Thursday, February 4, 2016

Flowers, Audio Books, and Coloring Books (Everything You Ever Wanted to Know)

Whoop whoop, TJ's had ranunculas on it's flower cart yesterday when I stopped in after Bible Study. And there is nothing that delights me more on a cold, cloudy day in February than a fresh bunch of these gorgeous multi-petaled flowers.

And then to make the day even better they also had mini daffodils for $2.49.  Now how could anyone pass up these sweet petals of golden yellow?

When you see this you can't help but think that the promise of Spring will be here shortly. Well, possibly not shortly here, but somewhere.

And speaking of Spring, my blogging buddy, Jeanne, sent me a text on Friday inviting me to join her in the hill country of Texas in April for blue bonnet season.  A former photographer for Southern Living is conducting a photography tour of the area sponsored by the Dallas Arboretum, instructing us on photographing these beauties.  After that adventure we will head over to Fredricksburg and delight in all that's to see and do around that area for a few days. Can't wait.  Jeanne is originally from the Chicago area and now lives in the Dallas area, while I grew up in Dallas and now live here in the Chicago area. We met thru blogging and then met face to face a few years back while she was visiting family here. After that the 2 of us met in Charleston, SC a couple of years ago for a photography tour and had a great time together. Already have my plane ticket booked and Jeanne has booked our lodgings. Now Texas knows how to do Spring right, unlike here where it's iffy all thru April and even into May.

I've recently discovered a new sleeping pill.  No, it's not what you think, no drugs involved. It's called audio books. I have recently downloaded some audio books along with the read-a-long kind on my Kindle when the books & audio are a reasonable price.  No sooner do I turn that audio on, listen for possibly 15 minutes, and then I'm gone (asleep, that is). There is a 30 minute timer that I should set so the story doesn't get too far ahead without me actually listening. It's like falling asleep with a book on your lap that slips to the floor and you have no idea what words you last read or what page you were on. That's how I feel when I wake up and there is a voice reading to me and I have not a clue as to what I have missed or how much I need to back-up. Maybe I should be doing something productive while I am listening. Nah, I would rather fall asleep.

I ran into a friend at TJ's yesterday when I was gathering the beauties above, along with a few food items.  We have decided with the extra day in February, (the 29th) we are going to have an adult coloring day party. Won't that be fun. I just bought myself a brand new box of Prismacolor colored pencils, PS those are the best if you are interested in joining the coloring craze. I have 4 coloring books that are just waiting for those strokes of color. Have you joined the coloring book craze?


I know, I know, I am a terrible grandmother, but I did buy this for my granddaughter. She thought it was the best gift ever. Oh and she is 25 years old, so it's not like I gave it to a child. So while she is coloring swear words, I will be coloring Paris objects and flowers.

OK, I'm done (in more ways than one).

Until next time......


  1. Trader Joe's has the best flowers. While in line tonight I just stared at the beautiful variety!

  2. Luckily, my amaryllis is blooming, or I might be jealous of your bouquet bonanza! Your trip to photograph spring in TX sounds wonderful!. I'm not even dreaming of spring yet - it's just too far away for me. My sleep remedy is taking Magnesium at night. It works! What is this coloring book craze? I'm definitely out of the loop.

  3. I have a couple of the coloring books but the craze hasn't hit me . . .
    Experimenting and creating with my acrylics sure has me though . . .
    Love the Ranunculus . . . so pretty . . . I need some!
    First I need a Trader Joe's . . .

  4. Oh! I want the one with Paris objects and flowers! Forget the swear words, I don't need any help in that area. I bought Steve a coloring book and pencils for Christmas. He needs to pick them up again, he's been under a lot of stress. When he needs it most, he ignores is. And, your trip to Texas sounds terrific!

  5. Oh Deanna, I would love to join you on the Blue Bonnet and Fredericksburg trip! I am only two hours away. If you two wouldn't mind a silly third wheel, please let me know. As for the coloring craze, I have looked at them several times, but never knew what pencil etc to I know. Blessings, to you my friend. Laurie

  6. You always make me laugh and especially with that swear word book!! Nice job on the coloring too! I can't wait till our upcoming trip and think it will be such fun. Just hoping I will be able to get down AND up with the camera by then after my hip replacement. Otherwise may have some long distance macros! Fun to look forward to this!! Hugs from Texas!

  7. I just started listening to audio books too, but not when I fall asleep, a book still does wonders there. I listen when I am on the treadmill at the gym, the time goes so much faster then. Have a great in Texas. Yes, we have multiple coloring books in our house.

  8. Those flowers are so pretty and cheery. I can't have flowers inside as the cats knock them over and eat them.
    I listen to Friends DVD when I go to bed but an Audio Book sounds like a good idea.
    I haven't joined the Adult coloring craze but I do won Prismacolor pencils, they are the best. Can't say I'd buy a "swear" word coloring book. It's so not my thing.

  9. That coloring book...good grief. I have a "sleeping pill" too. Great sermons that I often listen to several times. I seem to fall asleep halfway through! And how fun to spend time with a fellow blogger!

  10. Beautiful flowers, Deanna! I'm totally in on the colouring craze too. I found a fantastic series by Johanna Basford (she's from the UK) and I have my trusty Derwent colour pencils to help me out. :)


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