Tuesday, February 9, 2016

In a Million Trillion Years...

It snowed, well if you call less than an inch barely covering the grass a snow. Then yes, it snowed. Unlike my friends up in the East who are getting dumped on once again. Wonder what this is going to do to the New Hampshire primary which is scheduled for today??  What happens in New Hampshire could change who's on the ballot around the country.  Predictions say Trump vs. Sanders. Oh boy, not sure what to say about that prediction. I am not into political debating, but I think our country deserves better. I'm just going to say I never ever (in a million trillion years) thought that Trump would come this far. Enough said.

Continuing on with my happy list:

8.  Birds at the feeder (anytime of the year)

9.   Tulips on the window sill in February

10.  The GPS in my car that guides me to my destination.

11.  Cincinnati Chili 4 ways - thin spaghetti, chili, cheese, and onion. Oh yum, and that's on the menu for dinner tonight.

12.  An electric blanket in the winter to warm my cold toes when I crawl into bed.

13.  Memories of water skiing behind my Dad's boat.

14.  The color RED

15.  A good fitting bra.

Boone (the cat) is at the Vet's right now being de-clawed. I know some think that this is heartless, but the intent is that he will be an indoor cat, so defense claws are not needed.  Cinder has no teeth to bite with and Toby in his 9 years of living has never bit anyone.  Bailey and Boone will eventually leave and when that time comes I would like my furniture and drapes to be intact. I should add this to my happy list....declawed Boone. (sounds harsh and I am feeling a tad remorse over this, but not enough to call the vet and cancel the procedure)

Have a happy day...to be continued.

Until next time....


  1. We got about the same amount of snow here but it was enough to call off school. No, best not to get started on Trump and Sanders but I will say this: the media is knee-jerking all of this, as they always do. It's way to early to prognosticate, way to early to put the nail in Hillary's coffin, etc., etc. But what would they write about if not all this hyped up drama? Regular folks like you and me just need take deep breaths. (I hope.)

  2. What pretty tulips! You have such wonderful things to be grateful for!

  3. Fun things to love... Well mixed feelings on the cat

  4. Really like your happy list . . .
    and an "oh my" on the birds . . .
    and a good bra!

  5. What beautiful bird shots and what can be more cheerful than red tulips at this time of the year? I love the graceful way they arrange themselves as they suck up the water in their vase! You have lots of lovely things in your "Happy List". I bet it makes you happy just writing it all down!

  6. Especially the birds! Gorgeous tulips too! And yes to the sweet memories.

  7. Hi Deanna, love your happy list! Lovely photos, as always! I am with you on the political front. I can't even think of either of them as our president....too extreme on either side. I wish I could find a comfy bra! xx K

  8. Having worked at a veterinarians I see nothing wrong with declawing an inside cat.

  9. I've NEVER had a good fitting comfy bra...EVER! Great post Deanna!

  10. Your list made me smile. I recently found a good fitting, comfortable, and PRETTY bra! I feel like that deserves three spots on my personal happy list. (And I bought three of them, too!)

  11. I could write volumes and I'm terrible at it. Not much snow here, but wonderful birds. Our last cat I decided not to declaw. I trimmed his nails and he stayed inside. At 2 years old we had him declawed. It was heartbreaking. He was shredding everything. It was a tough decision. So, your list made me smile too. And I love my bra too. I never thought I would write that. 😊

  12. The whole political arena is a bit disconcerting in my humble opinion. Your bird images are stunning and having declawed all my (strictly indoor) cats sans one, it is sometimes the most humane thing to do to spare both the cat and the furniture.


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