Monday, December 12, 2016

Filled With the Spirit of Christmas

Target was my go-to spot for choosing the Christmas gifts for a child I chose off of the angel tree at our church. Our congregation supports the people residing in an Indian Reservation in Sisseton, South Dakota. And one of these is buying gifts for the young children in Sisseton.  Naturally I procrastinated far too long and all gifts were to be wrapped and delivered to church before the 9:00 AM service on Sunday.

Yes, I went to Target, yes I bought several gifts, and yes I wandered off of the main course and purchased a few delights that were not on my list. See the cute banner above? I thought it would add just the right touch to the window in front of the tree, I defy anyone who walks into a Target and not stop at the $1 and $3 bins loaded with "stuff" no one needs but in that moment feel they can't live without. You are a better person than me if you can walk right past those bins and not blink an eye.

Yesterday (Sunday) was filled with the spirit of Christmas. First morning services, breakfast with one of my gal pals, home for a nap and then to dinner with friends and a slow and treacherous drive back to church for "Carols and Candlelight". A most treasured celebration of the season. It began to snow early in the morning, continued lightly during the day and right before I was getting ready to leave for dinner, the heavy flakes began. Big splats on the windshield, but fortunately I live in a town that clears the streets even on a Sunday. I told my hostess that if I didn't have her invite for dinner I probably would have just snuggled in for the evening. The dinner was delicious, the concert divine, and the drive to and fro was uneventful. (Thank you God).

And I woke up to this.... taken from my front door in jammies, robe and slippers.

Nothing on the calendar for today so hopefully I can take a quick trip to the Arboretum to capture some of this white beauty!!  Have a good day and a lovely week ahead.

"One of life's most fulfilling moments occurs in the split-second when the familiar is suddenly transformed into the dazzling aura of the profoundly new."  ~  Edward B Lindaman

Until next time.....


  1. Oh!It is a winter wonderland in Naperville! I knew the upper midwest was getting snow and figured you would, too. But this is beautiful. At least for a day. A couple of Christmas card worthy photos here, my friend! (And is was a delight to visit you today as I continue my recuperation period. I can't read the news. I'm sticking to friendly blogs. Thanks for being here today. xo)

  2. This is quietly wonderful. Isn't freshly fallen, un-trounced snow the BEST?? As usual I feel the love.

  3. So beautiful! I think if I woke up to that view out my front door - I'd get in some comfy clothes, make a pot of coffee and make myself cozy for the day.

  4. Fresh snow and a trimmed tree! It's totally Christmas time!!

  5. Oh I love your wintery pictures and oh, I am so glad it isn't here. I highly restrict my trips to and from Target - just like Walmart, it is nearly impossible to walk in and out with only what was on your shopping list. And Hobby Lobby - oh gracious...

  6. I'm not filled with the Christmas spirit (yet) but your beautiful post and photos are sure a nice light along the path to getting there. We got snow Sunday night and by yesterday morning (still snowing) I was thankful I didn't need to go anywhere. One of the best things about retirement, to me, is being able to stay in on bad-weather days and having the freedom to go out and take advantage of beautiful ones!

  7. Glorious . . .
    Oh my . . .
    I love the stories you tell . . .
    photo and word . . .
    Happy Days my friend . . .

  8. How lovely to see the snow during the holiday season. Something that I always miss around Christmas... Right after christmas though, I am ready for spring. Beautiful shots and hoping you have a wonderful Christmas Deanna

  9. Christmas scenes worthy of beautiful in your neck of the woods.... Perfect time to put on a Christmas movie, make a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle under a toasty throw.....Merry Christmas....

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