Friday, March 16, 2012

Five Senses Friday - The March 16, 2012 Edition

With my bedroom windows open because of this absolutely beautiful, warm weather we have been enjoying, I woke up to the sound of birds chirping.  What a lovely melody, so much nicer than the beep beep beep of the alarm clock.

You can just catch a glimpse of Mr. Robin's red breast....they have flooded our neighborhood. Everywhere I look I see Robins, a definite sign that Spring has arrived.  Hearing them with their pleasant chirping sounds is like a Spring Concerto with Mother Nature as the conductor.

It won't be long before bird-houses will have new tenants.....(the dreamy look of the birdhouse is no special trick....I just shot it thru the screen of the back-porch since I wasn't dressed yet and my neighbors have seen me too many times in bathrobe and slippers, I kinda like it)

It was less than 1/2 later, now dressed, I walked out into the backyard, and Mr. Sparrow was all ready to claim a spot in the birdhouse and it appears he is calling his friends & relatives to join him.  

Right after lunch, the phone was my good friend Marti calling to say she had Groupon coupons for the Gelato place in town.  Could I join her for a dish of gelato?  Yep, be right there.  I enjoyed a 1/2 caramel/peanut and 1/2 chocolate.  Had every intention of snapping a pic but too busy spooning the smooth, cold & creamy gelato into my waiting open mouth.

Marti in black & white.....

Decided to see if I liked more black & whites by converting some people images.  This new medium is beginning to grow on me.  The image below is our Bible Study leader, Margaret.  Love all that texture in her hair.

And this cutie lives a couple of houses from me.  It was hard for me to change this to b&w since she has beautiful blue eyes.

After I returned from my gelato trip, the weather was just so incredibly wonderful, I did not want to stay indoors.  Me and my camera walked around the neighborhood seeking spring delights and we were not disappointed.  My neighbor's yard had a few daffodils nodding their heads.....

She also had a bush with these blue berries which were probably left from Fall, but how pretty they were next to the bright green of the new leaves.....

Across the street, Forsythia bushes were in bloom.  Ahh the smells of Spring.  If all this is happening now, what will we see in April and May??

Feeling good about a day well spent, enjoying the outdoors and spending time with a good friend.

"A friend is what the heart needs all the time."  ~  Henry Van Dyke

Until next time.....


  1. I really enjoy your blog and how you see the world around you.

  2. i love, love, luv your header ... so much color ... it is great!! what awesome photos here. really love the birds. so great!! enjoy your weekend. (:

  3. Love your bird house! All the colourful flower are lovely and your black and whites are beautiful. How nice to have some warm spring sunshine and flowers after your winter, plus good friends.

  4. Fabulous photos again! Who would have thought taking a picture through screen would have such a great effect. I really like the birdhouse. Both ways. Your new header is just right for the new season. Glad you have your color back today.

    Snooks @ 3Beeze Homestead

  5. I love that bird house and the little bird...nice to see some colors but I do love your B&W portraits.

  6. Nice portraits,and I just love your bird house,-especially like the one taken through the window.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful day, Deanna. Love your "texture" created with the screen door! :)

  8. Now that sounds like a perfect day.. Your photos look amazing.. I just love seeing the little bird in the birdhouse.. And your black and white shot are wonderful..

    Hugs, Linda

  9. Hey darlin!
    Wow... i REALLY really REAL-E like that bird house with the natural texture (your screen) its exactly what I like to achieve when I add KK textures. I would really like to see how your neighbors look outside their windows and say..."ohhh look honey, its that darling Deanna wandering with her camera again!" LOL

    Would love some Gelato with you too!

  10. Oh, I love that bird house shot through the screen! And the black and whites.....GoRGeoUS!!

  11. Beautiful. If I had to choose a favorite it would be between the blueberries or your pretty bird house. But...nope can't do it. It's impossible to choose. :)


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