Saturday, March 3, 2018

All The Way to 50

March did that happen? Two months gone, and what have I accomplished? Hmmm, nope can't seem to come up with anything significant. But I better get crackin' on my list of 75 things that make me happy before BD date.

#42 - #44 I leave for Phoenix on Tuesday to visit with friends and enjoy some sun and's been cool there lately but according to our ever reliable (?) weather forecast it will be in the 70's and 80's while I am there. Can't wait to to see sites like this....

or of my favs because of it's pinkish red color!

And how about this....the view from porch.

and ofcourse there are the sunsets...

My morning ritual is always the same...rise, potty, let Cinder out to do her potty, make coffee, grab my I-Pad and check email, read the paper on line, check instagram and facebook. Pretty boring, but it begins my day. I am definitely not a leap out of bed, immediately get dressed kinda gal. Easing into the day is my way. Today as I was doing the above I ran across a blurb about recently read books and she printed a quote from "An American Marriage" by Tayari says "But mostly my life is good, only it's a different type of good from what I figured on."  That pretty much sums up my life...good but not exactly what I had planned.#45 Life is definitely not a straight line but twists and turns that become a part of who you are.

Door County, Wisconsin

Last Sunday I joined up with a photography group with Lou Nettlehorst and his son, Todd. I met Lou several years ago on a trip to the Smokey Mountains and have kept in contact with him since. He's a great teacher mentor and it's always a pleasure to be with him.#46. We met in the city around Lincoln Park, which is on the north side of downtown Chicago. Great views of the city from this vantage point and I managed to get a few shots of our beautiful city. #47

Fancy Schmanzy Apartment/Condo with views of Lake Michigan

I've had a rather quiet week, which was welcomed after last weeks busyness....after we walked and walked and walked on Sunday my ankles and thighs were screaming on Monday. I've always had bad ankles, even as a kid. My friend Winnie walked the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage last year and wants to do it again this year. I can't even fathom walking a journey that long. My hats off to you Winnie!! And to all others that attempt these journeys. 

The Out of Chicago Photography group that I participate with is having a 4 day workshop at the Chicago Botanic Garden in August photographing flowers and such. Only 100 participants, and 10 professional photographers to guide and mentor us along the way. Oh joy oh joy!! Definitely #48. 
And yes, I have already registered, absolutely no hesitation. 

OK to round this up to 50, yellow roses from TJ's....#49

Sunny days...2 in a row after a gloomy February. March came in like a lamb...hoping it doesn't go out like a lion. #50. 

Enjoy your weekend. Oscar night, Sunday night. And do something that makes you happy.

Until next time...


  1. At first I saw Made it to 50, and I thought OH NO she can't be done already, but then I remembered that I am turning 50 not you, although you could easily pass for 65. Mainly I love these snippets you are sharing and don't want them to stop.

  2. You can walk just a portion of the Camino (my friend Ellen did do and spoke to our Circle last September. Our theme this year has been pilgrimage.) I think I’d like to do it, always, I love your art.

  3. You are inspiring me! Have a great time in Phoenix! I am heading off to Las Vegas

  4. Your pictures of Chicago are amazing!

  5. Oh, what wonderful photos! I especially love that wavy road and the bare tree over the city skyline. Stunning, both of them!

  6. All your captures are beautiful but I especially like the city shots and the winding road. Have fun on your trip and I look forward to seeing all your photos....

  7. Your photos are magnificent - I love the city shots! Have fun in AZ. I wish I was going, too. It's been cold and blustery here.

  8. Glad to see you're still making beautiful images. I got an email with an link to click on, but didn't since I'm paranoid of hacked email accounts! But I came to see you anyway! Have a wonderful spring, should it ever arrive!


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