Monday, February 8, 2016

Look At That Face!!

Saturday was the highlight of my week.  My grandson (Dad) was in charge of Matilda Mae for the day while her mom, Hilary attended a shower and a bacherlorette party. Brandon decided since he had all day he would drive down, make a trip to IKEA to pick up some essentials, and then swing by my house where we met up with her grandmother, (my daughter) I know it really gets confusing as to who's who, doesn't it?!  But all that aside I spent some time with the sweetest great-granddaughter ever. I mean really, look at that face....

This was the look she was giving her grandmother as she was shopping for her latest toy.  Can't resist that.....

Before we left to go shopping we had a little you may not think this is a big deal, but until now, Matilda was only happy when she was either 1) in her mother's arms 2) in her Dad's arms or 3) walking by herself.  So to have her sit on her grandmother's lap and read to her is a monumental leap. She let me hold her hand, and I did hold her for about 30 seconds in the restaurant while we were waiting for a table. So we are making social headway, yippee!!

All done shopping, now off to dinner. She was perfect, never a tear, never a whine and even a comedian at the table with her peekaboo antics. I know you want a close-up of those shoes with day-of-the-week socks.

It's too bad we can't have more days like those, but I am blessed when I have them.

I stopped at TJ's after church yesterday because I only have 3 out of the bouquet of ranunculus that are still in photo op condition.

No more ranunculus and "maybe" they may get more, but in the meantime I couldn't resist this mum. Isn't she pretty? She has little spoon shaped petals that are so photo-worthy.

Scrolling down this post I realize it is filled with reds and pinks....maybe it's the month of Valentine's that is drawing me to those colors.

I only have 30 days and 10 hours left until my birthday. No, it's not a hugely significant birthday, but when you reach my age every year is definitely a celebration of life. So from now until my birthday (and probably after as well) I am listing things that make me happy. Hopefully by the time I get to my birth date I will have listed 73 items coinciding with my 73rd birthday. I did a blog-post on Focusing On Life last week, and that is what prompted me to do this.  So here goes my first go...PS these are not in any significant order.

1,   Having on-line bill paying. I never have to use a stamp or worry about the failure of mail delivery.

2.   Hard boiled eggs and sour-dough bread toast for breakfast

3.   Sitting with my pew buddies on Sunday mornings.

4.   A fresh idea for a blog post.

5.   A really good book.

6.   Getting a good report after a mammogram.

7.   Catching green lights all the way to my destination (especially when I am running late).

Think about what makes you happy.  I will list more of my happy list in upcoming posts.

Until next time.....


  1. I love all your ideas but the hard boiled eggs and toast oh do yummy!

  2. What a wonderful day with Matilda Mae!!

  3. Oh, how I love that Matilda Mae! And who can resist itty-bitty toddler shoes? So sweet. This post is a feast for the eyes, that photo of Boone and the flower is such fun. I love the signs that you and your camera are getting happy together again.

  4. What a little doll! I need to get to Trader Joe's! Your flower photos make me drool.

  5. What a fun girly time you had with your daughter and Matilda Mae! She looks like a little porcelain doll and I love her bobble hat! Such a lovely grey cat portrait behind the ranunculus too!

  6. Love your list, Deanna! I love your images too. Such a sweet child and such gorgeous blooms.

  7. Hi, Deanna! Remember me? :-) It has been a while. Matilda Mae is absolutely gorgeous! I know how precious her visits must be. And your photography is breathtaking. It really is. You capture so much beauty and whimsy and ----you just have a gift. I like the idea of making a happy list. I am back to blogging but I have a different blog, one about cats. It's if you'd like to come by.

  8. Having met you and becoming real life friends makes this girl happy! Knowing the joy that family brings to you makes me happy. Knowing our friendship will continue on! <3

  9. What a happy pink post, Deanna! Little Matilda is a charmer - those eyes! I wish you lots of happy things!

  10. Oh my . . .
    Matilda Mae "has it" with those blue eyes . . .
    So adorable . . .
    Love your "happy list!"
    I began 2016 by writing something "happy about my week" on a piece of paper each Friday and saving my lists in a jar.
    It feels right and good to think HAPPY . . .
    Those little shoes, with "Day of the Week" Socks make me "smile happy!"

  11. Fresh blog post ideas definitely make me happy too. Matilda Mae is the most adorable!


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