Saturday, January 4, 2014

Good Intentions??

This is already the 4th day into the New Year and I am still sitting here with my old habits.  I always think that with the new year I will suddenly change into an up early & dressed, exercise, lose those lbs, get organized, stop procrastinating kinda gal....but sadly, it seems to be the same ole same ole for me. I have good intentions, I really do.  Found this quote...."I think I'll be going to Heaven, because I had good intentions. But my actions are another thing."  By Curtis James Jackson that I think pretty well sums me up. 

I would much rather spend my time photographing, blogging, editing than exercising any day of the week.  And speaking of photography....Toby does love the snow.

Unlike my little Cinder, who says, "no thank you....I will just sit here on this nice warm couch catching any sun rays that I can while snuggled in one of my Mom's blankets."

Over at Kim Klassen's blog she challenged us to do a "fourteen in 2014" and I don't consider these resolutions so much as what I would really like to accomplish in 2014.  I have been mulling this in my mind for a few days.  

So here is my list (subject to change and not in any particular order) these things I really "want to do" in 2014.  
  1. Have registered and plan on completing (of which I have failed miserably in the past) a new class entitled "The 50mm Project".  Using your 50mm lens with different assignments and instructions for 4 weeks.  This the lightest weight lens I own, why I don't use it more often is beyond me.  But this will encourage me to take it out of the bag more often.  In fact...all the images on today's post are taken with my 50mm 1.4 lens.  
  2. Learn Lightroom 5.  I have been using it, but I really need some good "how to's and to dig dip" because not only am I using Lightroom for most of my editing, I made the decision to shoot in RAW.  Huge leaps for me. 
  3. Meet more blogging friends face to face.  I have done that in the past and loved meeting those that you get to know via their blogs, but meeting them, and carrying on a conservation, and laughing and really getting to know them is life enriching!!
  4. Take better care of myself.  I won't go there now, but I am horrible at so many "healthful habits".
  5. Finish a 365 Project.  Again have failed miserably in the past, but heh, try and try again, maybe the 3rd time will be the charm.
  6. Gather with friends more.  Life is too sweet and too short to not stay in touch with those you love.
  7. Try and whittle down my notorious procrastination....but I am afraid it's part of who I so-called DNA.  
  8. Participate for a 2nd time in the Alzheimer's Walk in the Fall and try to raise even more money for research for this dreaded and horrible disease.
  9. Grow my Family Photography Business.  I am delighted with what I have done so far, but would like to continue and gain more clients this year.
  10. Travel, travel, travel....need I say more.
  11. Read more, have a ton of books downloaded on my Kindle, just waiting patiently for mine eyes to see.  If you are a Kindle user you must subscribe via email to Pixel of Ink and Book Bub.  They are sites that are linked to Amazon that offer daily offerings of digital books to read, some are free, some are $1.99 and the really fantastic almost brand new books are $2.99.  Granted most times I read and delete, but it's worth it to sign up.  Just google them....and sign up, do it!!
  12. Let go of a hurtful relationship.  
  13. Investigate selling my prints on line, another huge leap for me if I follow thru.
  14. Be more prayerful....after all, nothing would be possible without the good Lord guiding me, protecting me, lifting me up when I am down, and loving me for who I am.   
I will let you know as I travel thru 2014 how I am doing on this list.  But right now I MUST get dressed and get to the grocery store for some food supplies....the dreaded and dangerous cold is hitting us soon and my cupboards are a little bare.

Have a safe, warm & happy weekend.....

Until next time.....


  1. i think #6 is a good one - one i need to work on, too. i hope you can accomplish most.

  2. Great list Deanna! Several of those are on my list too. I don't call them intentions or resolutions. I call them goals because somehow I do better with goals. Good luck with your intentions.

  3. #12 sticks out for me ... i have some relationships i need to let go ... but it is tough because they have been in my life for many years. ( :
    i prefer goals ... over that r word. wish you well on all of them.

