Thursday, February 18, 2016

Just My Opinion

OK, I am just going to come right out and say it.  Am I the only one that thinks that the center of a tulip is a distinct replication of a man's penis?  I do enjoy watching the colors becoming richer, the veins become more distinct, but what really hit's me is that resemblance to a man's junk or schlong, or whatever you may want to label it.  And btw there is a website that gives 174 different ways to identify "penis". And no, I will not give you the link. And no, I have not seen one lately, needless to say, But not seeing one in recent times does not dim my recollection.

And no, this will not be added to the 73 things that make me happy.  Altho having one more dive into lust-filled sex wouldn't be beyond a wish list. People, I have no idea where this is coming from. I think it all must be related to this growing older thing and realizing that some things are not ever going to happen again. I'm just speakin' the truth, nothing but the truth.

I was going to write a little about Lent here, but I think it is unappropriate to speak of good practices during Lent and my "preoccupation" with the center of a tulip in the same post. Look for it later.

 A couple of happy things....

29.  Butter (not margarine) real butter.

30.  Elastic waist pants that don't look like sweat pants. Comfort and style.

31.  Sweet cream in my coffee.

32.  Finding an old love letter from my sweetie on the floor in the closet.

Happy Thursday, off to bookclub this evening with the book, "The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy".  Read it, you'll like it.

Until next time....


  1. No comment on the tulip. And I don't know about Miss Queenie. But I will tell you I'm thoroughly enjoying 'A Little Paris Bookshop' that you recommended on Goodreads. Thank you! Now I want more than ever to do the Seine River cruise from Paris to Normandy, even if it is north rather than south.

  2. You know, I've often thought that, but I've never had the balls to say it. Good for you, Deanna! I'll check out the book. (I use real butter, too..)

  3. OMG yes - especially that one shot. And if we're being honest, I just got a good laugh out loud at this post. Sex is a healthy thing and while I don't care for it to be gratuitously thrown in my face in every show or movie (perhaps because there isn't equal parts center tulip to equal parts pompoms and rose petal), I can only imagine the jolt to the system when you come to the realization that it is no longer an element in your life. Keeping it real - loving it. :)

  4. This was fun . . . penis thinking and looking . . .
    in a tulip . . . was that last thing I expected when I opened "Snippets . . ."
    I must agree though . . . quite obvious in one photo . . .
    I have a bunch of tulips that are in their final days . . .
    Mark my word, I am checking them out before they get tossed.
    You are so much fun . . ,

  5. Oh Deanna, you made me smile!
    I must say, I have never noticed. Your images are gorgeous though.

  6. Well if that is a man's penis, he has got quite a harem round him!

  7. I've got a garden full of tulip bulbs. I'll never be able to look them in the face(?) again. I have 'A little paris bookshop' waiting for me to collect at the library. did you also recommend 'The Red Notebook'? I've just finished it, and found it fascinating. Very unusual plot and I loved it. Blessings

  8. My oh my the things one can read about on your blog! You cracked me up. I think it must have been finding that love letter from your sweetie.

  9. LMAO...Love that You are keepin it real! And how sweet that found a love letter from your sweetie. xoxo

  10. Oh, that is too funny! Some flowers really do make you blush....hahaha! That is so nice that you found the love letter. Life really is bittersweet.....A hug xo Karen

  11. I will never look at a tulip the same way. Funny, I never liked I really don't know! I needed a laugh tonight! Happy reading!

  12. Oh my gosh! I get home from Florida, spending a relaxing morning on my chaise lounge catching up on blog reading - which yours was the 1st one I went to & this is what awaits me.
    Girl - you're killing me here. I have not ever studied tulips in such depth before and I will never be able to look at them in the same way again. Tiptoe through the tulips has a whole new meaning to it!

  13. Ok you have me a great belly laugh for the morning


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