Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's Bah Humbug Day

Everyday delivered in my e-mail inbox is a sweet little inspirational quote for the day.  Along with the inspiration there is also other bits of information that might be of interest to us readers.  Today is "Bah Humbug Day'...not sure I needed or wanted that info, but it did get me thinking of those that consider this whole season nothing but bah humbug.  How sad for them that they miss the feelings of glad tidings and great joy that abound during this time.  I know that somedays I am not filled to the brim with glad tidings, especially this fact I had a good cry earlier this morning missing what was and never will be again.  But then, I stop and realize that my cup does runneth (runneth?? is that really a word??) over with joy.  Today my 2 granddaughters are coming to spend a few days with me before Christmas.  We have been celebrating Christmas like this for years and years.  I can't even remember when it first began, but it has become a tradition every year.  My grandson Brandon was part of the fun too until he got married a year ago and that stopped his tradition of coming to Nana's house, never did understand why he would rather spend his time with his "wife" than with his Nana.  (you know I am kidding....right?)  Now that Brie is 18 and Bailey is 21 I don't know how much longer this tradition of ours is going to last but I am going to enjoy each and every moment and feel that great joy and glad tidings.  And PS....if you are feeling Bah Humbug, you are instructed to say it outloud 12 times in a row and that should get rid of those humbugs.  OK?? 

Sharing a few more pics of our home decorated for the holidays....

Here they come.....

Gold is the color of the day

Love these unfinished letters that you can buy at most any hobby/craft type store.  I painted mine gold, glued on flat back rhinestones, added a metal "Christmas", added some greens, berries, and ribbons to create this cute little joy.  I notice that one of the baubles is missing off of the year.

In my frenzied days of Santa collecting I spotted this in a cute shop close to where our daughter lives.  It was expensive (over $100.) much too much to spend on a Santa Claus.  But as luck would have it this tiny shop allowed you to put items on lay-a-way and that is what I did.  A little each week until I had it paid off.  I really think sometimes that credit cards should be banished and lay-a-way should take their place.  Some people get in too much trouble with too many credit cards.  We have made it too easy to get credit.  I was one of those "that got into trouble" and it takes some time to crawl out of that "credit card hole".  Oh my, I am sounding like a "bah humbug"...better stop and remember my glad tidings. 

Hope the final days before Christmas finds you filled with glad tidings of great joy...

"Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it."  ~  Philip Stanhope

Until next time......


  1. look how beautiful your ornaments and decorations are!! You should link these up in my photo show off as well! I'd love to see them there.
    It's I hope you will! Love them!

  2. Your granddarlings are precious! Enjoy them while it lasts. I'm looking forward to Christmas eve when my daughter and her two join me for our traditional Christmas eve chili supper after the services at church.

  3. Lucky you to have your two granddaughters visit! Enjoy!! Just have to say how pretty your decorations are and that your gift wrapping is I have been put to shame - it's the one thing I do not like.

  4. Oh I think you must be a fun nana to spend time with! Your grand daughters should take some decorating lessons from you, your Christmas decor is just gorgeous. It's a tough Christmas for our family too this year, bah humbug! But, I'm glad I have so much of my family around and an overflow of I'm sure you do too :).


  5. Your granddaughter are just beautiful Deanna.
    Enjoy every moment, and i wish you a wonderful Christmas.

  6. It sounds like you have a few wonderful days ahead of you with your two sweet girls. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Oh, I love that santa too :)

  7. Lovely pics! What a warm home you have :)

  8. Beautiful images. Gorgeous girls and wonderful decorations.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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