Saturday, April 13, 2013

Letters on a Friday...ooops sorry, Saturday

Dear Arizona, After spending 10 days in your beauty it sure was difficult coming home.  I left blue skies and temps in the 80's to come home to cloudy, grey skies and temps in the 40's.  I thought surely by now, Spring would have arrived, but no, not yet.  I see that the grass has some green and the early spring bulbs are beginning to emerge, but Spring is definitely dragging it's feet this year.  Unlike Arizona that is in full bloom right now from it's beautiful blooming Palo Verde Trees....

And it's Mesquite trees

And ofcourse the palm trees....quite a few of these beauties got nipped by the extreme cold this winter leaving many with dead fronds.

And the cactus that is in it's peak right now....blooming high in the sky

or lower to the ground...

Dear Birds and Animals in Arizona, oh what a delight.  It was a nice change to see the herons and shore birds since all I usually see around my home is Canada Geese....let's face it, you can only take so many photos of Canada Geese.

And ofcourse the hummingbirds.  Two visited everyday, one female the other male and they definitely did not live harmoniously.  NEVER sharing the feeder at the same time.

We could all take lessons from this turtle, sunning himself on a log, watching the rest of the world float by.

Dear Beautiful Places to Visit, one great site after another.  From the beauty of the sunsets from Camel Back Mountain....

To the historical Mission San Xavier del Bac in Tucson...

Your wonders were everywhere I looked.

Dear Shopping Centers, yes, you were there ready to take my money and pack my suitcase to Over-Limit.  A brand-new outlet mall opened just as I arrived and we couldn't pass the opportunity to check out the bargains.  I managed to add 4 more pairs of shoes to my ever-expanding collection of summer sandels.  After leaving a bottle of hair gel and hair spray at the airport, I managed to slide in just under the 50 lb weight limit preventing a $90 extra charge.  I figured I could easily replace the hair gel and hair spray for less than $90.

Dear Home, I'm back, ready for Spring, ready to open the windows and welcome fresh breezes, ready to work in the garden, ready to sit on the back porch.  Yep, ready for Spring.

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PS....I have a ton more pictures from my trip to share.

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  1. oh, good call on the hair products! :) loved all your photos. that turtle is downright smiling!

  2. Delightful photos, Deanna! I can almost feel the warm sunshine - it's so cold here with snow coming tomorrow. I agree, good call on the hair products :) I remember when my husband and I went on our honeymoon to Hawaii and I had packed way too much stuff and was over the 50 lb weight limit (so embarrassing for a new bride haha) and I had to put some of my stuff in my new husbands bag :) Thanks for sharing and have a lovely Sunday!


  3. Your photographs of my home state are spectacular! Thank you for showing me the beauty that is around me through your appreciative lenses.

  4. wow, these are great. ( :

    you should link the birds up to camera critters & the bird d'pot - links are on my blog post today if you want. just a thought. big big hugs. we love Arizona, gorgeous country. sure hope warm temps arrive there for you soon. fingers crossed.

    can't wait to see more shots from you trip.

  5. What a wonderful trip, it looks as though you enjoyed it. There is something about that turtle - maybe he just reflects my desire to slow down and take in some sun. This is such a nice set of photos.

  6. Welcome back Deanna, Sounds like your vacation was stellar in every aspect - and you have the photos to prove it! That turtle shot makes me smile. I'll be in AZ in May. Hope some of the cacti are still blooming. Snow forecast for Denver and the mountains. Still not spring here either.

  7. Welcome home! Looks and sounds like a fantastic trip. I'm jealous I wasn't there! LOVE those mission pics! Spring was skipped...summer showed for a bit...and now back to 40's. *sigh*

  8. Spring seems to be late everywhere in the world!
    I'm happy you shared all of these photos. Can't stop looking at them :) The little hummingbird is just too cute!!! And the flower ♥
    Thank you Deanna for joining Floral Love!!!

  9. Spring arrived this week in Philly. Zippity Do Dah baby!!!!!!

  10. Wow, looks like you had an incredible trip. Such a selection of different things to see and do. Thank you for sharing them.

  11. Stunning shots! Love the variety of subjects and styles.

  12. Lovely post Deanna! You seemed to had had a wonderful time in Arizona. I love your cactus flower shot, beautifully done!

  13. What glorious photos to remember your trip by (and I bet ya a dollar you got many more! ;-)! Mr. Hummer, there, is quite handsome, if I must say! I'm sure Spring will be coming to visit you real soon, too!

  14. Maybe you and the hubs could move to AZ? Just wondering.... I know it would be difficult, but I had to ask. Glorious captures, Deanna!

  15. Wonderful shots - each and every one!

  16. Glad you had a good time.
    Looking forward to all your wonderful photos. These are great!

  17. I've had to pull from my suitcase & add it to my carry on to get through O'Hare. Insanity........
    These are beautiful shots - as always. I'm especially loving the white cactus flower & the hummingbird.
    Maybe I'll just have to a little road trip to your back porch sometime! :)

  18. Welcome back!

    What a lovely post and beautiful photography of your Arizona adventure!

  19. many fabulous shots and i'm certainly feeling warmer and quite springified myself after reading it~!
    the turtle has got the art of living totally figured out and the red cactus blossoms !! WOW !!

    thanks for sharing.

  20. You make Arizona look simply beautiful! I have never been but I'd love to some day :)

    Thanks for taking part in the Nurture Photography Challenge!


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