  4. I am new to your blog. I find it compelling! I enjoy your's excellent. Your writings are nice. I am sorry about your sweetie! I have a dear friend suffering from that dreaded disease. Hard to know what to do! I'm looking forward to learning from you in 2014. Your new follower...babs

  5. procrastinate is such an easy path to follow and hard to move away from. That we recognize this fault/trait is a plus surely? You and me both Deanna - still got room to move on that one. Love the spotty cup/saucer with the bokey spotty backdrop!! Oh, so I read on and it's with your 50mm lens and you have a project organized to use it more; you should move ahead leaps and bounds with this I'm sure.

  6. I did mean to write bokeh -------- but can't 'edit' my comment, only add to it :)

  7. Beautiful 50mm shots, your dogs are adorable and the red cup, saucer and teapot have your name written all over it! I also signed up for the 50mm class, I am looking for all the help I can get to get myself back into taking pictures just for fun. Good luck on your list, hope it all happens for you, and a Happy New Year to you!

  8. Love that number 3! Such happy memories of my visiting and laughing with my Chicago blog buddy! I'm not a morning person either and I'm not going to push myself to be one. I've signed up for a reading challenge and I like having a place to list my the books I've read. My other goal -- when I get out of physical therapy :) -- is to look for a 3k walk in New York City next fall. I thought of that this morning. It's not much of a challenge for most people, but it works well for me. Keep cozy!

  9. Your images always bring a smile to my face! So I hope you will always have that camera close by and just keep doing what you do, because the light and the composition of even these few just inspire me.

    Here's to a new year, filled with hope, love, joy, and peace!

  10. Love your list! And adore the red teapot grouping. We both have explore selling our prints on-line on our wish list for 2014.

  11. happy new year, Deanna! Love your list...especially #3. wink wink... I let go of a hurtful relationship last year...very difficult for me, but now it is one year later...and I am so glad I did!! You know, Deanna...whenever I see red...I think of you! love your photo!

  12. Hi Deanna, I LOVE toby, and your teacup, and your hopeful list of intentions (you saved the best for last). Hope 2014 is a great one for you.

    Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

  13. Hi, popped in to read your 14 in 2014. Love the pic of the snow covered snout -so adorable. Good luck with your list!

  14. I can help you travel and meet a blog friend. I'm not SO far away from you. ;-)

  15. hi Deanne. Wow! What a long list. It took some thinking through. looks good to me, certainly some of those things I would need to do!, Your photos are wonderful as are your dogs. tTravel is on your list and although I am far away, you are always welcome to come for a visit. I certainly live in a beautiful part of the world to photograph.

  16. What a great list, Deanna! My mom has dementia along with cancer so thank you for walking! I'm going to try a 365 too so maybe we can check in on each other's progress. Here's to a new year relying on our great Lord and Savior for all! xx

  17. I love your "Snippets" and your "Intentions" are motivating me to get with it. You are my "new find" for 2014! And can't wait to see each if your entries . . . The photography of the doggies is sooooo wonderful. I am thrilled to meet you. I have some ideas for #12 . . .

  18. Ooohh, I'd love to do #13. I have my Etsy shop set up and ready to go, but too afraid to pull the trigger. This is a great list and I hope you get to do them all, enriching your life and others' lives in the process. Hugs!

  19. Great list Deanna I too am a procrastinator any reason not to exercise and I will find it, although if I have a camera in my hand I will walk miles for the perfect shot !

  20. good list deanna, I have been also thinking of doing the 50mm lens class as my back really need to be using a lighter lens. I may join you there if I can make up my mind. Much of what is on your list is on mine also, light minds as they say or maybe "old minds" :) :) :) Your kids are just so cute.

  21. Lynne from Irish Garden House sent me a link to your blog, thinking we might have a lot in common. I live in Glen Ellyn, wondering if you live nearby? I have enjoyed reading your posts and thought maybe I could help you out with goal #3! Erin


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