Monday, February 15, 2016

Cut To The Chase....

Oops, if I don't keep at it, my birthday will be here before I have listed 73 things that make me happy. I am barely up to #16 so I need to "cut to the chase" aka leave out all of the unnecessary details and just get right to the point.  Where do those kind of idioms get started?  For the inquisitive mind, there is a website entitled that lists, like the above idiom, along with many others, its definition.

And if anyone is curious, Boone made it thru surgery without any issues and was released from the vet hospital the next morning.  Bailey, however, was the one with the issues. You would have thought Boone was on his death bed the way she worried and fussed. Both are fine now and no more furniture scratching. I can now pull all the blankets off of the couch that were wrapped around each of the arms. Normal again, I guess as normal as a house with a 70 something year old, a 20 something year old, 2 dogs and 1 cat.

Oh, btw, Happy Valentine's Day. Hope it was filled with LOVE.  Bailey hand-modeled for me for this shot. She has her nails manicured regularly and I thought they were perfect for holding a hand-full of heart candy.  I really, really don't like that candy, it tastes like chalk with a little sugar thrown in but it made for a nice image. Give me something with chocolate and I'm a happy girl, or cream cheese.  Chocolate and cream cheese together is perfection.


16.  Taking photographs of hands holding something (see above)

17.  Chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream

18.  Cute mugs...I do have more than I can store in the kitchen cabinets...but do I stop buying them??

19.  Falling snow

20.  The color pink.

21.  Having a winning hand at bridge.

22.  The sound of rain while falling asleep, no thunder because it causes Toby to crawl on top of me and then I am totally uncomfortable and can't enjoy the sound of rain with Toby breathing heavy in my ear from thunder fear. So rain falling at night has a caveat attached.

23.  Book Clubs

24.  The aroma of turkey roasting in the oven on Thanksgiving.

25.  The scent after a spring rain.

26.  Singing loudly in the car by myself and thinking I am as good as the artist on the radio. (who am I trying to kid?)

27.  A really good book, the kind that you can't put down, and when finished you are sad that it's over.

28.  My "go walk" sketchers...soooo comfortable.

Have you started your "happy list"?  You really should, it's cathartic  I'm changing that word because when I  searched for the definition of cathartic it had the words "evacuating the bowels", that is definitely not what I mean.  So, now I'm saying it gives me balance, grace, beauty and dignity. So much better.  Have a happy week.

Until next time....


  1. Glad to hear Boone did well. Love the hand shot and agree about the candy hearts - fun to photograph, nasty to eat. Big Go Walk Sketcher fan.

  2. I'm with you on those little hearts. If it's not chocolate, it's not candy. And the mugs. And the singing. Just to name a few.

  3. So much to be happy for! Glad Boone and Bailey are good!

  4. Happy Boone is feeling chipper . . .
    Awww . . . I too love a good book, but oh my . . . sad when it is over . . .
    Happy Valentines Day . . . the day after . . .
    Chalky hearts make for a perfect photo with beautiful hands!
    But bring on the chocolate for me and I sing

  5. I love the hand shot with the pearl pink nails. Though I'm like you for sweet treats ... anything with chocolate on it, but it has to be the dark kind for me! You're doing so well on your happy list and lots of those things mentioned make me happy too! Love your red tulip bathed in sunlight!

  6. I NEVER would have guessed about the mug addiction ;)

  7. What a happy list!! I must write down some things that make me happy. I am sure it will grow and grow.

  8. Thank heavens the furry animals are all better!! I have a saying, after 50 years do as you darn please.LOL! I love your happy list...reminds me of the book I am reading right now about change. We have to be grateful for what we have in the here and now. Can you believe...we will be seeing each other before we know it!

  9. How fun! I love this idea Deanna - great series ... and of course I love your photography (always have).

  10. Your list made me smile - many would be on my list, too. I'm glad you didn't use me as your hand model!

  11. Glad you changed that word from cathartic. Lol! Loving your list Deanna! And keep up the good work on your list

  12. Dazzling images, I especially love the one with the "chalk-like" candy hearts. What a lovely hand model you have! Loved your list too as many of those are my favorites as well. Who knew that definition of cathartic :)

  13. LMAO at Cathartic! The light on the hands with the hearts is sublime...So glad the furry member is home and healing.I don't have a happy list...but you've got me thinking now!

  14. Hello, greetings and good wishes.

    Glad to know that your pets are in good health.

    Lovely photos especially the mug.

    It is a great idea to make a happy list. Some of the ideas you have listed are very good and worth remembering.

    Have a wonderful day.

  15. Wonderful list of happy things and lovely photos, as always. So glad that everything is fine with the pets once again. The sound of rain is my favorite - well, maybe chocolate and cream cheese might be :) xx Karen

  16. As always, beautiful images and a great read! You have reminded me that I need to get back to continuing my Gratitude Journal.
    I do love the sound of rain but not when its extremely heavy like we usually get during our tropical storms.

  17. Loving your "Pink" shot. - So happy to hear Boone survived the surgery. I admit I'm a little (sad) that he had to have it but I understand.

  18. I've been shirt tailing off of you, Deanna, and writing a list of my own happy things. Not sure if I will do anything with it, but I am smiling. Thanks for the light hearted ideas!

    Keep it up your birthday is coming soon!


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