Sunday, December 11, 2011

The End....or is it The Beginning

Do you get confused over whether this is the end of the week or the beginning of a new one?  When I worked, Monday was always the start of my week, when I went to school Monday was always the beginning, but if you look at most calendars, Sunday is the start of the week, not Monday.  I remember distinctly from the Bible that God created heaven and earth and on the 7th day He rested.  That says to me that Sunday is the last day of the week.  I guess it really isn't important whether it's the end or the beginning, today was Sunday all day long and that means for many people a day of rest.  My decorating continues, even on a rest for me, will I ever get done??  But today my friend Catherine called and said she was going to the Morton Arboretum for just an hour, did I want to come along.  At first I said no, too much yet to do.  But after thinking about it for a a good 5 or 10 seconds, I decided I needed to get outdoors with my camera, clear the mind, enjoy the fresh air and it was only for an hour.....right??  Wrong, we get over there and can spend 30 minutes in one spot.  Needless to say it was more like 3 hours, but well worth it.  Eventho everything is pretty much the color of brown, tan, or grey, we did find plenty.  It is amazing when you open those baby blues what seems to appear right in front of that camera lens.  So come along with me for a one three hour trip to the Arboretum.  But I have to add that part of that time was spent eating.....lunch in their lovely eating area with their yumalicious food and while eating I had to tell Catherine all about the wedding.  Upon returning home the decorating continued....

That's me....

 Standing atop the bridge that goes over the river or it might be a stream, not sure what determines what is a river vs a stream....but anyway, captured this bird's nest, just waiting for a new family in spring.

 A little sun flare, it was a bright shiny day, but cold, you can see the little bit of snow left on the ground.

A frozen pond.  Something so sad about things caught in they struggled to get out, but didn't quite make it. 

Saw quite a few walkers along our travels...

 And look at this carved heart I spotted in a is so old that it has become part of the tree...don't ya wonder who did this? are they still sweethearts?

Ahhhh, red berries....LOVE THEM.  These are rose hips....

These are from the sumac bushes....

And these are from the crab apple trees....all are stunningly beautiful in the winter sun and sky.

One of the many, many benches found throughout the Arboretum, just waiting for someone to stop and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of this beautiful place.  Just a little fyi....the man that owned the Morton Salt Company (thus the name Morton Arboretum) bought this land and dedicated it to the growing of plants and trees and eventually giving it over to the public for our enjoyment. 

Felt the need to post a few more Christmas pics....and this is why my decorating continues on and on and on....because I stop and do this, but I am OK with  3 days a week of decorating. 

"Fill your life with as many moments and experiences of joy and passion as you humanly can.  Start with one experience and build on it."  ~  Marsha Weider

Until next time......


  1. I love your Christmas decorations.

    Beautiful images from the Arboretum. Always good to go out to clear the head.

  2. You have inspired me, this week I am out to find a nest. I love the teapot vignette, lovely!

  3. Deanna, I'm so glad you decided to go -- just think of these beautiful shots you and we would have missed! :)

  4. It's always a good idea to get out and take in the fresh air. Look at all your great shots. I love the heart on the sweet ♥

  5. Spontaneity is what it's all about! And you do it so well!

    Deanna, my friend, you seriously need to check out these gloves made just for smart phone users, iPads, etc., and PHOTOGRAPHERS! I couldn't shoot in winter without mine, the kind with the thumb and pointer cut out.

  6. Enjoyed the walk through the Arboretum! And I continue to delight in your Christmas decorating!

  7. I think I am with you- Sunday is the last day of the week. I love your selfie shot at the beginning. Good luck on getting all the rest of your decorating done!

  8. Hello Deanna,
    Phew!, I'm out of breath reading: you don't go in for paragraphs, do you :-)
    Loved the walk and the cuppa when we got back home.

  9. Such wonderful photos from your excursion and the decoration, Deanna!

  10. I had to smile while I was reading your post. That sounds exactly like what I do.. I will only be gone an hour.. It is always way more time than that. Thanks for sharing you photos with us they are gorgeous..

    Hugs, Linda

  11. I haven't been to the Morton Arboretum in forever! What a great walk, love the bird nest, and love love that pic of you taking a pic! ; )


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