Thursday, February 8, 2018

The List Goes On and On

Oh my, running behind again. It's that lazy factor that keeps raising its ugly head.  And now that it's cold and snowy, it causes me to just snuggle in my cozy chair and do absolutely nothing....maybe read or play a little Spider Solitaire...I did mention that is an addiction, right!?

And speaking of snow, we finally scored a decent amount, one that at least stuck to the trees and bushes. We have had snow but it has always been so light and fluffy that in my mind it wasn't quite photographable. I know that skiers prefer this texture but we photographers like that wet, sticky snow that clings to branches aka "heart attack snow". So #13 on my list of happies, is a good thick wet layer of snow.  Following with that my #14 happy is my neighbor with his "large" snowblower". It makes me very happy when I hear that snowblower roar and know that my driveway and sidewalks will be clear. He calls it his toy, I call it my savior.

Yesterday, after a very pleasant morning at Bible Study and a trip to Trader Joe's (I'll tell you about that later) I drove to the Riverwalk to wander and grab some photos of our pretty snow. I wore my heavy coat, but man, by the time I got back to the car I was a little icicle. Looked at the temp on my car thermometer and it was wonder my hands and fingers were stiff.  #15 is our lovely Riverwalk. Our city fathers have developed this beautiful walk along the DuPage River that is lovely any time of the year.

I know in my last post I mentioned something that was not on my happy list and that was my boob smashing event. Well, #16 is that I'm happy that my mammogram was normal....whew, that's always good to hear.

OK, so after Bible Study and before I drove to the Riverwalk I shopped at Trader Joe's for the and a bottle of Villa Alena Moscato.  I guess I better mention that Villa Alena Moscato is my favorite wine, and yes it makes me happy....#17. I picked up a few other items, but what was prominent in my cart was a beautiful bouquet of pink roses and a double bunch of  deep pink tulips. As I was checking out, the cashier (male) asked if these were for Valentine's Day and did I have a sweetheart to share them with... Uh, no my sweetie passed away in September. Following was..."I'm so sorry, hope you are OK.."  I assured him that I was fine, he suffered a long time, he's in a better place etc. Now, here comes the "18, he asks me to follow him on my way out the door, he runs over to the flower section and picks up this absolutely beautiful orchid, presents it to me and wishes me well. Now who does that, except Trader Joe's. I am convinced the employees are given permission to share kindness to their customers.  That's not the only time I have been gifted by a TJ's employee, I've been given a bag of their dark chocolate peanut butter cups, a can of their delicious toffee at Christmas time, and when in Arizona the cashier gave me a TJ's shopping bag with Arizona emblazoned on the front.

I'm headed to Arizona in March for 10 days. I almost decided not to go this year because I am leaving on a Riverboat Cruise to the Netherlands March 25th....tulip time with 3 girlfriends. But I so enjoy feeling the warmth and sunshine and visiting with friends that I decided, what the hey, and booked my flight this week. Visiting Arizona is a definite happy #19. How could I pass up this...

Today I'm heading to the movies to see "The Phantom Thread" with Daniel Day Lewis. Later today, more snow is on the way, so our movie and dinner will come early.

Saturday is The Out of Chicago Winter Conference" in Joliet.....a definite #20. I have made lots of photography friends through this group and always look forward to learning and reuniting with good friends. More about this next week. And PS I broke down and ordered a new Nikon D850 camera this past week. Supposed to be phenomenal. I'm sure it will make my top #75.

Have a great and safe weekend all...

Until next time.....


  1. My happy take-aways from your post:

    1. I remember that bridge! But it does look a little different in that photo than when I saw it.

    2. My eyes did tear up a little when I read about the TJ employee and orchid. Random kindness. Heartwarming.

    3. You're getting a new camera! Can't wait to hear about it. I guess it was time, what's it been, 2 years?

    Be well and safe in your snow and cold. xo

  2. Oh how sweet of that cashier!! They are the best there!

  3. I don’t have a top #75 list but if I did . . . a Deanna post would be on my list!

    So much to love here, I always love your stunning photos . . . wowzie . . .
    Heart cactus is outstanding btw . . .

    Trader Joe employee caring and orchid gift . . . now isn’t that just the best.
    I know that toffee too . . . I had my hubby hide “my tin” from me during the holidays . . .
    Forgot all about it when it was out of sight . . .
    What a hoot it was when I was putting my Christmas things away I found it
    sitting on the lower shelf of the sofa table. . .
    All alone and just waiting for the lid to be opened once again!
    Good thing the tree blocked me from catching sight of it!

    Arizona trip decision along with your Netherlands cruise is a YES in my book . .
    And the new camera would top my “can never do enough for yourself” too!

    I am enjoying your list . . . keep them coming! I will be here!

  4. What a sweet gesture from TJ's employee. It seems that special touch from someone comes through just when we least expect it and probably need it the most. Your trips sounds fabulous and a new camera to explore with is great. I too am enjoying your list and think it's probably an idea that would benefit all of us...I hope you have a wonderful weekend...

  5. Good for you, good for you, good for you! What a delight Trader Joe's, I wish we had one closer. Have a great time in the Netherlands. I loved your Riverwalk when I was there.

  6. Your trip plans sound wonderful, Deanna! Perfect for a Spring getaway from our snowy location.
    I just had to comment on your images from the River Walk. They are amazing! Just wanted to tell you that I too am grateful to the original city planners who had the forethought for this walk. I’ve only visited there twice, and never in Winter. I’m captivated by the sticky snow captures you shared! Just beautiful.


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