Friday, December 30, 2011

Coffee, Tea and IKEA

Oh my oh my what a dismal day it was here in Chicagoland.  Rain, fog, yuk!!  It may have been dismal on the outside but it was warm, lit up like a Christmas tree (oh it was a Christmas tree) yummy, and filled with friends on the inside.  Today I hosted a Christmas coffee/tea for all my girlfriends that I spend each Wednesday morning with at Bible Study.  We are on break right now and won't resume until mid-January so thought a gathering after all the busyness of Christmas had settled down a bit would be lovely.  And it was.  Coffee, teas (a delightful array, I say that because I don't drink tea and I bought an assortment, so I'm calling it a delightful array), coffee cakes, bagels, Christmas cookies, and fresh fruits, all  banquet worthy were enjoyed by all.  Lots of chatter about each of our Christmas' and how we spent the day and more talk of plans for the New Year.  It's just fun to spend time with friends and after-all the house is still decorated and so in need of holiday cheer.

 Marti made this beauty in a wreath shaped bundt pan, but before I remembered to take pictures, half of it had been eaten.

Krystyna (below on left) brought the scrumptious plate full of homemade Christmas Cookies.  She left a few on a plate for me, as of 8:00 PM the same night I had finished them off with no crumbs in site....delicious!!

My friend, Catherine, obviously doesn't like to have her picture taken, so all you see are the of these days I am going to catch her off-guard....she is really attractive.

My friend Marti, and her daughter Sarah...

Marti and Sarah were the last to leave and before leaving they said that they were off to IKEA and I said "gee, I should go along, I have never been...."what???? you've never been to IKEA, well, grab your coat and let's go."  So quickly I shoved things in the refrig, wrapped up the coffee cakes and bagels, and out the door we went.  And really, I had never been to IKEA eventho everyone I know has been there multiple times.  Maybe it's a good thing I have never been before because I found SEVERAL items that I now feel the need to have.

In my quest to organize and de-clutter I think this would make a wonderful addition to the study upstairs.

These are 3 pieces...two bookcases on each side of the nice piece in the middle.  LOVE!!!  I have seen many pieces similar to this in the Pottery Barn catalogs....but way too expensive for me.  This is much more reasonable.

And now I am convinced that these colors would be wonderful in the "new" study....white, black, orange, and that yummy green.  I can see it now.  Oh I have so many ideas, and plans for the New Year.  Better get started quickly before I waver in my enthusiasm.  Had a great time on my first trip to IKEA, came home with a few treasures and plans, plans, plans.  If you have an IKEA within driving range, I would definitely not wait as long as I did to make your first trip.

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."  ~  Thomas Edison

Until next time.....

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  1. Ooohhhh, I can't believe you haven't been to IKEA, but now I'm sure you're hooked - LOVE that place, just don't get there very often!!

    And I just LoVe, your checkered silverware - so fun!

    Happiest of New Year's to my my friend! ; )


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