Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Au Contraire...

If you happen to stumble across this blog you are probably wondering who in the heck is this, whoever she is she hasn't posted anything since August 28th....hmmm. If this is a photo-journey of my life as the title of this blog suggests, it doesn't seem like I have a life at all. Au contraire (had to look up the spelling of that) my life is full, sometimes too full, since I like my alone times to not be crowded out by the busy times. I'll even admit right here that sometimes I skip an event just because I need that alone time. But admitedlly, there are times when I really miss my sweetie. Holidays do that to me.

We had, in my opinion, a horrid summer, too hot and way too humid. If I was a kid, I would have spent my days in our local pool, but since my bathing suit body left several years ago I choose not to be seen without sleeves or partially covered legs. Since I did absolutely nothing except sit on my back porch, and take some very nice trips my body is spreading. And unless I get busy and begin some kind of activity there will be no beach wear again next summer.

But in all fairness, the heat and humidity did produce some exquisite blooms.

Autumn was absolutely spectacular this year. It was probably the most beautiful and longest lasting Fall I can remember. I made many trips to the Arboretum capturing the colors and was sorry to see it come to an abrupt end with our first snowfall of the season this past weekend.  There were colors still glowing.

Thanksgiving was spent with a partial family. Brie (youngest grand) has moved to Denver where she is happy as a lark working at a vet's animal hospital so she was not able to join us and my son Lane and his wife Nelly opted to stay in California this year to spend Thanksgiving with her family. But guess who came to Thanksgiving dinner....Matilda Mae with a new bow wrapped around her pretty little head.

Time marches on with or without a blog post and now we are in the midst of the holiday season. I have boxes piled in the entryway, a half decorated tree and a need to move a little quicker with finishing adorning the house. I'm hoping that I will be a bit more deligent in the posting of  "the photo journal of my days"  Maybe next time I'll talk about TV, Movies and good books that I have enjoyed these past days, weeks, months.

I wish for you a season filled with joy and gladness.

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  1. oh I hear you, Deanna, time does indeed march on and way too fast in my opinion. I am not a fan of hot summers either and it's been years since I've donned a bathing suit. Your flowers are magnificent and your autumn so beautiful...and that sweet little Matilda Mae, her blue eyes just shine!
    Like you, I'm in the midst of holiday decorating and my family room is filled with boxes half empty at the moment. Must get my butt in gear and finish up as I still have some shopping to do!

  2. I forgot to add that I can imagine how difficult this season must be for you at times, no doubt you must miss your sweetie. hugs to you.xo

  3. Yay! I came back to find you missing - so glad you're back! It sounds as though you've been busy in a good way - I'm happy about that. The little one is so sweet!

  4. Summer was horrid! Fall was spectacular! Now gearing up, literally, for whatever winter will be. Through it all I will still be out shooting. You can't keep the determined down :) Happy Holidays and so happy to see you back again.

  5. OH, those Swauger baby blue eyes! The sparkle, the mischief . . . 😉

    Loveliness abounds here today and that is tonic for me. Thank you!

    And a special big hug for you and your sweetie.


  6. So good to read your words! Matilda Mae is so gorgeous! Happy holiday season, Deanna!

  7. I agree with those thoughts of fall . . .
    Best ever, ever . . .
    Many of the yellow Maples are still hanging on . . .
    Very pretty with some of the recent "white!"
    Happy to see you . . . always . . .
    I seem to be more of a "then" blogger than a" now!"
    I will work on that . . .you too?

  8. How lovely to have you back. I'm sorry I do not comment often, but I've really missed you. I have your blog sent to me via my e-mail, and I have been worried, but didn't like to intrude on your privacy. But 'Hello' again! Please don't go MIA again. I'm disabled and bed bound and I live my life vicariously through blogs I follow, and I've really missed you. Sending peaceful wishes to you. Blessings

  9. Lovely flowers and a fantastic Fall color!
    Oh, you should go bathing! As long as your body is working, it really deserves it :)

  10. Yes, I understand - whenever I take a blog break, I wonder if I'll ever start again! You had spectacular dahlia's. I'm glad Brie likes Denver - it's finally gotten cold in the mountains. The city doesn't usually get quite as frigid. Enjoy your holidays.

  11. Such amazing flowers Deanna! Nice to see you here in your blog home

  12. Hello, Deanna! Just want to let you know that I'm your fan from Russia :) Love your blog and your posts for Focusing on life! Kindest regards!

  13. Welcome back! These photos are simply gorgeous...those perfect blooms, and Matilda Mae's eyes blue as the blue jay, are stunning. Our colorful leaves were long gone before the first snowfall arrived here this week.

  14. Always glad to see you here....that's what I like about blogging. It has a nice pace.


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