Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Zoo Story

Yesterday I checked one off my bucket list....the San Diego Zoo.  I have only been in California twice in my entire life, the first time about 12 years ago when I was here we went to the San Diego Wild Life Park but secretly really wanted to go to the zoo.  So now on my 2nd trip I went to the zoo.  And what a great day it was.  Be sure and make a note that the Tuesday after Thanksgiving is the absolute best time to go to the zoo.  No crowds, no waiting anywhere in the park, perfect.  And I guess I should mention that the weather was perfect too, partly sunny and in the 70's.  Don't ya just hate it when it is freezing cold and snowing where you are and somebody says (brags) "oh, it's 70 and sunny here".  Sorry, couldn't help it now that I am in that area that is in the 70's and sunny.  My son, Lane and I acted almost like a couple of kids, we both love zoos.  We went everywhere, saw every animal, and enjoyed every minute.  But it was not a cheap day.  Tickets were $40 a piece.   And lunch which consisted of 2 wrap sandwiches, 2 bags of chips, a small plate of cookies and 2 drinks added up to another $40.  At the lunch check-out counter I gasped when she said $40.....and I thought prices were bad in Chicago.  Oh well, it's only money, and I don't expect that I will ever be back to the San Diego Zoo again.  Now here is my collection of shots from the San Diego Zoo.....

The giraffe is one of my favorite animals.  They are so beautiful.

The Koala Bear, most of them (all 9 of them) were asleep in the trees.  This one was the only one moving and with his eyes open.  They are adorable animals.

Look at that face.....

The camel...this guy's hump was leanin' a little...

These two were having a strange love-affair....

 This orangutang is still quite young and still acts like a kid....while we were there he put that branch on top of his head. 

Interesting ducks......

This looks like a sparrow, but I am going to pretend it is some rare exotic bird....


How would you like to wake up and that yellow eye be looking right at you??

A Condor....ugly, ugly bird and BIG

Mother and child hippos....  Ever wonder how hippos go potty??  In the water ofcourse.....true, I saw it happen.  That was probably information you didn't need to know, but I felt the need to share. 

 Some kind of ugly hog type animal....

 Unusual monkeys...

Open up and say ahhh......

Flies were definitely bothering the kangeroo....

Flamingos.....they are prettier here than on people's front yards.....

Great White Heron landing on a Palm Tree....

What a fun animal the Panda is....he was quite a ham.  

The Polar Bears were out and eating while we were there.... is from Africa the other is from India, don't ask me which is which....


A yellow head woodpecker....well I never!!??

Another totally cool those zebras

Just a little of the flora and fauna found at the zoo.....

Spotted this church off in the distance when we rode the sky car across the zoo.  Looks quite beautiful...

And finally, another hummingbird, not in a cage.....

A great day, one that I will remember for a long long time.

"You never know when you're making a memory."  ~  Rickie Lee Jones

Until next time.......


  1. Wow, an amazing collection, hard to pick a favorite. The giraffe, the panda, that funny grey bird, that gorgeous antelope and the cute koala, wonderful images.

  2. I enjoyed each and every one of your pictures because I too love zoos but have not visited one since I started up with photography. I hope I'm as lucky to find such great subjects and I only wish I were as talented as you to take such wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing.

  3. just beautiful. i love them all. what a great shot of the church (lucky find). really love the interesting colored birds, the one with the yellow ring around his eye, gorgeous. & the hummingbird is just to cute. (:

  4. The San Diego Zoo is on MY bucket list too! I love the panda photos! What a photogenic guy/gal (?) he/she is! With those temps you are experiencing out there you'll NEVER want to come back to Chicago!


  5. Oh, Deanna! It sounds like you're having a maaahhvelous time in CA. So happy for you and so glad you're sharing your joy.

  6. Wow, Deanna!! You really have a fabulous collection of photos here! Seriously, I've never seen better zoo shots. Sounds like you had a perfect day with your son! The panda photo is my favorite!

  7. Fabulous, Fabulous, Fabulous! I loved seeing each and every one and so glad you're having so much fun! Keep those photos coming ":o)

  8. WOW!! what amazing shots.. So crisp and clear.. I really enjoyed them my friend..

    Hugs, Linda

  9. Awwwww, what a feast for my eyes! :D
    I truly enjoyed each and every one of your photos, Deanna! So so fab! Thanks for posting them all! Have a happy December :)

  10. Fantastic shots! they look professionally done - really! I love them all but had to laugh at the orangutan - so cute with those leaves on his head!

  11. All are gorgeous, Deanna -- but I love the Panda! Awesome shots. So glad you were able to spend the day with your boy. :)

  12. Absolutely Amazing and Wonderful photos. So happy you were able to go to the Zoo and that you shared your photos.

  13. My Dear Friend
    What a fabulous set of Zoo photos-- every time I have gone to a zoo the darn fences have been my headache. Your are simply FAB!!!

    I am waiting on the edge of my seat to hear about the wedding yesterday... Hope you had a blast!!

    Be sure and touch base -- love a chat with you.

    Travel safe too!

  14. oooooooooooh Btw-- I love your new header!!!

  15. What a fabulous wildlife photographer you are! These are pretty awesome.

    In the summer between 8th and 9th grade, my sister, a couple of friends, and I rode the city bus from National City to the San Diego zoo. Don't remember any of the animals (though we spent the day there), but I do remember the young South American sailors who were visiting the zoo, admired them from afar!

  16. Deanna, these are so inspirational! So cute! And your site is looking fabulous.
    I'm going to be in SD soon and a day at the zoo is definitely in order!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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