Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday Foto Fun The Geneva/Batavia Edition

It was Friday again and Catherine and I were a little stumped as to where to go for picture taking.  It was a little too warm to go to the zoo, the Batavia festival which sounded like a bucket full of photo opportunities (pie eating contests, water games, quilt display) didn't begin until 5:00 PM, we had already covered many we thought we would just head toward Batavia/Geneva area anyway to see what we could rustle up.  We also like to take pictures of pretty front doors and porches and Batavia/Geneva has a plethora of older homes that a truly photogentic.  (it's funny, I said something about Geneva on "Picture Summer" and one of the ladies thought I was really in 'The Geneva"...I only wish.  No, Geneva is a town in the western suburbs of Chicago, about 1/2 hour from our home.  I didn't even need to turn on Georgia I know the way perfectly well without her....sorry Georgia. 

I am sitting on our back porch listening to the sprinkler and watching the sun disappear behind the house next door, I love summertime.  And I also love wireless, laptop computers.

Love these old fashioned front porches with the American Flag flying high and proud...and the ferns hanging round the porch...looks so homey and so American.

Look at that great dormer window and this 2nd floor balcony with those beautiful beveled glass windows. 

Love, love, love these types of houses with that gingerbread detail on the roof and those windows and shutters that are real, and not fake like mine.  

The Annabelle Hydrangeas are in full bloom and drape many of the fences.

This was a tiny front yard, fenced in, and landscaped into a formal type garden with small hedges of boxwood dividing it into small sqaures.  A sweet garden

The sunflower is just about ready to bloom as part of the welcome to this tiny front yard. 

Next door to the tiny garden is another sign of patriotism the American people have for displaying our red, white, and blue. 

Old bicycles painted a bright color and adorned with flowers is a popular trend....

Window boxes with red geraniums are always a welcome sight.

This little man was strolling down the street in Geneva with his Mom and his little brother.  I asked if I could take his picture with his tie and he stood tall and proud, smiled and said "sure, I got dressed up to go out to breakfast with my Mom this morning."  I love to capture children.  They are so precious.

And this is the little brother, hanging on to Mom's leg and not nearly as forthcoming to have his picture taken.  But I was able to catch one....what a cutie patootie!!!

After lunch we decided to head back toward home allowing enough time to stop along the way.  We wanted to stroll along the Fox River but couldn't figure out a way to get to the paths.  We ended up in the Water Works Plant behind tall fences (don't ask).  Immediately a gentleman approached us wanting to know "what the heck" we were doing.  Both Catherine and I just opened our eyes real wide, batted an eyelash or two, and explained in the sweetest voices we could, "we just want to get to the river, sir, is all we really want..."   Well, he fell for all that sweetness, hook line and sinker...gave us directions and then followed us to add more information...Catherine was convinced he was flirting with us.  As he drove away on his little golf cart, the garbage he was hauling fell backwards off the back of the cart.  A humorous encounter for sure.  We did find the path and we did stroll along the river and drink in the beauty of the day. 

Another really pleasant Friday Foto Fun day.  Catherine and I have pretty much decided that every Friday will be a Friday Foto Fun Day.  She is leaving on vacation in August to go to....drum roll....Yellowstone National Park....omg, talk about foto fun.  I am really hoping to go to my brother's in Pagosa Springs, CO...another lovely foto fun location in either August or September.  Hope your Friday was grand and that your summer will be even grander.  Tell me where you are going this summer.

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."   Annie Dillard

Until next time.......(comments always welcomed)

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  1. Love, love, love the Geneva/Batavia area. My parents live in St. Charles, that's a nice area for fun fotos too. Did you go the French Market in Geneva/Batavia for today's pic or was it the Wheaton French Market? That is a great market. I work it sometimes. I sell Longaberger and my branch leader has a booth there every Saturday and I go help her sometimes. My summer trips are to baseball tournaments, but that's ok. I do go back to work on Aug. 10th after being laid for for over a year and I'm actually excited about it.


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