Saturday, February 10, 2018

Yes, It Snowed....

Yes, it snowed, we have at least 10 inches maybe more, and a weather snow alert just popped up on my I-Phone warning of another 3-5 inches overnight. Hmmm. And yes, I'm bummed because they cancelled the Out of Chicago Photo Conference scheduled for today. Oh well, can't fight Mother Nature. So what do I do instead....and no, I don't grab snowshoes or cross-country skis and head out the door, like some really exercise conscious people,  I grab my camera and take pictures of the tulips I purchased at TJ's on Wednesday.

Alright, I'm warning you now all you are going to see in this post is snow and tulips. That's about my limit for the last couple of days.  Now, what has made me happy for the past few days...#21 I loved The Phantom Thread. Daniel Day Lewis is perhaps one of the best actors of our day. The acting, photography, gowns, music, story...loved it. Probably my favorite movie of all that I have seen lately and that includes many of the Oscar nominated films. FYI....ladies, if you have a spouse, partner whatever, men probably would not enjoy this movie. I don't mean it's a chick flick or a mushy love story, but it's filled with women, beautiful gowns, smart dressing and many quiet moments.

#22 my book groups.  I belong to 3, yes 3. Two of them we read a book and discuss each month, meeting at alternating homes, and the 3rd meets at the Country Club where we have lunch and a book review usually given by one of our members. Delightful afternoon, but we don't meet during the months of Jan thru March, the CC doesn't serve lunch on Wednesdays in the winter-time. And we certainly can't meet without having a lunch....snort. Our bookgroup that I call "the 2nd Thursday Book Club" met this past week, reading "Before We Were Yours".  A past and present story of children who were swept up into the adoption sale to the wealthy who couldn't have children of their own. Very shocking,and is based on a true woman who did just that, kidnapped children, threw them into an orphanage and then sold them to the wealthy.One of our member's husband was raised in an orphanage and he had fond memories of his childhood, so not all orphanages were bad.

I don't know about you, but since Google came into my life it has saved me from laying awake nights trying to remember a certain movie star, a book, a song....whatever. So #23 is definitely the land of Google and all that information right in the palm of my hand.

One more picture and I'm done.  Come Monday or Tuesday I will be out and about with my camera, but for right now, I'm staying in. 

Thank goodness for Netflix #24 and Amazon Prime #25. Any recommendations for either one of those?  I'm in the middle of watching "Absentia" on Amazon Prime with Stana Katic, you remember her from "Castle".  The story picks up after Emily Byrne suddenly reappears after going missing for six years with no memory of what happened while she disappeared, the show is chock-full of mysteries to solve and questions to answer. In addition to solving the mysteries of the past, Emily has a quest to clear her own name of various crimes she's been implicated in. In the six years she has been missing, her son grows up not knowing his mother, and her husband remarries. Pretty riveting. 

OK, that's it for now. Stay safe, stay warm, stay healthy....oh just thought of another (I hope this doesn't jinx me) I am happy #26 so far I have escaped the terrible flu that has been spreading like wildfire. Like I said, I hope I didn't jinx myself for saying that. 

Until next time.....


  1. Stay warm!!
    Have you seen the Marvelous Mrs Maisel on Amazon!?! SOOOO GOOD!

  2. I love the full vase . . .
    a white stoneware, ironstone vase, pitcher sets tulips off beautifully.. . .
    I seem to favor pink, rose in tulips.
    A couple dozen here?
    I always debate on cutting back on the greens . . .
    Not here though . . . stunning.

    Thank you for your movie thoughts . . .
    The Phantom Thread is on my list . . .

    I am enjoying your happy list . . .
    Helps me focus on my own . . .

  3. Three comments in one day, on ONE bog. YOURS! Maybe a habit is forming ?
    Your tulips and happy list are truly enjoyed, but that window shot of the snow is fabulous. Life in a northern town often makes one appreciate our snowy scenes. Winter has a charm all it’s own.

  4. Stay cozy and keep reading and snapping pics Deanna. We finally had a big snow storm here in Breck, too. Yes - stay well!

  5. I haven't seen The Phantom Thread so I'll be on the watch for that nor I have heard about Absentia. We used always watch castle so I am a big fan of Stana Katic. I'll check that one out as well...I am sorry your Out of Chicago Photo Conference was cancelled. Will they do it another day? Your photographs are wonderful even if the subjects were tulips and snow. Sometimes less is more...I hope you have a great week...

  6. I am sorry your photo conference was cancelled, Deanna, but it sure looks like you made good use of your time. The photographs of your tulips are just beautiful!
    Stay cozy and warm, and I hope the weather allows you to be out and about with your camera again soon.
    Happy Sunday to you, my friend!

  7. Your tulips are so pretty and they certainly brighten up a cold, snowy winter day. We've been very lucky to not have much snow this winter (although some is expected this week) - I've been enjoying your posts.

  8. I don't know about you, but we had sunshine today. It was fabulous!


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