Monday, November 19, 2012

Scenes From the Advent Tea

Yesterday prior to the Advent Tea I picked up two friends to drive the three of us to the event.  As we parked, before we got out of the car, I showed them my two prints, hoping that I would get a positive reaction.  Both of them oohed and ahhed which ofcourse, made my heart sing, and my dear friend Kay especially liked the prints.  Kay and I have been friends for many a year and her husband, John and my sweetie were also great pals.  After my sweetie began to decline, John would faithfully pick Gary up every week and take him to the gym to exercise and swim.  Many times that 2 hours was the only break I would get during the week.  Unfortunately in January, almost two years ago, John was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  Another horrible disease of which their seems to be no cure.  John passed away in March and we lost a dear and loving friend.

Kay purchased raffle tickets at the Tea, hoping that she would win the prints, and lo and behold, she did.  I guess some things were just meant to be.  But don't tell anyone, if she didn't win, I was going to make two more just for her.

It was such a delightful afternoon and the tables were decorated beautifully.  There were packages

And bags filled with treats for guests...

Jesus took center stage at some tables...

While whimsy decorated others...

There was lots of sparkles wherever you looked...

It was really dim lighting inside the banquet hall so many of my pics were just too dark.  I have yet to purchase a flash for my camera and using the one that comes attached just doesn't do any image justice. It creates such harsh shadows.  Maybe that will be my birthday present to myself next year.

And last, a pic of two good friends and me.  I have known both Sharon & Sue for many years and adore them both.  I always look forward to seeing them each month, as part of the Bunco Babes group.

It was a delightful day, seeing old friends, enjoying a delicious lunch, and listening to an inspiring story from an accident survivor and her experiences and strong belief in the spiritual power of healing.  A fine day.

"Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished:  If you're alive, it isn't."  ~  Dan Zadra

Until next time.....


  1. Deanna - you look so beautiful and happy in that last photo! It reminds me how much I've come to love you as I've gotten to know you.

    Sending a virtual hug ...


  2. What a beautiful portrait of the three of you! All the shots you took of the decorations made me want to start decorating, but I have vowed to stick with my one holiday at a time plan, as always. I've seen so many pretty things while shopping, too, but goodness gracious, what is with all the glitter? I can't stand the stuff, it gets all over everything and ends up on my face and hair no matter how hard I try to stay away from it. Okay, rant over. Sorry. :)

  3. Awe what a great day, and can't believe she won the prints, yippee! This reminds me of a brunch I attended and participated in at our last church before we moved. All the tables were decorated by individuals like yours in any theme they chose. It was fun to do, although a lot of work hauling a complete service for 8 for two tables along with all the center pieces and back home again....but I do miss that!! Always love seeing your beautiful smile...xo

  4. that is so sweet. i am glad your friend won your prints.

  5. I believe so strongly in friend karma! These are awesome photos Deanna. I am sorry to hear about your friends husband. I'm glad u have each other as friends.

  6. Such lovely photos and you all look so pretty ....

  7. You had indeed a wonderful day, surrouded by friends. One by one stunning pictures.

  8. Aw, that sweet photo of your friend brought tears to my eyes. So special that she won! What a beautiful event.

  9. Thank you for sharing - this looks so enjoyable and I love seeing you and friends. (so glad your one friend won the prize - made my heart smile)

  10. looking to be a delightful get-together with long-time friends; special moments aren't they just? I enjoyed each of your beautiful snapshots

  11. What a fun day with your dear friends. You all look so happy in the photo. How nice that your friend won your prints.


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