Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pink Glorious Pink

I don't know about you, but I LOVE the color pink.  Especially at this time of year when Spring flowers are pushing their way out of the winter soil and bringing such gorgeous color back into our world.  Spring bushes & trees are are also presenting their beautiful pink blooms to brighten our days. Spring has come at least a month early to our parts, catching us all off-guard.  The Garden Centers are just now thinking about opening altho I have a feeling many of us would like to start planting right now, forgetting about the fact it is still March.  I am so enjoying having the windows open, the doors ajar, letting in those spring breezes, clearing the air of winter.  Unfortunately some of my friends suffer from Spring allergies so these early Spring warm breezes are bringing plenty of sneezes (oh I couldn't resist that one).  But not me, I am lovin' it.

Kim's Beyond Textures Class is having Color Week with a different color far the colors have been Monday green, Tuesday yellow and today, Wednesday pink.  I have posted both green and yellow on Flickr, but today I am featuring pink here....

Also, please visit my collaborative blog Focusing On Life today where I am musing on "photography style".

These are from my neighbor's yard, they peek thru the fence so I get to enjoy them too...

A trip to Trader Joe's produced more tulips today.....

The Magnolia's are spectacular this year....

Another Magnolia....LOVE this, may have it made into a Canvas Print.

And the sweetness of the Red Bud trees...

And ofcourse, what would a series on pink be without my quince blossoms....

Yogi Berra....most of you are too young to remember him, but his quotes were hilarious. Yogi was a terrific ball player and manager of the New York Yankees and the New York Mets and was quite the character.  When I saw this image that resembled a fork in the road, I immediately thought of this quote.    

I think Yogi said it best "It"s not over til it's over."

Until next time.....


  1. i've always liked color. but only recently have i come to love PINK even more. it is such a wonderful color. so happy & cheerful. love it!! i love your work here. just beautiful. (:

  2. Oh my gosh, I love your pink bunny platter!

    Those tulips are gorgeous, too. It makes me want to buy some for the house, but I fear my cat would think they're a kitty snack for her eating pleasure. :p


  3. I am enjoying Focus on Life...All of you gals are so talented and so generous to share your wisdom with the rest of us....Ever since I read your post today, I have been thinking about "my style"...I am so new to photography I think it will be some time before my style has a chance to emerge...

    On the other hand, your style is incredible and I never tire of looking at your beautiful work...These shots you shared today are so beautiful...You really have editing down to a fine art.....

  4. OH MY GOSH......These are so friggen fabulous!!!! that 4th photo down NEEDS to be on canvas!!!! Really beautiful work.

  5. Love the fork in the road, genius.

  6. Oh, how gorgeous these all are! I really love that magnolia blossom. It makes me think of Lisa Gordon's amazing macro photography :)

  7. Oh, sigh . . . you know my favorite color is pink!! Hmmm, love them all but yes, the one of the magnolia - definitely should be made into a canvas! This has been a horribly busy week for me, having trouble participating with the colors this week! : (

  8. Thank you thank you thank you. you did it again :) Saved my morning... that first pic is my absolute favorite. And yes, I love pink too!!

  9. Wow, Deanna! I just love all of these...especially the beautiful magnolia and your trader joe tulips.

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, I love them all, so delightful! Both your magnolias are just stunning, you should definitely make a canvas! Your final photo is just wonderful, I love the DOF and stunning colour!


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