Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oh Such Memories

When I retired from AT&T (actually I took a really good offer that I couldn't refuse) back in 1998, I decided that I wanted a part-time job, just something fun a couple of days a week.  I went to work immediately for a decorator/gift/floral shop and was with them for about 3 years.  While there my knowledge of design grew by leaps and bounds.  It was a beautiful shop (I say was....because like so many other shops like this one, got caught in the recession and closed) with talented designers.  At Christmastime the shop was a Christmas wonderland, one decorated tree after the other, all with different themes.  But down the street was another great little shop, "The Stamp Shack".  I had already ventured into the land of rubber-stamping and was slightly, oh come-on, totally addicted to this new hobby.  Well, I managed to get up the courage to speak to the owner about the possibility of working there and lo and behold as quick as a wink she called and asked if I could start....oh happy, happy me.  January 2001 I became an employee of the Stamp Shack and remained there until it closed in December 2004.  2001 was one of the happiest days, 2004 was one of the saddest.  I cannot begin to tell you the fun, the infusion of joy, the paradise on earth, where troubles evaporized kinda place the Stamp Shack was.  Best boss ever, best co-workers ever where Marti and I became best buds spending 2 days a week together for 4 years sharing laughter and heartbreak, meeting and working with other fabulous women, teaching classes, attending workshops, being part of the shows for the retailers only was like a safe house for the soul, perfection, signed- sealed- and delivered.  So you can imagine what it was like when Glynda (the store owner) told us she was closing.  We are all still grieving a little and that has been 7 years ago.  But today, some of us gathered together to celebrate those happy memories and talk about how none of us have aged a bit, even tho all of our children and grandchildren have continually grown and aged.  Glynda and her husband, Harry moved almost immediately after the Stamp Shack closed to Arkansas, and only come back for short visits to see their 2 daughters and their families.  But today was the day to visit, catch-up, laugh, and re-live the golden times.  We have already lost a Stamp Shack "family" member to cancer and another one is suffering from both cancer and dementia, a double-whammy, so let this be a lesson to us all.  Don't wait to contact old friends, stay in touch, meet for lunch, drop a line, even an e-mail, because life changes, life moves on, and sometimes if we wait too long we miss those golden opportunities. 

Harry & Glynda....they are loving their life in Arkansas

My partner in crime while working at the Stamp Shack....Marti.  We were known as Lucy and Ethel, it would depend on the day as to who was who...!!  

Roxie, one of the youngest ladies that worked at the Stamp Shack.  Roxie has 2 small children(who are ofcourse a little older now), worked a full time job (still does), is a Stampin' Up Rep and still made time to work at the Stamp Shack....whew, makes me tired just thinking about all that...!!

Sue Anne, love her...she did not "work" at the Stamp Shack, but taught many a class and was definitely  a fun part of the "Stamp Shack Family"....

 And she belongs to the clean-plate club.  Cleaned that plate to the very last drop.....

And our special friend, Cris.  Cris has had it pretty damn rough lately.  She has been suffering from dementia for the last 4 years and this year was diagnosed with breast cancer and has had to endure radiation and chemo.  Makes you stop dead in your tracks sometimes to really think about what others
encounter in their lives.  Cris still has her laugh that you can recognize anywhere and a husband that is totally devoted to making her life as easy as possible.  He truly takes his marriage vows, in sickness and in health, to heart.  What a blessing.

And my grand-girls....I said breakfast, they said where?  Actually they enjoyed the conversation and  remembered coming to the Stamp Shack when they were little, playing with the stamps and making their own Christmas Cards.   Again, good memories.  And today we made more memories.

"The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it."  ~  Richard Bach

Until next time......

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  1. What a great way to spend the morning. Thanks to Glynda we really are a family. Everyone should be so blessed. It was great getting to spend time with B&B, too. They're really beautiful young women.


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