Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trimming Back

Woke up to another stunning, sunny day.  After buying my pansies at Loews yesterday, I was determined to get them planted and proudly displayed on the front porch.  And you know what happens next, don't ya....everything around it looks so untidy that the clean-up began.  I also bought 3 little pink tulips that  were ready to burst into bloom and more pansies to plant in the pot by the driveway, which you guessed it, led to more clean-up.  I planted 3 tiny ivy plants a 100 or so years ago and they have literally taken over the little side garden.  Each year I have to pull ivy out or it will smother what is left in the garden.  Trimming it back reminded me that we all could use some trimming back on occasion.  Trimming back on buying more stuff, trimming back on buying more clothes when my closets are over-flowing now, trimming back on calories and eating better.  Life would be simpler if we honestly tried to trim back.  I see so many young couples that have over-extended and are now in serious financial troubles, some even losing their homes.  Since my monthly expenses have really stretched my budget, trimming back is a "must-do" with me.

Enough of the trimming back and on to the delights I found with my camera today.  Ofcourse between cleaning up the garden, I certainly found time to take a few pics.....

I think Spring Fever has a hold on me...even the dandelions looked good today.....

These little tiny buds will be lilacs soon....


And these sweet things will be tiny white flowers covering a bush in my side yard.  Before my "big girl" camera I would NEVER have noticed these sweet little buds.....

A multi petaled tulip that returns each year....

And the crab apple trees are covered, I mean covered in blooms....

And my sweet little neighbor girl...she let me take her picture again today....this is the biggest smile I can get out of her...need to catch her off-guard.

Joining with Nancy at The Rural Journal for my Sunday Best.....

Hope your Sunday was filled with sunshine, tulips, & smiles.....

"There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling."  ~  Mirabel Osler

Until next time......


  1. Oh boy I am really missing lilac's....I just adore their wonderful scent! Promise you will share a photo when they are open....and those crabapple blossoms are wonderful!

  2. Trimming back..I love that expression and I think I am going to add it to my favorite quote list....and thanks to you for reminding me that trimming back can be good and can open us to new adventures in many areas of our life.....

    These pictures of springtime are beautiful and make me want to get out and work in the yard....which I certainly intend to do this week if the weather cooperates...

    I hope you week is full of blessings...

  3. My neighbor and I were just having this same conversation over the backyard fence this afternoon. It's time to go through things and get rid of items unused, to un-clutter and go through and organize the things that will remain. I always feel so much better after I do this. I do not enjoy the task but the outcome is worth it.
    Still waiting for spring here. The plants are slow to show buds and still no blossoms so your pictures are a very welcome site.

  4. Beautiful spring time images...I especially love the little lilac buds.

  5. Well it sounds like you were one busy gal today! It was so windy here today, I couldn't even go outside. But I am hoping for a nice week!! Your photos are gorgeous..

  6. Seems I've been trimming back my entire life! :) What clothes I do buy, I get from the thrift store and I haven't bought anything in ages. Just don't need it, I guess.

    Beautiful photos of your garden blooms, Deanna -- yours are ahead of mine by a couple of weeks.

    Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best. :)

  7. Lilacs are my FAV flower. Since we moved to our new home, we did not have any. But the Better Half planted three for me last year (one for each "Thing"). Soooo looking forward to seeing some blooms and SMELLIN' them....sigh. Gorgeous photos. And I'm with you on the "trimming" part too. Actually, I have found photography is saving us lots of money...I practically never have time to stroll thru stores anymore :)

  8. Truly beautiful!! I love Spring and you captured it perfectly!

  9. I really don't know where to begin,for all your Spring photos are exquisite.It can't be just your big girl
    camera that is getting these results,for you obviously have an eye for composition and colour,--but I would
    love to know what camera you do use!!!

  10. Beautiful as always, Deanna. I love your photography! And I'm all for trimming back, too!

  11. What wonderful photos! You've captured the beauty of spring perfectly :)

  12. Not sure how I missed these, but these are wonderful. I love each one! Great focus! Don't you just love spring as the world wakes up!

  13. What a glorious series of photos! I can only dream about flowers . . .


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