Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy Saturday Twice Over

Happy Saturday.  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, it really appears that Spring is right around the corner.  My bushes that were snow laden and frozen to the ground have regained their shape.  Hooray.

I have had a shower, washed my hair, dried and styled, put on my make-up, got dressed and am ready to enjoy an afternoon at the movies seeing the 2nd "Marigold Hotel" and eating a delicious Mexican dinner at a local spot with friends.  Great way to spend a Saturday.  Now that I have given you an expose (whether you wanted it or not) on my morning.....I want to ask you a probing question.  When you shower or bathe in the tub, do you want your results to be squeaky clean or luxuriously soft?  I am talking about your skin ofcourse.  Personally, I want my skin and hair to be squeaky clean, if I want luxuriously soft I add lotion to my skin.  But stepping right out of the shower, definitely squeaky.

Today is Butterfly Appreciation Day so thought I would slip in another butterfly shot taken in Arizona.

Oops, well it's now Sunday, never got this posted.  I was in the middle of writing this when I heard the honk of my friend's car beckoning me to head off to the movies.  And yes, I did so enjoy the Marigold Hotel and the dinner was delicious, along with the frozen peach margarita.  Have I mentioned how much I like fruity frozen margaritas?  I am a sweet drink lover.

Ok this is getting ridiculous...I am now on Day 4 of this post and I still haven't finished it. But I will be brief....

1) Downloaded samples of two books recommended in People Magazine this past week.  "The Fifth Gospel" by Ian Caldwell and "Bettyville" by George Hodgman.  I may continue on with The Fifth Gospel, I am drawn to this kind of genre occassionally,  I was a huge Da Vinci Code fan when it first arrived on the scene and I enjoy a thriller and a good page turner and this appears to be just that. "Bettyville" probably not, story of a gay man returning home to care for his aged mother (Betty) who is developing dementia.  Sometimes I just can't go down that road.  I haven't even seen the academy award winning "Still Alice" just because it is such a harsh reminder.
2) I re-joined the Presbyterian church on Sunday.  Felt good, felt right.
3) Went to see Cinderella with friends on Monday.  Go see it, it is spellbinding in it's beauty.
4) Spring came and now it's gone.  It was in the 70's yesterday, but today 30's.  Spring is fickle, there's no denying it.  We are still in the midst of brown.

5) Waffling back and forth about upgrading to a Nikon D810 which is a full frame camera.  A couple of my favorite lenses will not fit on the full frame and it's darn near close to $3,000, but the reviews have been outstanding. And then I talked to Barbara Hurst about a mirrorless camera, she has a Fuji X T1.  She loves it, but that not only means a new camera but new lenses as well.  YIKES!  Also read a review on the Nikon D7200, but I don't think the differences between the 7100 (which I have) and 7200 are substantial enough to spend over $1,000 on it.  I purchased my very first DSLR for my birthday 5 or is it 6 years ago? and every year about this time I get an itch for a new lens or a new camera.  So far I've done nothing.

It is now the following Saturday from when I began this post.  So Happy Saturday, once again.

This time I am done.  Have a good week all.

Until next time....


  1. Loved to follow you all through the week :))
    First I looked very strange, but once I've found
    out I kept laughing :D
    Love your tulips, they look like painted.
    And you picture of the midst of brown is just gorgeous!
    Want to see some spring? Come over to my place :)
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Sounds like you've been busy having fun. I love these gorgeous photos, especially the milkweed pods.

  3. I am debating the new camera as well. I might be ready to move up to the professional level, still not sure. I am planning on renting a couple different Canons over the coming months to see what I like and don't like before I commit to such a big purchase.

  4. At least you get something posted other than a photo. I'm a lost cause. And, I like squeaky clean. No lotion soap for me. You'll kill yourself in the shower with that slimy stuff. I'm a Canon girl and I went full frame over a year ago. Love it. The photo with the pink is just gorgeous! Have a great two weeks lol.

  5. You are too funny...happy SaturdayS to you!

  6. Gorgeous. And I'm a squeaky clean gal. Love to exfoliate and then moisturize! xx

  7. You do make me smile! I have never really thought about it, but I suppose I like to be squeaky clean (especially my hair!) and then after all the lotions and potions, nice and soft and smelling fabulous! I keep changing my cameras but I tend to read reviews, angst about it, read more reviews and then upgrade to the same make and nearly the same model!! I end up saying 'better the devil you know', and so far, he's not that bad :-) Have a wonderful Sunday xx

  8. Such pretty flowers! We're still very snow laden here...
    I'm all about the squeaky clean, too - soft is what lotion is for!

  9. Well that week buzzed by! At my age, my skin tends to be dry all the time, so while I do love squeaky clean, I also want moisture. I'm a dove girl and I love their deep moisture body wash. I'm glad the snow has left and the flowers will soon be blooming!

  10. Lol - inquiring minds want to know - squeaky clean hair and luxurious skin... Spring weather has been crazy, but I'm pretty sure it's on the way. I love your tulips - and good luck deciding on that camera!

  11. I'm sort of lost about what to comment on! Oh yes, it started with the shower question...I'm with you, squeaky clean, then cream for softness. I appreciate your thoughts on certain books and movies. I have been given a few about Lyme disease and have decided not to read them. My own journey is enough for now. And it is winter here again too. I think about new camera equipment way too much. Perhaps when something stops working. I too would have trouble not using my lenses. Love your photos, have a good week!

  12. I have always enjoyed reading your posts. This was a good one about your week. I am hoping to upgrade my camera soon. But it will be the D7100 which will replace my D90.

  13. Awesome post.. I can't wait to see the new Marigold Hotel movie. I loved the first one. Your photos are gorgeous, But I know what you mean by upgrading. I think we get in a slump after having the same gear to long. I do Love Barbara's photos with here lighter camera, that sounds pretty appealing to me. They sell a lens for the iphone that I see lots of people using on IG.. I want that as well. That list just keeps getting longer.. Hope spring decides to stay soon my friend.


  14. Busy as usual Deanna - but it all sounds good! I would love a full frame camera ... I just have to time it right since I just bought a new MacBook Pro and all the trimmings ... one thing at a time.

  15. Always good to see your posts. That is a lovely butterfly shot. Sorry your spring is being "fickle" - Ours is pretty much a typical spring here. Sunshine one day, rain the next. Flowers blooming, and green things growing. - I'd love a new camera but that's not going to happen right now. Hope you make the perfect choice for your needs.

  16. Well love your shots as usual! I know that all of us are really ready for spring to come and to stay. We have had rain rain rain here, and so dismal. Finally the sun out to day. How was the 2nd marigold hotel. I am dying to go see that. Have to wonder what you decided on italy, or the other trips that we talked about. Happy spring!

  17. funny Deanna...but worth every sentence. The thought of owning multiple cameras is fun...people do it with cars all the time!!! Loved this post and happy spring!

  18. You had such a busy week! No wonder you had to write this over several days. Can't wait to see Marigold 2. Loved the first one!

  19. I loved the Marigold Hotel movie; thought it was cuter than the first....That 'pink' shot is gorgeous; crystal clear.....Not sure if you got my email, but I am in the same position about cameras....Not sure what to do.....


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