Thursday, February 1, 2018

Happy Post #8 - #12

Look at that tongue....Cinder isn't a tongue wagger unless she gets really hot and today was that day. She loves the sunshine but being almost all black her little body heats up pretty quickly. Today the sun was shining, the birds were out and about and Cinder was enjoying every last light beam she could handle before she became so hot that the tongue began to reveal itself. She would eventually give it up and jump off the couch to land where the beams weren't streaming. Very shortly tho, she would be back in that sunlight, basking again. Please don't remind me she needs a good groom, I know, she knows, and the groomers know. It's coming.  Cinder basking in the sun with tongue out is my #8 on the happy list.

Now you do realize that this list of 75 things that make me happy are in no particular order...please keep that in mind as my brain wanders through this list.

Yesterday 6 of us girls went to see "The Shape of Water". Have you seen it? All I'm going to say is the writer/director has quite the imagination. I did think both Sally Hawkins and Richard Jenkins were outstanding in their roles. Just a heads-up, you may come out of that movie theater with a big hmmmm. It's quite a journey.

Our WOW (Women on Wednesdays) Bible Study began again in January after our holiday break. Liz Curtis Higgs is the author of "Bad Girls of the Bible" and what a hoot she is. There is a video with each lesson and her descriptions and tales are a complete delight. Being with like minded women each Wednesday is always a delight whatever we are studying, but having Liz Curtis Higgs as our study guide makes my #9 happy list.

#10 has to be blooming plants indoors in February. Right now it is 14 degrees outside, but my blooming cyclamen plant is toasty warm inside on my table next to my winter chair with a pile of books to read.. I say winter chair because in the good ole summertime my wicker chair on the backporch is my summer chair. Both are my "safe havens" my "nests" my "relaxing" spots and my, yes, my "napping" spots. A  short snooze in the afternoon with those winter rays warming me is my #11 happy thing.

And #12 is my granddaughter's blog Cooking.Cats.Charisma  Bailey has quite a sense of humor and she loves to cook. Combine those 2 elements and you get recipes and a chuckle to boot. Check her out, you'll enjoy her witticism.

So tomorrow is boob smashing day...aka mammogram. This does not go on my list as a happy thing, along with Dr's appointments, colonoscopies, and trips to the dentist.

Until next time.....


  1. What a sweet pup!! Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Boob smashing day....I’ve never seen that in print or typed it myself until today...LOL! So true....I hope everything ids ok. Love your top 75, cyclamen is one of my favorites!

  3. Loving your review of 75 “happies”. How great Bailey has a blog. Big winter hugs and I have been investigating some interesting birding places

  4. Awwww, Cinder looks sweet - groomed or not! I like your list of happies and completely understand why tomorrow doesn't make the list - one of those unpleasant necessities...

  5. Dogs and sunshine are the best. We did that Liz Curtis Higgs book once in our BS (Bible Study) group. We all loved it.

  6. Cinder is adorable . . .
    Love the pink Cyclemen . . .
    Off I go to check out Cooking.Cats.Charisma . . .
    (Enjoying your list!)

  7. BTW . . . not able to open your granddaughters site.
    It says server not found???

  8. I am so enjoying your Top 75, Deanna, and your little Cinder is absolutely precious.
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  9. Deanna,
    Wonderful capture of Cinder! It's amazing what the right group of women can do for each other, inspire, empower, encourage!
    I hope your doc appointment went well.

  10. Even ungroomed, Cinder is adorable. I love your list of "happies" -- it's a great idea. When you get your clean bill of health after that mammo, maybe you can add that to the list!


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