Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Touch of Green

Today being St. Patrick's Day I thought what a better day than this to devote this post to the color Green.  Green has been a favorite color of mine for many years....all colors of green, mint green-sage green-hunter green-grass green-lime green and everything in between.  I am getting ready to re-paint the downstairs bathroom and I am changing it from hunter green to probably a grass green.  Big change, huh? I don't know of a single color that does not blend well with green.  Think about it, some of my fav color combos are green & red, green & pink, green & purple, green & brown, green & orange, green & black, green & yellow, green & blue etc etc etc. You get my drift.  No wonder God painted the world green, it goes with everything.

This is Sam....a sweet neighbor that had just returned home from seeing our local St. Patrick's Day Parade, dressed appropriately, I might add.

Not sure why he decided to turn up his nose....I remember when my daughter was little, she did this too, we all encouraged her because we thought it was soooo cute, but then after awhile it got annoying, but too late, we had encouraged it for so long it became a bad habit to break.

These sweet little buds are crawling along the front sidewalk.  I like that I was able to capture that wisp of ?, sure didn't see this with my naked eye....wait a minute, naked?? well you got my meaning.

And these lovely buds will soon blossom into lilacs...

The new leaves on the rose bushes...look at the edges.

I know this isn't 100% green but after these sweet little blooms blossom, this plant (lung wort what a horrible name for a plant) stays green the rest of the summer.

And one last pic...not green but b&w...I am continuing my love affair with my new found muse.

"May you have the hindsight to know where you've been,
 the foresight to know where you're going,
 and the insight to know when you're going too far."

~  An Irish Blessing

Until next time......


  1. i've always loved green. such a beautiful color. happy st. patrick's day to you!! hope you are enjoying the day. your little neighbor is so cute. love the nose scrunching, perfect for your picture taking. (:

  2. And a very happy St. Patty's Day to you!

  3. Oh wow!!! These are so fun. Cute little neighbor! I've that last shot.

  4. Hope you had a happy St. Patrick's Day, Deanna! Your neighbor is just the cutest!

    Today in AZ (Fountain Hills) the town turned the fountain bright green - I plan to post it - it was quite neat!

  5. I love green too, but funny I don't wear green....I just love to see it on bushes, in the trees and on the flowers....and oh yes, my little green anole friends too! These are all beautiful Deanna!

  6. I've always loved green too ... so fresh! Love your photograph's as always!

  7. I just love the color green. My bedroom is green. My hubby calls it pea green. I think it is the prettiest pea green I have ever seen.. Your photo are just as beautiful as always my friend..

    Hugs, Linda

  8. A really good and varied St Patrick's Day Post,with super portraits.:)

  9. I love the portrait of the little guy with his crinkled up nose. I'm a huge fan of green for the same reasons you mentioned (it goes with everything!). My husband thought I was crazy when I painted our bedroom that color, but now it's his favorite rooom.


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