Wednesday, October 31, 2012


After two weeks of glorious sunshine, warm weather, meeting many new friends, spending time with old friends, seeing new sights and eating and drinking abundantly, I am finally home.  Altho as I write these words, I can't help but think of those out East who no longer have homes.  Home is a small four lettered word, but is filled with big thoughts of safety, comfort, family, warmth whether you live in a small studio apartment, or a large mansion "there is no place like home."

After flying back to Chicago last night from Phoenix and being delivered to my front door by a limo driver, I unlocked the front door and walked back into the comfort of my home.  The aromas, the lights, the warmth welcomed me, engulfed me with gratitude that my home was still here, waiting for my return, unlike so many now faced with life without their homes.  My prayers are with all who have lost their homes, lost their belongings, lost a life because of Hurricane Sandy.

I came from a land filled with sun and tropical breezes....

A place of four fun-filled days of Tracey Clark's Oasis

A place of colorful & interesting doorways....

And brightly colored walls....

Beautiful blooms....

Brilliant sunsets...

Hummingbirds galore....

And  glittering outdoor shopping malls....

But the road to home is still the sweetest site there is....

Welcome home....welcome home.

"Your home is the one dream you can actually walk into."  ~  John Tuck

Until next time.....


  1. these are beautiful scenes. glad you had a good 2 weeks, but glad you are safely, soundly home again. you said it very well - in conjunction with the devastation from sandy.

  2. wow, i don't know which view i love more. that hummingbird is just beautiful. so glad you are home safely. what a great trip. love love the views.

    on a lower note i can not imagine the loss of a home. my brother has been in that situation, so i can sympathize. a hurricane is so tough to understand. i hope folks will work through it all with ease & love from friends & family. thinking of so many. big hugs to all. (:

  3. Lovely Deanna, glad you made it back home. Yes there just isn't anything like home no matter how much fun you have.

  4. Welcome home, sweet friend! I look forward to hearing from you every day ...


  5. Welcome home. I can't imagine being without mine. We are fortunate.

  6. Welcome Home Deanna. Glad u could enjoy some CA sunshine!

  7. My favourite saying is 'home is where the heart is'. I've always felt a deep connection to my home where-ever it was over the years and now. I love your la-casa-lila photograph and the brillian t zinnia is it, below it. The beautiful hummer and the desert finale photograph. Welcome back home Deanna.

  8. Hi Deanna, Welcome home! So glad you had a wonderful trip and your photos are gorgeous. To have a home is a blessing. I thank God everyday for mine. I was once homeless for awhile and had to stay with friends.

  9. So glad your back, welcome home! And that hummingbird photo is just so great!! : )

  10. The devastation of Sandy is enormous and my thoughts and prayers go out to all who suffered the brunt of it. Home, in what ever shape or size, is truly a wondrous thing. I look forward to seeing more of your pictures from your trip and am glad to see you back home.

  11. Welcome Home, Miss Deanna! It's nice to get away and always good to come home refreshed.

  12. So glad to see that you are home and that you had a wonderful time. Know that must be quite an experience with so many other photographers! Awesome that you got to go! Love the shots that you have captured here.... so lovely. I certainly know what you mean about the joys of home, and have to also think so much of those along the eastern coastline who have lost so much, and most of all the safety and joy of home. Thinking of all of them during this time too!

  13. Welcome back! Looks like you had a terrific time. Yes, the east coast is heavy on our hearts...

  14. Welcome home my friend.. Looks like you had a fabulous time. Your photos look amazing. That last one says home to me..



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