Thursday, December 8, 2016

Time of the Year...

I do believe this is day 118 and counting for decorating the house for Christmas. It just seems to go on forever, but then I am not the speediest, taking time out for that 3rd cup of coffee, checking emails, writing blogposts (2 egads), playing a game or two on my IPad.  My mother used to call that piddling. I piddle the day away sometimes, accomplishing absolutely nothing.

Yesterday was devoted to eating, no really, I ate brunch at our last Bible study gathering for this year and then immediately after went to a lunch for our Christmas luncheon at our 1st Wednesday Bookclub. Both quite yummy and especially the cinnamon rolls with cream cheese in the middle. Everything tastes better with cream cheese and avocados. Not necessarily together, obviously, but added to veggies, dessert, meats, chicken etc etc etc. You would think after two feasts I would not have been hungry, but you know that ain't gonna happen.

Tonight is Book Club #2 Christmas dinner at a local restaurant. I think I mentioned something in my last blog post about my middle spreading...well these luncheons and dinners are contributing to that spread. But oh what fun it is...!!

Now, you are probably wondering why after sharing Christmas decor with you, I now have a picture of a duck.  Last week I had a meeting with my money man (name I give my Edward Jones investment advisor) and as I was leaving the parking lot I noticed a stream running right next to the parking lot. I have been going to this office for several years and never noticed the stream, but that day there was a paddling of ducks. FYI, I just googled "what do you call a bunch of ducks?. If they are in flight they are called a flock, but swimming or on the ground they are called paddling, raft or team. Still in my car, but inching very slowly toward the paddling, curious Mr. Mallard looked straight at the camera and just waited for his picture to be taken. Love the deep green on his head, golden yellow on his beak and those brilliant orange webbed feet. If you look close you can see water droplets all over his face and body. I have a feeling it was more food he was searching than wanting his picture taken.

Again, Deanna, a chickadee in this Christmas post?  I can't help it. These are the cutest little birds with their dark cap head, black & white body and golden belly. He blended right in with what was left of the fall colors.

Well, back to the decorating. Maybe by Christmas I will be complete and then it will be time to take it all down. Such is life. "Let go of the idea of winning or losing. In the game of life, the most important thing is just showing up and doing your best."  -- Domonique Bertolucci

Until next time....


  1. Gorgeous decorations and I just love your sweet bird friends! As for piddling...I'm an expert!

  2. Look at you, blogging and everything! Love your decorations--I was thinking of taking pictures of some of mine so that the years I don't feel like decorating I can just put out some of the pictures. ;-)

  3. I love your decorations! So simple and elegant!

  4. Looks like you are havens a great time piddling and both your decorations and birds are great

  5. Deanna, your decorations are just beautiful!
    As for piddling, I think some days are just meant for that. :-)

  6. 118 days is a lot of Christmas decorating! I haven't quite begun, yet - but your decorations are absolutely lovely! I may just gaze at yours for a while. The duck is stunning and I really do love chickadees - they always make me think of the fun kids in school - cute and happy and friendly.

  7. Piddling and paddling…love it..your duck image is really brilliant -- one of the best I've seen -- and I always love how you capture Christmas. Your decorations are whimsical and magical.

  8. Love that chickadee, they are the sweetest little birds. Love seeing the decorations you use. 'Piddling' is a good word! I tend to do a bit of that as well! Pleasure is in the moments!

  9. I love your decorations as well as the Mallard and a cute little birdie

  10. Love your Christmas whites . . .
    Touches of smiles, gold, silver . . .
    Love the Mallard green and tufted black on the chickadee . . .
    And a bit of "paddling" education . . . appreciated . . .
    So enjoy your posts and pics . . .
    Always . . .

  11. Hence why we don't decorate much, too much work to put up and take downing a month. The duck was awesome and I have always loved Chickadees.

  12. I love that little chickadee with its feathers sticking up like hair. There is a group (what do you call them when they are on land?) of Mallards that live on and around "my" little island park year round. Several ducklings hatched and grew to adulthood over the summer. Now the larger flock (about a dozen) is settled in for the winter. Even when there's ice on the river, I see the ducks paddling and diving for food along the shore. It gets so cold that it amazes me that they can survive here over the winter.

    Best of luck with your Christmas decorating. I've decided to do very little of it this year. I'm just tired and not in the mood. I've put out a few of my favorite things, but I'm skipping the tree.

  13. I love it all....especially the duck and the chickadee. We've had to keep decorating to a minimum.....and just as I thought, we will celebrate Christmas just as He came....quietly and simply. Enjoy Advent my friend, your photos are beautiful!


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