittedly it's a lot heavier than binoculars. It's difficult to keep it steady, I might have to break down and use a tripod. UGH!  Birds don't stop and pose for you so I'm not sure how that is going to work.

Spotted this in the grasses....she is a female Red Winged Blackbird

And he is the male Red Winged Blackbird

Walked over by the pond and found at least 25 male Mallards and 2 females (why only 2??) snoozing on the grassy banks. Obviously I interrupted their nap and the Mister wasn't too happy.

Today my newly planted daylily bloomed for the first time....her name is Entrapment. Pretty snazzy name, but I think she is right snazzy with her deep pink ruffled petals. There are lots of blooms so Entrapment will keep me dazzled for quite awhile.

"There is not one blade of grass, there is no color in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice."  ~  John Calvin

Until next time......


  1. I can see you are loving that 600mm. Aren't they great. It is hard to steady, but I have been surprised how much I have gotten handholding stuff. Lovely shots Deanna!!

  2. I agree that it's really lovely to share wonderful moments with someone! Having your blog has allowed you to shout your joy. Isn't that wonderful?
    Beautiful bird captures, Deanna. You'll be buying a bird book soon to learn all the names of the birds you're able to capture with that new 600mm lens! Your new day lily is very snazzy indeed! Have a great weekend!

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  4. Dear friend... what a fantastic photo you had published!! If ever there was a perfect person to share their heart with the world it was you. I love that a little bit of your wonderfulness is now reached out to the others waiting for more love and joy to come into their life by following you. Your shots are grand of course. Thank you for always showing us how to embrace the times in our life when both light and dark are present. For me its understanding that the dark has only made my light brighter. Hugs and bigger hugs!

  5. I am in the same boat as you because like you I have no one living at home now and blogger does fill a gap. I think your photography is stunning and I can understand why with that huge lens and the way you can handle it. he birds and flowers are so beautifully taken. Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Great shots of "the boys" and their partners, "the gals!"
    I wonder if they celebrate Father's Day . . .

  7. I loved you celebrating your "rocking chair porch photo published news" with us.
    Your photos are stunning . . . and I for one, am so happy I found you.
    "Feathered Friends" have been there for me in many a lonely day . . .
    You bring new light, color, clarity in your photos like no other . . .
    Thank you for these "photo gifts", accompanied by your story style words as well . . .

  8. I love your little neighborhood and the peaceful mornings on your back porch. I completely understand your love of peace & quiet, as I listen to our little neighbors screaming & laughing & fighting while playing on their new trampoline! It's a happy sound though - and a much better sound than the rumble, rumble of the motorcycle that comes down the hill every morning at 5:30.

  9. How exciting, to have your photo published! You do such good work, I would be surprised if this is the only time.
    I love your work.

  10. I am so glad that you shared with us, and I am so happy for you. Hard to image all that life and color in that retention area. Wonderful Deanna! Tripods are not as bad as they seem, especially if you are just going across the street.

  11. What great fun spotting birds with your new lens - lovely photos! Could you use a monopod? It would support the weight without being too cumbersome.

  12. Phenomenal images! I especially love seeing the sweet little goldfinches. Your neighborhood sounds like mine right now...once it was filled with kids and noise, now they are all grown and living away. I'm really enjoying the quiet now :)

  13. Catching up here today and am glad I did. This post had so many lovely shots. The birds were just wonderful. I love the yellow ones so much. - Also that Daylily is a gorgeous color.


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