Friday, December 9, 2016

Raisins, Not My Fav...

After another night of eating with BookClub #2 (the 2nd Thursday of the month club) I am off to the grocery to buy the fixins for oatmeal raisin cookies. Our church is having a Christmas Cookie Sale tomorrow. I am not much of a baker, nor a cook since it's only me, but guilt pushed me into volunteering when one lady pleaded with someone to take her place in baking oatmeal/raisin cookies. She recently had surgery and wasn't feeling up to baking, so how could I say no to that request.  I went to my favorite idea place to search for a recipe, Pinterest ofcourse, and found one that claims to be the best. (I think most of the recipes on Pinterest are the best cookie, the best lasagna, the best chicken, the best cranberry) For Thanksgiving I prepared a couple of crock pot veggie recipes from Pinterest that proved to be quite tasty.

OK,back from the store after spending $97 (who would have thought ingredients for oatmeal/raisin cookies could cost so much??) I know you are just like me, you go to the store for 5 items and come home with 5 bags. Thank goodness I volunteered to bake just 1 batch, because I knocked Mr. Quaker quick cooking Oats all over the kitchen floor. ARGHH@@## And you ask why I don't bake?!
I bought fresh flour, corn syrup, raisins, and Crisco all with expiration dates of 2017 and 2018. So, I might use them again before they expire. Don't hold your breath.  As for the raisins, no.not  a fan. That's another reason why I volunteered to bake the oatmeal raisin cookies because I am not a lover of raisins, I love grapes, but somehow when they go thru that process to become raisins, I lose interest and taste. Give me a nut anyday over a raisin.

Spilling the oats all over the kitchen floor was just the first fight I had this afternoon. How many out there have trouble opening new products? OMG trying to lift the new lids off or unscrew a brand new bottle, my semi arthritic hands are not meant for the new & improved methods of safety.

As I was driving to church to deliver the fresh baked cookies, the sun was already setting and it wasn't even 4:00 PM. The moon was out and it reminded me of John Glenn who just passed away. Those were such exciting times when we sent men into space. Wonder if we will ever get back in the space business again.

PS - The image of the squirrel has absolutely nothing to do with this post, I just have so many photos in my cache that you will probably see Fall images in the middle of a winter blizzard.

Have a wonderful weekend. We are supposed to have some major snow this weekend, so you may see some white in the near future.

Until next time.....


  1. Sounds about right - $97 a trip! So nice of you to volunteer, though. Frustrating to spill the oatmeal after all that. Those hard plastic molded packaging always makes me want to scream trying to open them. Then you find the twist ties after wrestling it off and by the time it is all opened you need a nap. Or an aspirin. Haha. Love that little squirrel! Hope you stay warm and cozy this weekend. x Karen

  2. Oatmeal raisin cookies are actually a favorite of mine. What I'm not fond of is the tendency today to put chocolate chips in everything! There's nothing more disappointing to me than to pick up what I think are raisin cookies or scones only to discover that those dark spots are chocolate chips instead. (I know, weird, huh?) Anyway, I'm proud of you for stepping up, and for completing the task in spite of the mishaps and obstacles! I'm sure it was much appreciated by the lady whose assignment you took on. I LOVE that squirrel photo! I'll be happy to keep seeing your fall images when there's snow all around us here. :-)

  3. I'm rather inept in the kitchen, too, the consummate mess maker. I always substitute Craisins for raisins, so much sweeter. Thankfully, with a bit of oversight from me, Campbell is more than happy to take over baking duties.

  4. I like grapes and dislike raisins too, but I love grapes most of all when they are turned into wine. Blessing and Cheers!

  5. Love grapes, love raisins, and LOVE Oatmeal Raisin Cookies!
    I am sure that your cookies were indeed the very best, Deanna.
    The snow is coming down like crazy here in NY, and it really is so beautiful out there right now.
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  6. I can't remember the last time I baked cookies - which is just as well because I love eating them. I guess I'm not much of a baker, so I can completely relate to your story!

  7. What an adventure! I was so sad about John Glen, what an American hero and icon!

  8. I can identify totally . . .
    Not a baker . . .
    and I would take a "nut any day before a raisin . . ."
    I did make some no baking delights the other day . . . melt chocolate/add peanut butter/peanuts . . .
    Problem with that though . . . I keep opening the container for a nibble, 2, 3 or more.
    I am solving that problem today . . . tucking them in "mister irish's" car . . . and
    reminding him to say NO when I want them back!
    Looking forward to snowy pictures . . .
    (Still giggling over spilled Quaker Oats all over the floor . . .)
    (So like ME)

  9. Mmm, craving oatmeal raisin cookies now, I'm sure they were delicious after all the work you went through to make them! :) What is with packaging these days, anyway? Takes me longer to open the ingredients than it does to whip up the cookies. Beautiful images, wonderful tribute to John Glenn.

  10. Sounds like the perfect price for a quick stop at the grocery for a few items. love that moon shot


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