Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Sun Is Shining on That Driveway

Another stunning day here, sunny and again in the 80's.  Mother Nature gave us the gift of Spring this year and I am enjoying each and every moment.  There have been many (usually most) Springs here that have been less than desirable.  Rain, snow, wind, cold....sounds like winter doesn't it, but many Springs were defined by this kind of weather.  My only regret is that my Mom is not here to enjoy it. She LOVED to drag a lawn chair onto the driveway and sit and soak up the sunshine.  Having been a Texas girl most of her life, heat was her friend.  Moving in with us and experiencing our winters was really unpleasant for her.  But give her some sunshine and out on the driveway she would go.  We just have a regular asphalt driveway and the heat radiates from it...feels like an oven to me, but to my Mom is was a Spa on the driveway.  So Mom, if you are looking down on us, thank you.  I think you are the one that probably put in a good word for us this year, making a request to Mother Nature for the sun to shine on that driveway.

And with this beautiful Spring weather comes the joy of color, color, & more color.  Today at Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers class her challenge is here are a few of my latest captures in blue.

This bunch of ranunculus came home with me yesterday from Trader Joe's.  I know it is closer to purple is in the blue family.

Captured these beauties at my local garden center yesterday....a Pasque Flower.  Isn't it just so beautiful?  Linking this up to Deb Duty's This or That Thursday's....

These are wild violets that grown profusly in my back yard...they are so sweet with their speckled blue petals.....

These next 3 shots I took in Tucson on my day with my buddies that I met on-line.  We had such fun walking thru the streets of old Tucson and capturing the beautiful colors.....these people love COLOR!!!

Even their mailboxes are colorful and so full of character...


And this was from Barbara's garden....too gorgeous!!

And finally, this sweet display at Neiman Marcus.  I met one of my long-time friends there for lunch today.  Lovely place for a lunch but a little too high-priced for my pocketbook to shop there.  A pretty blouse caught my eye, until I reached for the price-tag and it was $248.00.  Not in my budget.

"If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things in nature have a message you understand...rejoice, for your soul is alive."  ~  Eleanora Duse

Until next time.....


  1. Ohhhhh.....great set!
    What lens did you use for that 2nd shot and the shot above the Neiman Marcus display?They are fantastic.

  2. Beautiful blues . . . love that pasque flower, never heard of it before! Love the glimpse through the wooden shutters too!

  3. You do marvelous things with photos! I never have had time to learn these techniques. But so admire them!

  4. Gorgeous photos...the tiny violets stole my heart!!!

  5. I really loved the little violets, I have never seen that kind before. Perfect little treasures.

  6. Great memories of your mother that I know you hold dear. If she is the one giving us such a glorious spring please thank her for me as well. I've never seen a violet speckled like that, it's beautiful! How fun that you got together with the ladies in Tucson. This photography world and the connections are so amazing. Lovin' your new header.

  7. Such beautiful photos. They are all really great.

  8. Beautiful blues...I love your shot of the wild violet.

  9. Deanna, I have to tell you that your photos are looking extra gorgeous lately...oh, they're just so pretty! Can I ask what lens you're using? I've been wanting a new one for so long now and I'm trying to figure out what to choose :)

  10. My boss would probably hate you :) I just spend the first half hour of my working day gazing at your lovely photos. That window pic as well as the one with cactus is just marvelous. Love love love. Have a very happy Friday Deanna and remember to post some lovely pics during the weekend :) just to make my day again!

  11. Love your photos! Im in love with the door, the colors in tese are gorgeous.

  12. Deanna,
    Can your photography get even better? OMG, these photos are spectacular. I agree with Tricia, your photographs look especially gorgeous.

    Have a beautiful day.


  13. Your photos are so gorgeous.. I just love all of them. I am loving the beautiful weather.. But not looking forward to the hot summer in front of us!!

  14. What a beautiful tribute to your mom...I know she's smiling down on you.

    I agree with everyone else...these photos are over the top. The purple flower with the yellow center makes me happy just looking at it. :)

  15. Wow super post,I especially love the flower macro,really lovely.:)

  16. I just love all of these. Those tulips are gorgeous, too. It makes me want to buy some for the house. Really beautiful work.

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