Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Juniper Berries and The Glasses

We were almost at the end of our mini-vacation in Sedona when I reached for my glasses that are usually hooked on to the front of my shirt. Well, as you might imagine, they were nowhere in sight (ha, ha little play on words).  The hunt began, first in my purse - not there, next on the car seat - not there, then on the floor of the car - not there.  It was then that the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach began to emerge.  Oh no, we have been to so many places today, where on earth could I have dropped them?

I began by calling the restaurant where we had breakfast, "The Coffee Pot Restaurant" that just happens to be at the base of the Coffee Pot Mountain.....

No luck, then I had this dreaded feeling that I had dropped them on my way down to get a good picture of the Smidgley Bridge.....

Not there least I couldn't find them.  We decided to check a couple of more spots, but at this point I was convinced that they had fallen into the Oak Creek that if you look closely at the pic above on the left you can see the river thru the bars of the bridge.  I had climbed down onto those rocks to get a good shot of the river, and fyi, for the next 3 days my thighs are still sore from climbing those rocks....I am so out of shape, note to self, start exercising.  We continued on our back-tracking, what an idiot for losing glasses in Sedona, it is like looking for the needle in the proverbial haystack.  Next we stopped at the over-look heading up toward the small Sedona Airport (all small planes, won't be flying into that airport for sure).

So, so gorgeous, an unbelievable view, but no glasses.  I was losing hope at this point.  We still had a couple of more places.  We then stopped at the Shrine of the Red Rock, dedicated on Easter Sunday, 1961 by the Masons of Sedona.  Stunning, stunning views, God truly knows how to create beauty.

No luck again.  As I stepped off the steps of the shrine I began gathering juniper berries that had fallen to the ground with thoughts of taking a picture of hands holding them.  (PS I love hand shots!!).  After that we had one, just one more place to stop.  If they weren't at this very last stop then I was convinced they were at the bottom of the Oak Creek.  Mr. Friend stopped not for the views or any special outlook, but for me to gather more juniper berries for my imagined hand image.  And....and....there they were, sitting on the ground among the juniper berries, just waiting for me to return.  They had obviously dropped off in my haste of gathering.  Now tell me, who doesn't believe in small miracles??!!  Thank you God for the patience and determination of my friends in the search.

"We have been friends together in sunshine and shade."  ~  Caroline Norton

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  1. I am so glad you found your glass. That was an incredible journey. I love your hand picture. I am in awe of the amazing places you visited.

  2. Such a great post, and SO glad you found your glasses. Beautiful places, and that hand shot is so wonderful! I've been wanting to do one with the setting sun....

  3. What a wonderful little miracle! Or as I often call them "the tender mercies of the Lord." :)

  4. Don't you hate it when "that" happens! I spend way too much time looking for my glasses. Lost my favorite pair this weekend ...can't find them anywhere.

    The photos are just great. Love the hand shot.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful photo story. Love the story even more than your wonderful photos, although your last photo is very special.

  6. Well, that wouldn't happen to me. I can't see much of anything without my glasses. So they never come off!

  7. That IS a needle in a haystack! But you did it! That last shot is stunning!

  8. That truly is amazing,Deanna! I love that hand shot!!!!

  9. I love that hand shot, Deanna! I'm glad you retraced your steps and found your glasses.

  10. These are all amazing pictures! I went to Sedona a few years ago right before I got into photography. It was such a wonderful place. Glad you found your glasses. I enjoyed your search!


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