Friday, October 12, 2012

A Few More Things I Like About Fall ~ Five Fact Friday

Busy day for me...went early this morning to get my haircut, in preparation for my trip next week.  Went to my financial man to talk finances, something I really am not fond of doing, but a necessary task.  And right after I told him I wasn't planning on any big expenses for the rest of the year, my daughter tells me that she really would like to buy my youngest granddaughter a car (the sophomore that attends Iowa State) so she can get back & forth to school since it is such a hassle when she wants to come home.  My daughter has a really good friend that is in the 'restoring auto" business and he has come upon a really good car for Brie for $2,500, sounds pretty cheap to me, since I spent a LITTLE more than that on my new car.  He is doing the minor repairs on it and is willing to sell it to Lisa for cost. much for any new expenses, but really $2,500 is not that much and this means Brie can come home more often, right now she pretty much stuck at school, there is not too many other students that live close to share a ride with.  Told my daughter I would buy the car for Brie since I gave Bailey (other granddaughter) my old Honda CRV when I bought a new one.  Only fair, right?  I am just happy that I can do it for them.

Then I went to see my sweetie...he is OK.  He has been having some anger issues and they have tried some new meds that have not worked, in fact the change made him even worse.  Back to square one to try something else. It is hard to believe that my sweetie gets so angry since he was such a kind-hearted soul prior to Alzheimer's.  Not only does it rob you of all your memories, but it changes your personality too.  Please God, help someone to discover a cure or treatment so others will not suffer.

After all this I went for a drive to ease my soul...the colors around here are breathtaking right now and since I am leaving for 2 weeks next Tuesday, I am afraid that when I return all the beauty will have faded.  So I took off to the countryside and found what I was looking for....

I guess you can call this 5 Fact Friday...
  1. Got my haircut. (a must)
  2. Went to see my financial guy (a must)
  3. Made a decision to buy the car for Brie (a want to)
  4. Visited my sweetie (a want to)
  5. Went for a drive in the country. (a need to)

My cutie patootie hairdresser...she has been my gal for over 25 years....I was trying to photograph the pretty leaf, but ended up taking her picture instead.

Came upon this small flock of sheep.  They were not the least bit sheepish...came right up to the fence and baaa'd at me, like they were talking.

I also found some cows and donkeys...but that's for another day.  I am tired after my busy day and I am headed to bed...night night!!

"God's arithmetic:  Happiness adds and multiplies as you divide it with others."  ~  Unknown

Until next time....


  1. sounds like you had a very productive day. i do hope they can find a good medication for your husband. :)

    the colors and sheep are lovely. thank you for sharing them.

  2. Your autumn foliage is incredible! lovely photos--all of them! and sorry about your sweetie....

  3. You sure did have a big day. I would hate to leave all that beauty also. Your images are marvelous.

  4. A very busy day indeed. I am sad about your 'Sweetie'. Alzheimers is a devastating illness in so many ways..God Bless you. Yay for the hair cut...I need one also. I love your autumn photos...they are beautiful...I do miss that about New England but when it switches to snow..well, not so much...give me Florida during that time of year.

  5. Glad you took the time to be in nature and soothe your soul. You got some beautiful images. I especially love the sheep.

  6. love those rich fall views. so so deep in colors. wow!! love fall. having a blogoversary today with a giveaway ... hope you can stop by. send your friends over too. big big hugs.(:

  7. Whew, what a day! $2500 for a car sounds like a heck of a deal to me. Hope it lasts her through college. That was very sweet of you to do that. The colors in your photos are so amazingly beautiful. If we had color like that around here I'd probably burn out my camera. Sorry to hear about your sweetie. That's so tough. (((hugs)))

  8. From your mouth to G-d's ears on an Alzheimer's cure. Such peaceful photos Deanna

  9. What gorgeous photos, Deanna - I really need a hair cut, myself!

  10. Fabulous Autumn foliage. A family relative suffered Alzheimer's and I have to say one of the toughest parts was the anger. It was heart breaking through out (of a lady so brilliant and always put-together before the illness). I am completely sympathize with you. How generous and fortunate to be able to give your granddaughter a vehicle (and at such a good price). Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. oh my Deanna... such beautiful photos..... and wonderful 5 facts....

    I am so sorry to hear about the alzheimers... horrible disease.... i too pray there will be a cure......

    it's wonderful you can buy your grand daughter a car.... i love that....

    see you soon... xo, Kim

  12. When I am blue or need a pick up... I stop by your spot! It always is the medicine i need. Such great photos and your words always inspire me. So happy you are going to be with all our friends... be sure and give them all a hug for me!

    Travel safe!!!

    love ya!

  13. So glad you took that ride and got those fantastic photos!
    I hope too that they will find some meds that will help Alzheimer's. I have heard of several people who become so angry after developing that awful disease.

  14. great post, great photo's
    and I'm so glad you will not allow Alzheimer's to rob you of 'your sweetie'
    and have a fabulous, fabulous trip!

  15. I adore those photos of the sheep! and to think we get the benefit of all that lovely wool. Have a wonderful trip!

    So many diseases are heartbreaking, aren't they.


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