Friday, March 20, 2020


A couple of days ago after being self-quarantined for several days I decided to start my long-deserted blog again. Well, wouldn't you know it, I couldn't access my blog, and after trying different methods, got discouraged and gave up. Today I got the urge again and "googled" how to access your blog and google stepped me thru the process and voila it's back. I do believe "google" has to be one of my best friends.  It/She/He/They always seem to have the answer. No more laying in bed wondering what the answer could be to almost anything you could possibly imagine. The thought of starting over with a brand new blog was too daunting eventho I definitely had the time, I just didn't feel like using my brain that much. Ever do that? Just don't want to do something because it will exhaust the brain particles that are getting fewer by the day?  I know you are supposed to exercise the brain to keep it healthy, but re-designing and creating a brand new blog was just too much for right now.

So, how you doing? What strange times we are living through right now. Remembering those old TV movies about a Pandemic are way too real now. I'm just hoping and praying that people will heed the warnings and do all the things that are suggested by the medical professions. And those idiots down in Florida, thinking it's no big deal, young people think they are immortal and hopefully they are, but perhaps their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc are not. I would like to return to the "real" world again sometime soon and not be in my house without human company before too many more grey hairs appear. News flash....Illinois is now in "stay in place safe" position.  In other words, stay home. California has done the same and my son had to fire 53 employees today because of all the closings. He fired them so they could collect unemployment and will re-hire when all this is over.

Thank goodness for texting and face time....

Since last I blogged I have gained another beating heart to my small family. Besides Gracie, my rescued cat I have a new Golden Doodle puppy named Lily. Lily is now 7 months old, I've had her since September 30, 2019 and we are still at odds with each other. If I've said this once I've said it at least a dozen times...."What was I thinking?"  Gracie and I were doing just fine, the two of us. She is a very social cat and is with me most of the time, until you know who joined our family. I must admit that as time goes on Lily, now 7 months old, is a bit more settled. She sleeps more than she used to, thank God since I'm here 24/7. In fact right now she is asleep next to me. Shhh don't wake her up.

Trinidad, a really colorful city...
I had a great year last year with all the trips I was able to enjoy.  I launched the year in March with a trip to Cuba. We began in Trinidad and worked our way to Havana. What a country, beautiful but so in need of reconstruction in so many places especially Havana.  We had the absolute greatest guide while there, born & raised in Cuba, recently retired from the government, worked right along with Castro so he gave us great insights into the people, economy, culture and country.  In fact, he still stays in touch with each of us. Received an email from him a couple of days ago showing his concern for the US during this time. Apparently Cuba has seen very little of the virus. They volunteered to accept the cruise ship from Great Britain, the MS Braemer that had been stranded.  Extremely friendly and generous people.

  The area in Havana where we stayed..

El Malecon in Havana

The tobacco fields 

The old refurbished cars waiting for business - Havana

Great trip. Was able to get very well acquainted with Mojito' know those wonderful drinks with Cuban Rum, Cuban sugar cane and mint. Oh my!  

Take care, wash your hands, and stay at home if possible...


  1. Waving at you, my friend! Oh what a joy to find this and hear from you. More than once, I’ve thought, I sorta, kinda, maybe wish I were blogging again. Keep on keepin’ on, my friend. You are a ray of sunshine -which is in incredibly short supply right now.

    Nevertheless, we will persist.


  2. Loved seeing you pop up, thanks to Google!

    Oh my Deanna . . . Your photos are stunning . . .
    The El Malecon in Havana photo is wonderful.
    The subtle, the color, the texture . . . line, lines.

    Sleep, rest, be quiet more . . . LILY!
    Continue “keeping watch” Gracie!

    I love the artist in you . . .
    Be safe, be well, be home . . . hope.

  3. So good to hear that you are well, if bored. Bring back the blog and get that beautiful yard planted! I miss you!

  4. Welcome back :-). Oh how I'd love to try an authentic mojito!

  5. Thanks for this Deanna! Be safe and healthy!

  6. But, Deanna - Lily looks so innocent... I often wish I had a dog again, but then something stops me. Mine were always such good company on the trails. I really enjoy your Cuba photos - those old buildings are so picaresque. Bob and I isolated for 16 days after staying in Vail for several days to visit with friends. It just happens that Vail is one of CO hardest hit counties. We were relieved that we didn't show symptoms by 2 weeks. Today, we drove to Whole Foods during "old folks" hour, and it seemed strange to be among others and have to navigate keeping a wide berth. Stay safe and well, Deanna.

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